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Gag Android 18
Tier: Infinite

Name: Android 18

Age: Unknown and Immortal(Can not be killed. only God can kill her)

Origin: Dragon Ball

Strength: Archie Sonic mixed with MVC Goku. Also can lift infinite tons on infinite gravity

Speed: MFTL to omnipresent

Skill: Knows all fighting styles

Powers and Abilities: Bruth Strength, Farting, Atom Manipulation, Can turn anything or anyone into anything she wants by zapping them or touching or by thinking it, Expansion( Can be bigger than a planet, star, solar system, galaxy, universe, multiverse and omniverse), Ki Attacks, Time Traveling, Space manipulation, Super Speed, Super Agility, Infinite Stamina

Strongest and Final Attack: Farting(farts can cause pollution and can wipe out omniverses in seconds. They also smell very very bad if you seen the look on krillins face. They can also melt your face off like acid and it's optional. She also can torture her victims very very slowly by sitting on their faces and just farts until she feels like stopping), Shitting(Takes a massive dump on a universe, multiverse or omniverse and everything and everyone dies due to the horrid stench), Sadistic 18,

Durability: Indestructible

Race: Android / Cosmic Deity / Human

Destructive Capabilities: Multi Mega Omniversal
+++++++ Limitless

Hobbies: Eating, Abusing People, Farting(Number one on her list)

Creator of character: Me. Since I created this, It's canon to me and it's real. She is also toonforce.


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+Yuno Gasai 
{Zyro was knocked out.. He couldn't wake up.. Later, he woke up in a bed in the hospital}
...Where am I...?
A hospital?
{A mysterious figure walked up toward him saying}
"Yes... I hope you are feeling okay, you suffered a lot of damage.."
{He looked at her saying}
"Who are you....Why can I... remember anything.."
{She only smiled}
"I'll explain later.. for now just get some rest.."

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Zyro Tsukamo
(Picture below)
A dark and quiet personality, He sometimes doesn't talk to anyone.. Because, his family died and he hasn't talk about it since..
But when he gets mad.. his eyes turn red and sets out on a rampage
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
A dark Sword named Gentasku // The Dark Elemental Sword \\
Demon Fang:
A huge yellow blast from the sword, Once connecting a hit It will cause a lot of damage.
Gravity Onslaught:
A multiple slash attack from the sword, It gets a purple fire aura giving damage.. also by using this move It will absorb some energy of the opponent when being hit
Dragon Fang:
A more power attack than Demon Fang, It's twice as large as the original, and does twice the damage. It also has a red color.
Phoenix Flare:
He didn't quite finish this move yet, he never had a chance to even complete it!
But just for information: This Is his ultimate attack to finish off the opponent. The blade from the sword becomes on fire and can give tons of damage

{Zyro Tsukamo. A child of destiny, after defeated his father and grand father in the last battle of war. An evil spirit wield up into Zyro.
When the Devil Gene took over Zyro Tsukamo.. Zyro, was in captivity as his temple (Kakasuki) Fell and collapsed.. This has triggering the evil inside Zyro. Awaken by an unknown voice. Zyro looked around at a forest completely destroyed... And he knew that he was the one who did It.. Returning to Kakasuki.. Zyro was pledged by nightmares.. Triggering the Devil Gene.}
"If this.. keeps eating away from me.. I don't know how long I can hold on.."
{Says Zyro.. Zyro takes out on a journey to end this evil.. with destiny as His only guide}


+Yuno Gasai 
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