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Welcome. To the one and only Vs community. Here we have our Characters Battle each other in the arena. To the death!

Now here are some rules.

Do not use way over powered characters. For example, having a character as soon as he/she will be killed you would use some hologram or cloning device thing. That wouldn't be fair. Do not god mod. For example auto hitting and auto dodging. Make it even. Take a few hits. Dodge time to time. And hit at times. Do not make your character overpowered where it's a fucking "god" and can survive Bullets or nukes. That's a huge no. Swear as much but don't use it to insult people because you lost or something. Some nudity is fine but dont go full porn nude. You may spectate but do not taunt anyone or anything. Do not interrupt the battle in progress but you can cheer the battle. If these happen please report to the mods/owners and they will take care of it. Thank you

I want to revive this community but I feel like it's gonna die in a few more days

((Open rp))

moving fast I shifted out if my form and Stabbed a opponent in the face killing them immediately and used the body as a meat shield shooting the other 4 enemies within the ring. Dropping the body down I picked up a dropped rifle and began beating the last soldier to a pulp before throwing it aside and my wounds began to slowly heal

Is this all you got? I'm not a bloody toy, I want my freedom.

Reinhardt stepped in the arena resting his hammer over his shoulder. He looked around him as the crowd cheers and would chant his name Reinhardt! Reinhardt! He laughed and decided to flex. Logan, a Warden, walked in on the other side of the arena. Logan rolled your eyes at the fact reinhardt was showing off. So you then
//You may watch

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Since I will try and revive this damn community I'm bringing in the glorious champion himself
"Greetings! I am Rienhardt Wilhelm"!


Justice must be done!

Are you chicken?

Catch phrase!

You are definitely on my naughty list!

I salute you!

Don't worry my friends! I am your shield!

Come out and face me honorably!

100% German power!

Name: Reinhardt Wilhelm

Nickname: Lieutenant Rienhardt or Citizens champion.

Age: 61

Gender: Male

Nationality: German

Race: Human

Personality: A big jolly juggernaut and inspirational.

Likes: To adventure, Bring justice to the troubled people, and make people happy in their lives.

Dislikes: no justice, witnessing innocents being injured or killed by gangs and criminals, losing loved ones such as long time friends and losing a battle.

Appearance: long hair, White hair color due to old age, long beared, scar down eye, and very muscular body build.

Armor: JO8 Crusader armor equiped with thruster on the back allowing him to charge into his enemies, and with a barrier to protect him from damage.

Weapon: Rocket hammer equipped with rockets on it giving it a much harder hit against his enemies.

charge: allows him To ram into his enemies without mercy. Either to push them off the edge with him or ram an enemy into a wall.

Fire strike: Allows him to shoot a fire projectile that allows him to hit enemies from range.

Energy barrier: gives him the ability to use a large barrier to protect him from massive damage including explosives or heavy gun fire.

Bio: Began as a young passionate soldier in the German military to defeat the Omnic crisis and seeking glory. He was under the leader of the crusaders Balderich Von Adler. But after balderich's death he was chosen to join the original overwatch strike team. He soon proved himself a strong soldier yet best support of overwatch. But soon he grew old around the age of 50 and retired from overwatch. Due to his damaged armor he didn't do much except relax. But overwatch began to fall apart and destroy itself. So after its fall he want to repair his old J08 crusader armor. After that was repaired he went on to adventuring and found a village attacked by a gang called "the dragons". You know what he did? He charged into the battle to defeat them in an honorable battle. He defeated the dragons scaring them out of the village bringing justice. So he continued on his adventures to find places that needed justice to be done.

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Any of you wanna revive this community or give it our final goodbyes. Because it's not active. At. All. The only people I know would be active is +Kenkord Productions​ and I. Everyone else don't bother to touch the damn community.

Fight me.

Dead.... No big surprise....

I had a feeling this community was gonna die. Really quick

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+Spartan Snake​ want to battle mate
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