More than often it feel myself wanting to just cry out all the pain all the hurt and endless sadness that's bundle up inside as much is I want to I find myself unable to shed a tear....does that make me a cold person IDK.... well TBH I do feel like I'm heartless at times.....i help ppl a lot with emotion struggles bt then can't seem to help myself..... Crying is nt a sign of weakness bt it is a sign of unbearably pain....... It sometimes make it worse or better bt that a gamble OK its ur choice weather u listen to this or nt.....put all ur focus on something that u love don't look away from it create a goal that I wanna achieve than shoot for it block out all the negative things focus on the positive.....learn from ur past experiences to get closer to ur goal..... Don't give up on it and let nothing or anyone stand in ur way.... Stay cold to the negative things focus on the positive Bt use the negative past experiences to get closer to ur goal I want u to be ur absolute best nothing less U do u forget others who hate..... Be cold to haters to ppl that doesn't want the best for u, Open ur heart to one's that do. Shot out the world if u have to at times to think, Bt don't say that way forever. Be the one to make a new day for other where peace if the order. Bt stay strong and brave.... Ur beautiful in ur own ways don't think less of urself u are the best....ur never alone once im alive And If I am to die tonight take me teaching and apply them to ur life. Most important stay true to urself.....and remember I love just the way u are. Take these words and u shall reach far.

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These shoes on fleek
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Join the company yall and make this a big the best because we are the best
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