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Food Preservatives Industry | Market Research, Growth, Forecast, Trend, Analysis | 2018-2025

The global food preservatives market is expected to reach USD 3.2 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. Fast-paced working lifestyle of consumers in North America and Asia Pacific has led to increased demand for ready-to-eat food. As a result, to prevent food spoilage and increase their shelf life, demand for food preservatives has increased.

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Food preservation is a traditional method used to store and keep food safe from contaminants for longer duration. With time, preservation methods have evolved from culinary salt and sugar to chemical types. Globalization has led to increased demand for synthetic preservatives. Usage of preservatives in various applications such as processed meat, bakery, and dairy is expected to foresee a substantial growth over the forecast period.

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Lidl: ritirata dal mercato Tartare di scottona per listeria

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Acrylamide Risk in Food

Acrylamide in food considered as a carcinogenic substance. it is a chemical substance that produced during cooking, Baking or Roasting starchy food in high temperatures (over 120 C). so maillard reaction is carried out and acrylamide produced as by-product of this reaction. This substance not added to food but actually it produced due to cooking starchy food on a hign temperature for long time.

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Our target are:
1. Interacting with all the industry for fully benefiting from CPEC by developing 5 level linkages with China:
i. Exports to China (MBA)
ii. Existing industry Joint venture with Chinese to scale up (All disciplines internees)
iii. Transfer of technology for existing industry up gradation; process, equipment, energy, etc. (All disciplines internees)
iv. Introducing (OJT) on the job training system (All disciplines internees)
v. Setting SME power plants (2 to 50 MW) based on local fuel; mini hydro, solar, biomass etc. (All disciplines internees)
2. Interacting with Chinese side for CPEC industrial cooperation, productivity enhancement and human resource development
3. Operating at two levels:
i. Large industry directly
ii. SME through trade bodies
Ultimate target is setting up huge Industrial Consultancy for the existing industry growth and fast pace, wide spread industrialization in the country. The center will be consisting of:
i. "China 0 KM" platform (Traede mark registered with Govt TPO )
ii. BKIT (Banks, knowledge shop, ICT/IT, Training) under one roof at Industrial estate (This is one of the TEC Knowledge products registered with IPO or copy right )


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Cross contamination must be avoided. To prevent cross contamination, food items must be separated. Especially meat: cooked and raw meat never is stored together. Perishable food items should be well wrapped and kept in proper temperature. If you are using reusable grocery totes to transport groceries, place meat, poultry and seafood in plastic bags to prevent juices from leaking. Place groceries in the back seat instead of the trunk of a vehicle.
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Trends and Opportunities in the growing market for gluten-free meat and poultry products
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The demand for gluten-free products has registered robust growth in the past several years owing to the increasing health awareness amid customers together with improvements of existing products and introduction of the new ones. Currently, North America holds the largest share of the overall gluten-free market.

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Cereal Ingredients Market Grow in the Coming Years

Cereal ingredients are mainly used in the breakfast cereals (Hot and Cold breakfast cereals). Cereal ingredients play an important role in breakfast as it helps in maintaining the taste and nutritive quality in the food product. Some of the benefits of having a regular nutritional breakfast are improvement in memory, balanced cholesterol and insulin levels, physical activeness and low risk of obesity.
Cereal foods meet the daily requirement of carbohydrate. The form of cereals taken is changed with the times as the consumer looks for a convenient way to consume it with minimum processing, domestically.
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