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I just received this article from a source who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. He highlights what I view to be a very serious issue over in the Linden grid and I share it with you now in hopes that it prevents grid owners here in opensim from making the same narrow-minded mistakes as the lindens. This is an OpenSim channel yes, but hatred and intolerance are not only exclusive to SL.

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MisFitz Shopping Center Opens its Doors!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the official opening of the MisFitz Shopping Center! Our shopping area utilizes the GloeBit currency system, and we currently have 2 shop owners beginning to set up.

All individuals are welcome to drop by, and you can use the following Hg URL to reach us: Grid Shopping

There is a small chance you may get dropped off at our welcome region when using the above URL. If this happens, just fly directly south to the next sim over. You really cannot miss it. Also post here to let me know so I can fix this issue. Right now I only have reports from a couple of people that this happened so it could just be a viewer thing. Will not know unless more people speak up though. :)

Here are some screenshots. There is more to come soon! :)
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Misfitz Grid Adopts GloeBits Currency~!

I wish to share a very exciting announcement with you all! Misfitz Grid now has currency enabled grid wide, and everything seems to be working quite well. This is a major step for the grid, and we look forward to seeing Vendors, DJ's, and others putting this new system to the test very soon. :)

The Kidz Grid Re brands and Moves to US Hosting!

Hello Everyone! I wish to share a very exciting update with you all. I have secured a server at a facility in Los Angeles, and we have migrated KG over too the new server! In addition to the grid migration, we now have a new name as well. From this point forth the grid will now be called MisFitz Grid, and is meant as a home for Littles, Furries, and anyone else who is friendly and maintains a tolerant mind. You can find us on the Hypergrid at

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First Party at The KidzGrid!

Hello Everyone! I know this channel has been somewhat inactive for quite some time now, but I am reviving my activity here to share with you the latest project that I have been working on with a couple of very close friends.

We have had a new world online for about a week now, called The KidzGrid! We are an approval-based registration world with hypergrid access enabled for our welcome region, and soon more regions where anyone is welcome to stop by for a visit and hangout with us! We held our very first party yesterday, and boy what a turnout. The pictures should speak for themselves! :)
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! :)

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Holy cow, our group just got mentioned at the bottom of this article over here....!  I wonder how many people are going to suddenly join this quiet little group.  Oo

Hey all, seems this group has been quiet for to long. Anyone know if Digiworldz allows / has a child avatar area?

Hey all, thought I had joined this group before, but guess not. Anyone know of a place in the hypergrid that has furry avatars? 

I am letting everyone know that due to extenuating circumstances in RL I will be completely without internet access for 2-3 weeks. I will be unavailable for this amount of time. It will be difficult without a net connection but I shall manage. I look forward to seeing you all again soon hugs
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