I think everyone sooner or later, needs someone to talk to. Me , I have no one, that I trust. I'm hoping that here I can, find that,& ones like me will end up here too. Together we just might make some sense of what we we've seen & heard.People can be so cruel, they find your weaknesses & purposefully hurt others. I've been hurt so much , I'm numb. ;

Diego, where have you been? You know I am not ready to be a grama. I also believe you are too young to be a dad. I think that in this day , to have children grow up with a chance, that you've got to have a steady , good paying job, you & the partner. A house I think would be better than an apartment. If one is still parting more than sleeping or eating , we'll there's a big red flag.Not ready to be a parent. Now son I'm not saying any of this is you,I'm just having a voice on a few things that I've seen don't work.One wants to give their child a chance,at having a future worth having.I made mistakes, learned from most of them.Still learning. Nevertheless I Love You! ;
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