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The main difference between superior New technology and inferior Old technology is TIME and adoption. If we continue to embrace the old, we won't let the new grow and show us how mediocre the old really is.....

In Here Comes The Sun,

I explain the difference between solar energy and the status quo in a way that anyone can understand.....

#StoredSun #AfricaRising #ForAfricans #AndFriendsOfAfrica

Hi, i am Ayobamidele from Nigeria, am so glad to be part of this great community, i want to improve my skills in Automobile technology. Electric Cars is the
Future of Automobile..

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The ever changing Africas Skyline. Watch and don't forget you can buy those images here #Destinations #AfricanCities #StreetPhotography #CitySkyLine

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When they tell you I’m not a prisoner, don’t believe them. They’ll have to admit it some day. When they tell you they released me, don’t believe them.
They’ll have to admit it’s a lie some day. #AfricaKnows #AfricanImages #PostElectionViolence

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What Is A Social Media Campaign?

This is an organized advertising push to strengthen or help with a business objective utilizing at least one online networking platforms.1

The variables that separate a battle from regular online networking endeavors are; their expanded concentration, focusing on and quantifiability.

Why Should You Plan One?

Try not to enable yourself to be found napping. Here are a portion of the reasons why you're advertising needs to design online networking efforts routinely.

Better brand acknowledgment among a more extensive group of onlookers, with social sharing giving chances to natural gathering of people development

Enhanced client knowledge on a stage where the gathering of people gives its perspective through remarks and other intelligent practices

Enhanced brand steadfastness with correspondence systems custom fitted to the coveted gathering of people

Better SEO, higher transformation rates, and versatile promoting costs

Bigger, more different and wide-achieving groups

Chances to grow CSR endeavors to profit harder-to-achieve beneficiaries

Achieving new gatherings of target groups of onlookers and opening up social substance through paid web-based social networking

Driving prompts content showcasing #OnlineMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #OnlineCampaigns

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Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second #Sunsets #Africaknows

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Hope i can post this here. Just for entertainment. Thanks
What a strange world! How can a woman be where such atrocities is committed?
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