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I just heard this news.  Although I never met the man in person, he was always a TREMENDOUS help to me with REXX on non-mainframe platforms.  He will be SORELY missed.

Hello everybody,

Who knows how to use the SQL delete in Rexx (by EXECSQL) in iSeries systems

The following pgm does not work, but I am a Rexx beginner...
I ran the string CMD1 in sql and it works well
Thank you in advance

PARSE ARG "CUS("cust")" "ITM("item")" "ALS("als")"                               
RC = 0      
SLT1 = "MPITNO='"item"' AND MPALWT = 6 and MPE0PA='"cust"'"   
SLT2 = SLT1 " AND MPPOPN='"als"'"
if alias = '' then                                                               
  CMD1 = "DELETE FROM LIBRARY/FILE WHERE "SLT1                              
  CMD1 = "DELETE FROM LIBRARY/FILE WHERE "SLT2                              
    'EXECUTE IMMEDIATE CMD1;'                                                    

is there any statistic about how many REXX programmers worldwide there are today.
How many uses oorexx and how many on the others?
The use of my favorite, Regina REXX, is falling. What about oorexx?

raspberry pi and rexx. works perfect.
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