Hello everyone, now your probably wondering why im writing this. I dont know why myself really, i do however know my time is short he's always watching always waiting for me to slip up.

Oh no thats him at the door it won't hold him for long so i need you to promise me. Never ever chant 3 dead men walk in the grave, They play night and day, but if you summon one the other will make u pay so they can have another friend for prey.

I have survived i told him to attack someone else for their soul, but dont worry they cant attack if you dont look them in the eyes so what ever u do dont turn around.....

Quietly, quietly in your room
While you sleep soon comes your doom
Rasping and groaning it comes real soon
It watches queitly as you watch your toons.
Scratching and pawing you hear it as you sleep
Hold tight your soul its soon to keep,
So as you drift to fitful sleep just remember,
It hungers for your meat.

Sorry i couldnt hold back

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