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PeopleSoft FMS 9.1 Bundle# 32 & Global Components Bundle# 21 Posted [1473545.1]. 
The following Bundles/Patchsets have been posted to My Oracle Support: 

FMS 9.1 Bundle #32
- FIN Patch Number 17880802 Update 903672
- ESA Patch Number 17880727 Update 903673

FMS 9.1 Global Components Bundle #21
- GC Patch Number 17880857 Update 903674

Visit our FMS Patch Index [ Note 1473545.1] for All Links to Patch Info/Download and Release Notes Excel Spreadsheets. 

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PeopleSoft Proactive Support Highlight [Fri 17-Oct-2014]

- PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2.009 Image Posted to My Oracle Support. Refer to FMS Patch Index for Details [1473545.1}:

- Have PeopleCode, AWE or Tuxedo questions? Then check out the PeopleTools Community:
- More Customers helping Customers - Is PeopleTools 32 or 64 bit? Find out more in this thread:
- Working with data in incoming XML response messages, Learn how PeopleTools handles this content:
- Creating a script to restart the Weblogic server. Get more info from this PeopleTools Community thread:
- How to copy the SSL Cert/Private key from the database to Weblogic? Get the answer here:

Doc ID
- How to apply a PUM Change Package when upgrading to PeopleTools 8.54? Get more info here:
- Planning an Apps upgrade to ELS, Portal or HCM on 8.54? Ensure your upgrade scripts are in order:
- Have you checked out the updated PeopleSoft Update Mgr (PUM) homepage? Head over and check it out:

New Tools
- Taking Support to the Next Level: links to videos to learn how to use and navigate in the updated Community space:
- Discover the troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, and other resources available in this listing:
- PeopleSoft FMS Navigators [AM, AP, EX & GL] Updated Design & Content: Solutions Visual Tree and KM 'The Works'!

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PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2.009 Image Posted to FMS Patch Index [1473545.1].

The FSCM 9.2.009 Image has been posted to FMS Patch Index & My Oracle Support.

FSCM 9.2.009 Image Patch Number 19512191.

Future 9.2 Images Est. Schedule:
FSCM 9.2.010 Image Est. Date 26-Dec-2014

For links to Patch Info/Download and Contents Excel spreadsheet, visit our
PeopleSoft FMS Patch Index [ Note 1473545.1 ]

The FMS Patch Index [ Note 1473545.1 ] has the following main sections for FMS Release/Version 9.2, 9.1 and 9.0:
• FMS 9.2 Images and Patches
• FMS FIN Bundles Index
• FMS ESA Bundles Index
• FMS Maintenance Packs Index
• FMS Global Components Index
• FMS Enterprise Components / Common Objects Index
• FMS 2013 Maintenance Schedule
• External Links [to PUM, FMS P&M Advisor & FMS P&M Info Centers]

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PeopleSoft FMS News V16 Oct 2014 Published; Featuring the EX Support Team [1562777.1]!

The PeopleSoft Financial Management Solution [FMS] team has just published FMS News V16 October 2014 [1562777.1]

- News: AP 1099 Navigator, AP 1099 IRS Changes 2014, AM Depreciation Navigator New Solutions/KMs, GL Allocations Navigator New Solutions/KMs, GL 9.2 Reconciliation, CyberSource Migration to Secure Acceptance, New PUM Home Page & More.

- Featured: EX Team Profile (all engineers), Coffee Chat with Billy (GL Support), PA Feeder and Pricing Summarization, Life of a KM Document: Behind the Scenes & FMS's Got Talent!

- Teams: FMS Teams Excellence in Knowledge Documents, Top Knowledge Documents (by Customer Views) & Highlighted Community Threads.

- Regular: PSFT Proactive (Highlights, Libraries, Initiatives), Social Media (Twitter Live, LinkedIn) & Patches.

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