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Question regarding Ravaged Earth - Relics & Rumors supplements (Errata?)


I just finished reading “Karthador” & “Ravaged Earth 2nd ed” and started “RunePunk”, but as a side I’m reading “Relics & Rumors” from 1st ed “Ravaged Earth”.

I’m enjoying the material for flavor and ideas, but was a bit dismayed to find the versions I have seem to be missing words, sentences, and entire paragraphs. (Case in point- Relics & Rumors #1 – Ravaged Tale: The Serpent’s Hiss, the way to defeat Korah is omitted. The line prior to Aftermath section is “The only way to defeat Korah and free Jake is “ and it stops there. I’m presuming it’s some sort of banishment ritual that happens if Jake is subdued, but no details are provided.

Is there an updated version of these Tales in other products? I think I picked this one up through DriveThruRPG. I’d love print copies, but if they weren’t updated for the 2e version and inclusion of the Martian invasion, that’s not a problem. The story seeds are great!


More stuff for Runepunk please!

How would you use Agents of Oblivion to run a Hellboy/BPRD campaign? Would you also include other sourcebooks from PEG like the Horror Companion and/or Supers Companion (or run it with mundane PCs only?)

How do you categorize/distinguish PARANORMAL versus SUPERNATURAL? The line can blur and definitions change, but I'm curious where you think things like ghosts, aliens, telepathy, magic, and the like would fall. Feel free to give your own examples. Thanks!

Any idea when the new tremulus titles are going to shop up on DriveThruRPG?

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Great job, Sean and Lyn!

Thanks for making interesting worlds for me to muck about in!

We're trying to decide what categories we should put into place here in the community (if any).

How do you use them? What would you like to see?
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