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List of kingdoms
and there hierarchy
more will be added over time
please check before stetting your role

~Stonefell~ Image 4
The Underground Kingdom

Prince/Princesses () () () there can be 3 in each kingdom
Captain of the Guard ~

~Windiga~ Image 3
The City In The Jungle

Prince/Princesses () () () there can be 3 in each kingdom
Captain of the Guard ~

~Halacina~ Image 2
The Castle In the Sky

Prince/Princesses () () () there can be 3 in each kingdom
Captain of the Guard ~

~Kalinha~ Image 1
Together we stand

Prince/Princesses () () () there can be 3 in each kingdom
Captain of the Guard ~

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(I am just posting this here... due to the fact that this community is essentially dead... so yeah... I see no problem for doing this...)

Here is sort of a fantasy, medieval, mixed with modern era community. But it is primarily just medieval and fantasy! It has some lore , which sets up the setting for the community, and its weapons ranged from swords and bows, to very early firearms. Although you can learn all of this from reading the lore! Anyways! I hope you join! This community is young, and in desperate need of members!

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My first profile here! I know I might have overdone it a bit with the powers. If you are mod please dont ignore but critzise this in a constructive way so I can improve it so far that you can approve it.

[A few Quotes]

 "Death lays upon you.."

"I will ram my thumb in your throat and ensure to make you scream like the disgusting pig you are.."

"Arent you cute? I would love to make you my property."

"I own you Slave. Dont even think of resisting me. You are mine now."

"If I cant have you no one can have you."

"You might be dead but not for long. You will follow my orders soon.."

[Names] Lord Deathwish | Thyl Al Raam | the Raven Lord | the relentless Corpse-Eater | the ghostly Devourer

[Nicknames] Black | Phýrsylpheus

[Age] 22 Is immortal so it doesnt matter.

[Gender] Male

[Sexuality] Straight

[Relationship] Not yet.

[Species]  humane Hybrid Lich ((See 'Bio'))

[Personality] He is very dominant to weaker persons and his arrogance knows no end. He loves to play with his victims and is manipulative. He can be very gruesome and intimidating but mainly plays a role to enjoy himself. He trys to have controll over the ones he likes. He plays a role pretending to be purely evil and at the same time does good things for fun. He also has a God Complex. He is very possesive. He is slightly sadistic but he wouldnt torture some he likes unless he wants to or needed. He is a bit cannibalistic from time to time.


~Five sharp needle-like steel blades with 15 cm lengh and 10 cm long small thin bone grips. Is enchanted.  Enchantment: Makes it 20% easier to cut through anything cutable and of a 500% harder material. Also lets the blades return into his bag after throwing it.

~A leather bag with multiple pockets. Is enchanted.  Enchantment: Reduces the weight of everything fully inside by 60%.

~A belt holding the bag.

~A deep-dark~black thick leater robe with hood and cape. Is enchanted.  Enchantment: Is made out of thick ogre leather compressed so far it is thin as ghoul skin giving it a 20% Immunity to every kind of magical damage and negative magical effect. Also is enchanted to be 500% more durable and resistant to physical atacks making it as hard to slice and penetrate as dragon skin.

~Two high leather boots with two metal thorns on the front and back end each. The sole is also enforced by metal plates. The inside of them is scuffled to ensure safer kicks at full force. They are enchanted.  Enchantment: Makes them 60% lighter.

[Kingdom] The only kingdoms he respects as such are graveyards, cryptas and necromantic temples.

[Role] Relentless Dark Lich Knight.

[Likes] Playing with others while secretly playing the hero. Manipulating others to gain controll about everything they think and do. Playing with his victims.

[Dislikes] Hates showing weakness to peoples he doesnt like and strongly dislikes showing weakness to peoples he likes.



~~~Weapon; "Cadaver's teethed Slicer":
A sword that looks gruesome and brutal. It is decorated with skulls and bones, smithed with black steel and Dark-Blue  Mythril. Characteristic for it is the violet crystal prism shard embed into the blade. And catches, fully absorbes and then imprisons every type of ghost or spirit without a body enslaving them to produce mana for the user for an eternity. It doesnt affect souls. Is cursed and blessed.  Curse: The 'Curse of Doom' slowly drains the life energy and mana from those who arent linked to the weapon. The weapon is linked to its current user for 'lifetime' and what cant be changed by force.  Bless: 'Bless of the Necromancer' allows to hurt but not damage souls with slices causing mental pain to the soul. The bless also cazses the Curse 'Soulfire' on enemys that use negative effect magic on the sword owner slowly burning their mana causing pain to the one who created the negative effect for time of the effect's effecting.
Has the blessing of the Molten Wrath and Necromantic Smith making the sword undestroyable even when facing magic until a certai powerlevel is reached. It is completely undestroyable unless godlike powers affect it. If it gets destroyed by anything weaker than a god it will just repair itself by slowly setting itself together piece by piece. This doesnt work when the current owner is dead or the parts are caged somewhere.


~~Unholy Healing: Heals himself or any other chosen target for a low amount. Slowl drains mana while being casted. No cooldown.

~~Necromantic Healing: A greater self- and target heal that only heals the undead and damages everything else with 50% of the positive effect as opposit effect.

~~lower Reviving: Animates a dead object like a prepared golem or corpse giving it a magical type of low intelligence and instinct. Can be stolen with special spells but is unless stolen 100% loyal.

~~greater Rebirth: Completely revives the target but turns it undead. Gives it 120% if its former strengh as a living being. If it allready is undead it is revived with 80% instead. Can only be used two times per target and only one time if it allready is undead. Can be used infinite times to summon the soul of someone as a ghost but only lasts as long as wanted from the caster. This spell comsumes high amounts of mana energy and needs the whole concentration of the caster. If the target has no body it will be turned into a ghost. If the target has nothing at its body its former equipment will be perfectly copied and given to the revived one. That can increase the cost. Can revive himself fully after death and allways stays on earth after death keeping his full mind and mana because of being abandoned from both heaven and hell because of his very nature.

~~Magic Shield: Casts a shield on the chosen target making it and everything on it fully immune to any type of magic for the time of being casted and can be casted instantly but has a high mana cost.

~~Lower Illusion: Manipulates the visual picture of reality for the target and manipulates its senses.

~~Telekinesis: Moves a dead object or matter through the room ignoring the gravity. The higher the speed of the movement and the higher the weight of the object the more mana is drained while using.

~~Necromantic Pyromancy:

~Dark Phoenix Wing: Creates a wing made of pure evil black flames that burns flesh and even damages stone.

~Black Fireball: Shoots a medium sized fireball that explodes in a little dar fire nova on impact. Can be slowly redirected and undone by the caster but not stopped.

~Infernal Shadow Nova: Slowly creates a nova that cant be physicly stopped that explodes in a fire nova of medium strengh.

~Black Heatbeam: Creates an aimable middle-weak heatbeam that has no cooldown but consumes constantly mana while using.

~Counter Firewall: Sends out a small five meters broad and two meters high and long floodwave out of flames that have the physical features of the element water but that are just as dangerous as the flames.

(All spells of Necromantic Pyromancy ignore friendly undeads and are 20% more effective against enemy undeads. All spells of Necromantic Pyromancy stop any kinds of fire, firemagic, heat or explosions at impact but bundle their strengh at the point of the impact creating a heat nova and chain reaction into the opposit direction of traveling causing heavy damage with just a bit of it and basicly a total collapsing of the enemys spell and a counter atack  against the enemy to happen.)

~~Shadow Manipulation: Manipulates the shadows to conceal himself in them making it harder to be detected by enemys and nearly invisible inside of dark areas.

~~Enslaving Bounds of the Lich: Creates bounds but the target needs to be willed to do so. The target can be tricked to do so. The pact will bind the target's soul eternaly to its master's soul. It needs to follow all it's masters orders to the fullest and cant cause any harm to it's master. Also allows it's master do disable its slave's powers if needed to. The only way to be freed is by being freed by the master out of his free will. The slave also can kill the master to be free in life but i's soul is still bound afterwards and needs to serve when the master comes back.

~《》~~~Sword Skills:

~~Blitz, Täuscher, Schatten, Reflektion:  Strikes in a blink of an eye and hard using high skilled custom sword techniques with high precision and force while not getting exhausted fast and lets the fight looking like a dance by blocking, reflecting and bendung his enemy's strikes and slashes with ease.

~Dublikat: Strikes two times with high speed letting it look like the hits are done at the same moment creating a cross cut.

~Eisenwall: He closes his defense like a wall but atacking him from different sides at once might result in weakening his defense.

~《》~~~natural Gifts:

~~Undead: Allready dead. But still alive. Hard to change that. His body gets held together by unseen forces.

~~Immortal: Lives infinite. Aging has no effect on him.

~~Night-Demon Soul: His soul will never cease to exist and cant leave this world.

~~Vampirism: Can extract the blood of others with his vampire teeth to restore mana or just bite to infect his victim with ease what only works if he wants to what would turn his victim into a lower Vampire and gives it Vampirism and Immortality.

~~Grave Lord: Ravens act extremely intelligent around him, do jobs for him and allow him to see through their eyes or even fully controll them. They also will bring him things and are a great way of communication and good thieves. He also cal call them to him. They will even fight to death for him.


 [Bio] Deathwish'es parents were bizzare hybrids and their parents and parent's parents too.  His father's father was an Incubus and his father's mother had inherited vampire, ghoul and Nighthob blood by her mother. His father's mother's father had Revenant and Draugr blood flowing through his veins. His mother had a bit of Banshee and Baobhan-Sith blood inherited from her mother but her father was a normal human. He was born as a dhampire but had all these bloodtypes and a bit of power of each of these creatures. He died when he was ten by jumping off of a cliff but revived himself as a Lich to get more power. Now he is made of bones, dry skin and undead muscles. He might have no blood flowing through him but mana floats in streams through him. ((See picture.))

((Linked music isnt mine. All credit goes to the original poster and/or artist mentioned in the titles.))
Theme Songs:

((Art is mine. Im a bit rusty when it comes to making art right now. Please dont steal.))

"And so the events have been put into place,this world shall know fear once more" he says laughing a little watching the world from above "but I think I shall have fun with them after all's my world now" he laughs louder as the hundreds of voices sing "twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are" his laughter louder now his black mist encircling him a white light inside "up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky"


Name: James Sage
Gender: M
Age: 22
Race: human
BIO James was a toodler when his family's cavervan was attacked and he was left for dead while his mother and sisters were taken by slavers of the West. If it wasn't for a dragon who heard baby James crying, he would have been dead. The dragon took care of little James and treated him almost like if he was a son to it. It was untill James turned 12 that his "mother" left him to roam the world. James eventually finds the Kingdom of Stonefell, where he trains and eventually becomes a champion. He was the youngest out of his squires. At the age of 15 he goes into his first dungeon. At the age of 20, he is told what happend to his family in a city near the spot where he was founded by the dragon. At the age of 21, he finds the Bow of Athena in an abandoned temple. Now, he looks for the slavers who took his family and hopes to kill them for enslaving his mother and sisters.
Weapon(s): the bow of Athena and the sword of shock
Apparel: heavy armor
Spells: Speed demon, Nightmare
1: swordsmen
2:shooting a bow
3: dungeon hunting
4: cooking
5: politics
Major Stats
Magicka: 275
Health: 145 (without armor) 285 (with armor)
Stamina: 100
Major Skills
STEALTH: novice
MAGIC: master
COMBAT: expert
CRAFT: adept

1 Sword of Shock
2 the bow of Athena
3 Strange ruby
4 canteen
5 flint and steel
6 20 sun arrows (can teleport back into quiver when used but only two times before it has to be manually picked up)
7 Knight armor
8 book of the Gods
GOLD: 20,000

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i feel like i didnt do a good enough job of my oc so i redid her ...

Quote: she smiles gently sitting down in front of you her legs crossed as if all was well with the world humming a strange melodious tune

Name: Manatide

Age: ??? there is no way to know sightings of her in both forms at her current age have been throughout the ages

Gender: Female

Sexuality: she looks at you wide eyed blushing a little although she can not speak her answer is obvious from her inappropriate hand gesture

Relationship: she looks a little lonely staring at a couple in the distance

Species:Human/Fox Sage

Personality: Calm and collected no matter the situation she will never be afraid or fail to protect the ones she cares for

Accessories: ((optional and example: a Pendent, a scarf, etc...))

Kingdom: None (she goes were ever there are lives to save)


Likes: Peace and quiet

Dislikes: conflict and harm to others

Weapons/Magic her magical talent is beyond extraordinary having control over most forms of magic including teleportation and levitation even healing magic in which she is quite possible one of the most skilled in all the lands

Bio: since nobody is sure of her origin its impossible to know her backstory and her reluctance to speak leaves us with nothing

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twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are

Name: Nari
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

up above the world so high like a diamond in the sky

Ability,Powers and Magic

Levitation: he can float off the ground with ease using this in combination with his super strength can lead to deadly consequences

Teleportation: Hes able to freely move between different points in an instant no matter the distance

Ferrokenesis: What look like shadows are actually very fine metallic particles that he his able to manipulate into any shape of his choosing

immortality: as well as living forever Things that would kill a human have seemingly no affect on him even decapitation wont kill him ....... rumor has it somewhere there is a way to kill him

numerous other powers exist however they are minor

When the blazing sun is gone, When the nothing shines upon

Kingdom: None
Role: None

Bio: Hes lived for thousands of years a hidden temple in the dark is were he resides watching over humanity until he feels he should return

//A warning whatever you do do not take him on in combat its suicide the best you can do is run his powers far outrank any known beings he'll kill you without even lifting a finger//

one final word about his Awakened state ............... Don't

then you show your little light twinkle twinkle all the night

. oh yeah and dont call him twinkle unless you want the pieces of your body spiked on the castles of all the 4 kingdoms
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( +Scarlett Sanbrine yo! I made it!)

Legend was traveling about in Kalinha kingdom territory. Joshua was walking along the dirt pathways in the forest to a town a few hundred miles from the capital city of Kalinha. Currently, however, on the dirt road to the town, known as Karentime. Joshua experience multiple attacks by multiple bands of bandits along the path. These bands seems to include of around 5 - 20 bandits, 20 being the most he saw. These bandits generally wore rugged, brown, black, or green cloaking, to help give them some camouflage in the forest. Allowing them to ambush unsuspecting parties. When Joshua came along, he was alone, he seemed to wear mage like robes, was he a mage? Sorcerer? A Necromancer? A Wizard? They did not know, yet, being only one man, he couldn't be too dangerous, right? However, when these bandits attempted to rob Joshua of his belongings and money, they were swiftly slain by him, Joshua's preternatural strength proved too overwhelming to them. The force at which he can swing his Apollo Conqueror, was enough to break/slice through a sword or wooden shield with relative ease. Allowing Joshua to kill many bandits, due to their surprise of Joshua's immense strength, for someone who is 5' 5" in height. Joshua calmness, intermediate skill, and his new found swiftness and durability, allowed him to slay other bandits. And if he was damaged, his wounds would regenerate over a few minutes, to hours, or even days if a limb was completely sliced off. He killed a over 400 hundred bandits this way, over 2 weeks time period, to Karentime...

Now, today, Joshua made it to Karetime, the nearest town to his village, being located 328 miles away from his village! Karentime, to Joshua perspective, was quite a small, but bustling town, seems to be inhabited by little more than 1,000 people. To allow this town, to be a town, rather than a village. The townspeople seemed to be highly friendly, and seemed to be prospering, most likely due to the Timber Business here, the trees here seems to have very strong, but malleable wood, which made a Timber Business here, very profitable. Other than that, rare furs and rare herbs allow this town to prosper. The small town of Karentime was located in a large clearing in the forest, although, some houses are very close to the edge of the trees, but there were some land, not occupied by houses or trees, just grasses and bushes. Possible will be used for later town developments

Joshua decided to stay in this town, to collect the souls from this town's cemetery and leave to the capital of Kalinha. The town, Karentime, has inns as well, which Joshua decided to spent the night in. The inn which he stayed in, is shown below. During the night, Joshua didn't sleep, he couldn't, since he was undead. But Joshua was resting nevertheless, a futile try. During his attempt at sleep, he was awaken by loud noises outside, he look through his window to see the townspeople screaming and running for their lives in terror. The town was set ablaze, a few houses were burning in the fiery flames of fire. Legend then, with flashbacks of his own village, jumps out of his inn's window, once he land on the ground level. He saw two girls, a little one, and a older one, grabbing onto the little one, the older one seems to be a teenager, while the other was just a young kid, probably 7. Joshua rushes over to them, and slice 4 raiders, swiftly, before they could strike back. Joshua then looked around, and used his Necromancy powers in order to save the town from devastation. His eyes glow a light blue, which glow through the darkness from his hood, and light blue, glowing orbs appeared from his hands, and Joshua summons 20 Crypt Terrors, 30 Undead Gladiators, 200 Skeleton Warriors, and 50 Crypt Ghouls to fight in this small battle for Karentime's defense. Joshua minions appeared all around him, and he then says...

Legend: "Attack, protect. Go." The undead knew what Joshua wanted, they quickly organize themselves and attacked the raiders... and this is where you come in...
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me and scarlet decided it would be cool to have a bit of music that sums up your character so please post yours

<nari's theme>

lore post

(note book salvaged from the time of the jophiel virus most likely written by a medic)

//this i feel is our final days on this earth the virus is spreading out of control so much death and to top it off the chance of a cure is absolutely 0 since most of the doctors are dead and nobody can figure out whats causing it //

//if this isnt our final day and we do have a miracle then i will leave something for the future my one wish//

If I can get one wish
To come true right now, I want a pair of wings
Please grant me white wings
On my back like a bird

In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar

I have no need for wealth or fame
All I want now is a set of wings
I still dream of those things
That I've dreamed about when I was little

In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar

In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings
In this huge sky I wanna
Spread my wings and fly
Towards the free sky with no sadness
I wanna flap my wings and soar
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