One of the Reddit Phoenix guys shared this Kickstarter for a "Retro Gaming Bar"; it reminded me of Cade, so I thought I would share with the group:

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Hey all,

A coalition of PACs, nonprofits, companies and various randos upset at the NSA's spying are having a day of action next month (Feb 11) to call congress and tell them to support the Freedom Act against NSA surveillance overreaches:

They have a snippet to use for sites so that when it happens people will be able to use Twilio-powered tech to call their reps from their browser (I think). Any thoughts on having it added to

Cheers from DC!

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So I saw this Android app in beta for media streaming, I thought of you guys.

What was everyone's opinion on Cartel Coffee as a meeting location last month?

The December meeting is tomorrow, who's going?

Hello.  I'll try and make some meetings =)  Thanks for the invite!
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