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Starting my morning off with a Bang.. listening to LIST by Elephant State on Reverbnation...
You Can Follow Elephant State Here

#KillaHSoundZ #Technomusic #Techno #Dancemusic #Dance #EDM #Electronica #Getonit #ElectronicDanceMusic #Trance #Trippin #Energy

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The new single and video by Devio awesome italian pop music.
Video designed, filmed and edited by Remo Fiore.
Chcek it out

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Elephant State - Debut Single and Video.
Video designed & Created by Remo Fiore, using After Effects, Trapcode Form, Particular, Rowbyte Plexus and some other plugins from Video Copilot. An awsome Lightshow animation video.
Check It Out.

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Artist: Illadelp
Directed by: On Da Ave LLC
Beat by: Tone Jones
Produced by: Abdul Wali

This song presents and delivers a very strong message. "UNSLAVE!" Listen to the song, understand the message and change the mindset of a people, my people!

Affirmation than Confirmation...


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The new Debut Single and video by Italian Band Devio, Video created, filmed and edited by Myself

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