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We just released perhaps the most meaningful video of the year for us! Please check it in the link below! It captures the things that matter most to us, that help fuel our passion to inspire and change the world for the better. Regardless of what faith you're, regardless of what country you're from, we are all in this together to love each other, and we hope with all our hearts that this video can express that. ‪#‎Becausehelives‬ ‪#‎teamsupertramp‬

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New Chanukah Song! 
from Yoely Lebovits

filmed by yours truly.
(first time using a steadicam so forgive the flightiness) 
check me out at

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Just finished the music video for +Yisroel Tzvi
together with the Chayat Brothers. What do you all think?

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Here is a video I did for a great organization based out of Brooklyn. Spread the word, we can use all the man power we can get!

During the Yom Tov season, many Rebbeim and their families find it nearly impossible to cope with the increasing yom tov expenses. Having to work with tight budgets, suddenly our dearest men and women who dedicate their lives to the community, are unable to afford even the most basic necessities, food products and supplies.
Chasdei Lev offers to ease that burden and provides relief for those in need. Working together with the Yeshivas, food orders are arranged with utmost dignity and respect.
We have been taking on hundreds of additional Rebbeim each year and in turn need your help to continue doing this Chesed successful. Please join those who are Chasdei Lev by volunteering to deliver packages to our Rebbeim. An hour of your time is all we ask for. Bring your children along so that they too can be part of this tremendous zechus!

Tizku Limitzvos!!!

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After shooting a bar mitzvah by the #Kotel   in Jerusalem, Israel, one of the guests pulled out this little #Polaroid   camera and actually started shooting with it! So we decided to shoot a little concept reel with this fun blast from the past. Enjoy and special thanks to Ariel for his help on this project! 

Shot with #CanonEOS  cameras, L lenses, and the amazing +ZEISS Group 50mm Lens |
Music Composed by our in-house composer Yisroel Tzvi

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Finally got a chance to redo my own wedding video. This version has a bit more cinematic flare than the previous. ENJOY!

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Mazel Tov to Eliana & Daniel - it was a great "knights honor" to participate in this majestic  #wedding  together with +Yehuda Boltshauser at Beth Tfiloh in #Baltimore . Creating this  #cinematic  would have not been possible without the +Kuvien crew - thanks Ariel, Adina, Ora, and Barook! 

If anyone can provide any of the following can you please email me?

Shots of sites around Israel

-youth traveling the land (best if you can't actually make out the faces so that we can keep it generic)

-people walking through streets of Jerusalem, 

-El-Al flights and people getting off plane (aliya-type footage)
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