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(Open rp. Female needed) I was the new kid at school. You could tell something was different about me. The other students made it normal to bully the new kid. I seemed emotionless when they bullied me and you noticed my eyes were grey then. The rest of the time I was nice and my eyes were blue. One day you see me getting bullied by a bunch of students. You...

(Open rp female needed) I was the new kid at school but you sensed something different about me. The other students make it normal to bully the new student but when they bullied me I seem emotionless but the rest of the time I seem nice and happy. You see a group if students picking on me. You....

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why me?

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"Listen: Insanity resides us all. Whether we like it or not it does. This blade will show you what it means to be free of the bonds of this world. To become a sleepwalker. Ignorant of the sins of this world and embrace the so called monster in. Become Insane, and become free."

"FUCK yeah I am insane. I fought Slenderman and Juha Bach for pete's sake."

Name: Jeff the Killer

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Sternritter

Epithet: I: The Insanity

Spirit Weapon: Reashi blades he can conjure from mid air. He can summon 10 in total, 8 hovering around him and two in his hands.

Epithet Ability: Every time he carves into a target, the Reashi in his blades starts to corrupt their minds and sanity, breaking down the walls of reason with bestial instinct. The more Reashi that enters the enemies blood or body, the higher the effect of insanity will take place and the effect will speed up to activate. He can also project insanity by releasing a combined wave if Spirit Pressure and Presence. This can cause anyone within the vicinity to start slowly breaking down in insanity.

Presence: The natural aura all CreepyPasta have, Jeff can contort the feelings of Fear and the Unknown to resonate insanity, doubt, and fear. Though he can not control it like Slenderman, Jeff can still use it the point he can counter even a former Espada's Spirit Pressure (see fight with +Cirucci Sanderwicci​​ )

Blüt Vein: Jeff can harden his blood with Reashi, strengthening his offensive and defensive physical prowess, making him a tank, a dangerous combination with his insane fighting style.


Bio: See his stories. After said stories take place, Jeff comsumed the blood of Juha Bach Ywach, gaining the Epithet and the title of Sternritter.

Theme Songs:
Monster By Skillet
Light em Up by Fall Out Boy
Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
10 Photos - View album

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