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Welcome to His Majesty's Game! This is a Kingdom Leading RP starting in the year 800 with an alternate map however, everyone is still human.
Before you begin you should look over all of the stuff.....

- Respect everyone in this community
- No spam
- No pornography
- No verbally abusing anyone (unless it's just a joke)
- If something is voided don't argue
- No autohitting
- No incredibly OP bullshit

- 1 irl day = 1 RP year
- RP battles happen on one post
- You cannot annex an entire kingdom
- Your economy does actually matter
- You can have up to 10% of population in military service (including reserves) although that's probably not the smartest idea
- Both your economy and population will grow at a certain rate depending on how you manage stuff
- You can hire sell swords (mercenaries) in times of war if you have the coin
- Maximum of 2 shitposts per day
- Alliances are forged through marriage

You can honestly do whatever you want with your template, however, it must contain these things at a bare minimum....
Army size
Naval vessels
Religion (if your kingdom has one)


Moderator 1- +William The Silent​​​​​​
Moderator 2-
Moderator 3-
Moderator 4-

If you have any questions simply ask them in this post...

(Note: you should check back on this post every now and then as it will be frequently updated. Also, there will be things not added in this post which you will probably be able to find on the Owner Updates/Systems)

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"For Vealokhsaach."

Name: Kangtpseh

Type: Horsemen/Swordsmen/Spearmen/Archers

Part of: Vealokhsaach Army

Leader: Marshall Alexander Row

Strength: 300,000

Weapons used:
- Swords
- Bow and Arrows
- Spears
- Sabres
- Halberds
- Axes
- Knives
- Round Shields

Armor type: Metal helmet and Metal Chains

Armor locations:
- Head (metal helmet and chains)
- Neck (chains)
- Front (chains)
- Back (chains)
- Arms (chains)
- Waist (chains)

Equipment used:
- Metal Helmet
- Chain Armor

Other notes:
They were all trained for desert warfare and guerilla warfare. They are experts on their horses and are dangerous with melee weapons. They are also good at tracking. And all soldiers are 100% impotent. 
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The Vealokhsaach Confederate starts allowing export of:

- Copper
- Crystals
- Lead-zinc Ore
- Gold
- Silver
- Quartz
- Jade

Any country willing to trade with the Vealokhsaach Confederate will be accepted one one condition that slaves doesn't end up in the Vealokhsaachian Market.

Does anyone know a guy who can edit and make the map blank? 3 mappers said they'd do it for me and all of them eventually gave up.

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In order to improve the transport throughout the country, the king orders the creation of a road plan with Namkarra as centre. The roads will mostly connect to road cities but some will also go to cities in land.

The roads will be guarded by soldiers and citizens are allowed to have weapons on the roads to protect themselves.

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"We were all buried here."

Name: Vealokhsaach
Official Name: Vealokhsaach Confederation (VC)

Anthem: None

Capital: Prey Nokor

Government Type: Federal semi-direct democracy under multi-party parliamentary directorial republic

Federal Council:

- Soren Vileah (President)

- Samnang Besach

- Phibun Plachlam

- Dio Sangkram

- Alexander Row

- Vincent Alzey (Vice President)

- Rithy Samlon

Federal Chancellor: Isaac Rohring

Legislature: Federal Assembly

Upper House: Council of States

Lower House: National Council

Population: 3 million

Total GDP (Nominal): $39.354 million

Religion: None

Main Language: Khmer

- Copper
- Crystals
- Lead-zinc Ore
- Gold
- Silver
- Uranium (unexploited)
- Oil (unexploited)
- Quartz
- Jade
- Rocks

Active Military Strength: 300,000

Reserve Military Strength: None
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Sorry that I haven't been active here but the past few days have been rather busy, I'll try and post when I can. Also, it would help if you all started doing stuff....

"All hail His Grace, Tytos of House Lannister, First of His Name, King of The Westermen, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, and Protector of the Realm." - Royal Steward

Just days after the tragic death of the former king, Gerold Lannister, the heir to the throne of the Westerlands is being crowned. Many are uneasy of Tytos and believe he is simply not a suitable figure for the job, although some comfort can be found in the fact that the new king has been somewhat prepared for his future duties by Gerold himself. There can be no sign of weakness in the king, not whilst the Reynes lurk in the shadows, waiting for their Lannister overlords to make one simple mistake so that they can pounce and dig their claws in deep enough to swipe the throne of the kingdom for themselves.

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Kingdom of The Westerlands

King Tytos Lannister

Great House
House Lannister

Notable bannermen
House Banefort, House Brax, House Broom, House Clegane, House Crakehall, House Farman, House Lefford, House Lydden, House Marbrand, House Payne, House Prester, House Reyne, House Swyft, House Serrett, House Tarbeck, House Westerling.

Capital city

Largest city
Lannisport (population: 300,000)

Smallest city
Oxcross (population: 54,000)

Significant strongholds
Casterly Rock, Kayce, Faircastle, The Crag, Ashemark, Golden Tooth, Silverhill, Crakehall.

1.2 million (estimated)

The Westerlands is not the largest, most populous, or most fertile kingdom, but it is the richest. Full of hills and crags, the land is dotted with mines from which pour gold and silver in astonishing quantities. The kingdom also boasts

Golden Crown

Main sources of income

45.3 million (estimated)

Army size
The Westerlands is estimated to have a professional standing army of roughly 70,000-75,000 soldiers. Due to the immense wealth of the kingdom, the Westerlandic Army is heavily funded and considered to be the best equipped in the known world. Also, Westerlandic heavy infantry/cavalry forces are said to be some of the greatest around and their prestigious history shows exactly why.
In addition to the forces making up the regular army, the lords of the Westerlands can call up a reservist force of around 45,000 men. Not as well trained or equipped as their full time counterparts, reservists tend to be used as light infantry and are very disposable on the battlefield.

Fleet size
10 Galleass
45 Galleys
60 Carracks
35 Cogs
Total fleet size - 150 vessels


Faith of The Seven

Westerlandic or Westermen


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you guys forgot to add Kingdoms/Technology development in your category
Halsburg the Celtic Capital
population 90,000
Protected with Two walls
- outer wall
- inner wall
Minerals that we're used
- stone
- bricks
- woods
guarded by
- 900 longbow archers
- Calderon
- 1,100 Pikeman
- 500 knights
- 2,000 Celtic Swordsman
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