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"Hey, I see you over there! Yes, you! What are you doing on our Pack's territory? You do realize I have permission to attack you, right? Huh? You want to know about the wolf pack living here? Well, I guess I can tell you a little about the Blood Pack..."

last updated august 12


"Every strong pack has a strong leadership. My name is Blade, and I am our pack's Beta. I will do anything to protect our pack. So will our Alpha, Red. She may seem very laid back, but she will not hesitate to fight for what's right."

If you aren't on the list, tell me below!

??? (+Crazy Guinea Pig Girl)
Blade (Me)


Lead Hunter~
Wolfie (+Jamie Varnado)
Darron (+Darron The Lucario Prince)
Onix (+Polaris the Artic wolf
Silverpelt (+Xx The Sonic Couples xX)
Lead Patrol/Warrior~

Midnight (+Apple Berry)
Sasha (+Animegirl 123lov)
Sour Heart (+Zoiebug A)


"Another important thing a pack needs are rules. Without rules, wolves will do what they like and the pack will crumble. Our rules were thought up Red."

1 ; Before you can RP, you need to make a profile in the 'Hangout/Sign up' section of the community. Make sure your wolf / other animal is approved before you use it, though!

2 ; Absolutely no bullying will be tolerated here. Disobeying this rule will have consequences decided by the moderators and/or owner.

3 ; Although swearing is allowed, try to keep it to a minimum. Nobody enjoys reading something filled with intense cussing.

4 ; If you see somebody breaking the rules, tag a moderator and we will deal with it. If you cannot tag us, you may make a post in the 'Report' section of the community with a link to the post the person broke the rule on. Try not to tag the owner of the community if there are mods available.

5 ; We do not enjoy banning people from the community, so please don't give us a reason to. (Note ; just because we hate banning people doesn't mean we will not hesitate to ban you if needed!)

6 ; If a mod tells you to do something then please do it. We are here to help you and manage the community, and it's expected you listen to us.

7 ; If you have moderator (yes, I know this includes me too :P), please don't abuse your privileges! You were given your rank to help the community and because Ruby trusted you, and if you lose her trust she has all the right to take your rank away.

8 ; Please don't post any inappropriate graphical images or images that can trigger people. Sex is allowed, but that can and WILL be changed if you abuse that 'privilege' :P _(Note ; things that can trigger people include anything to do with self-harming, certain sexual things, abuse, and other things along that line. For more about triggering, go here:

9 ; If you change a major part of your profile, you must get it accepted before you RP with it.

10 ; You may have three profiles each as of now. This may change in the future but is unlikely.

11 ; Your animal may have abilities, but don't make them too OP. They must still be beatable in a fight! That means no dodging every hit or landing every hit. You can have strength, but somebody must still be able to beat you.

12 ; Please post everything in the right category. This may seem a little silly to include as a rule but is actual very important.

13 ; Have fun. This is a major part of all roleplay communities. This community was created so everyone could RP with others as creatures they love. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time here :)


"Hmm. You seem so intrigued and curious when I talk about my pack. Would you perhaps like to join us? I'm sure the others would like you. We could use a new member like you!"

To Make A Template, You Must Include-

Species~ (wolf, fox, big cat- anything that's animal!)
Abilities (If Any)~
Bio~ (optional, but preferred)


"Alright, it was nice meeting you, [your name]. I hope you consider joining our pack, but if you don't, that's alright. I'll be off now, I need to hunt for a bit. Goodbye!"

End Note ;
If you have any questions about the community, do not hesistate to ask me down below or ask any other mod in another post. Hope you enjoy!

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name : Onix
age : 2 years
gender : female
pack : Blood
rank : hunter
species : wolf
mate : no yet
pups : non but she is open for adoption
likes : have friends
dislikes : mean wolves
abilities : Good hearing, very patience
personality :
Kind: She loves to help others with out asking for reward*
Relaxed: she takes everything in a calm way*
Friendly she likes to make new friends*
bio : Soon to be revealed
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niyou: well i had fun today bluehusky: same..... 

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Name~ Sunny Vansa Wingling
Age~ 37
Gender~ Female
Pack~ ?
Rank~ ?
Species~ Winged Wolf
Mate~ Moon Wardra Wingling
Pups/Cubs~ N/A
Likes~ The Sun, long flights, and Moon. There is more, but the list would be huge.
Dislikes~ Moon getting hurt, and extremely dark places.
Abilities (If Any)~ Can fly and use small amounts of magic, and can see in harsh light.
Personality~ Kind and caring. Gets mad if Moon is hurt, or is betrayed.

Name~ Moon Wardra Wingling
Age~ 38
Gender~ Male
Pack~ ?
Rank~ ?
Species~ Winged Wolf
Mate~ Sunny Vansa Wingling
Pups/Cubs~ N/A
Likes~ The moon, long flights, and Sunny. There is more, but the list would be huge.
Dislikes~ Sunny getting hurt, and really bright lights.
Abilities (If Any)~ Can fly and use small amounts of magic, and can see with out light.
Personality~ Kind and caring. Gets mad if Sunny is hurt, or is betrayed.

(pics in order of OCs. The last is just them as kids{pixilated})

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Name: Smile

Mom and dad: none killed them

Bro and sis: none

Bio: I'm crazy!!! I am insane I don't have a owner killed them hahaha

Gender: Male

Rank and age: unknown 

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Name: Silverpelt

Age: 19 Moons

Gender: Female

Rank: Hunter

Mate: None but looking for one

Pups: none

Likes: Hunting, Nice wolf's, all types of animals

Dislikes: Annoying wolf's, being alone, ect.

Abilities: She can control ice

Personality: Kind, sweet, fun, shy, Clumsy, loveable

Bio: When she was a pup her mother was killed by her father infront of her eye's. So, her and her older brother fled there old pack and found this one, she hates to think about the past and wishes to never see her father again...

Who wants to rp?

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Wolves can love

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Name Sasha

Age: 12 weeks

Gender: Female

Rank: pups

Mate: open

Pups: none

Likes: baths, my mom, nice wolf's

Dislikes: thunderstorms, mean wolf's, wolf's call me shorty and try's to eat me

Abilities: doesn't know because her mother didn't tell her

Personality: Kind, sweet, energetic, fun, shy

Bio: Sasha is a normal wolf who is playful and looks to do anything but at night she is scared to do anything because she is scared of wolf's that can eat her

shadow was out training and launches a stream of ice at a training dummy and it misses and it almost hits you two (closed to +Laney The Fox and +Pele The Blaziken)
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