I am new to toki pona. And a tutorial translates "They are arguing" as "ona mute li utala toki" but could you also say "ona mute li toki ike"?

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Here is something I was playing with at lunch. My camera is bad, so its hard to tell that it's true.


tenpo suno tu pini la mi open kama sona e toki pona. tenpo ni la toki pona li pona mute tawa mi. mi wile kama sona mute. sina ken pana sona e ni tawa mi: lipu pi pona pi toki pona taso li lon seme?


(Does it make sense? Corrections welcome.)

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I whittled out a couple of sitelen some love too.

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I'm clearly better at whittling than blendering at the moment.

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I'm trying to learn Blender, and it occurred to me that I could get some good, and quick practice by making 3D versions of sitelen sitelen. I'm not sure I'll get to all of them, but here is my version of 'mi' . I'm thinking of calling this style sitelen sijelo. What does everyone think about this idea?

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Meditation on "akesi" :

akesi lape lon kiwen supa seli suno.
ona li tawa lon pimeja en pana pilin pi moji
alesi e pipi jaki taso
pilin pi moji li ijo ike
o utala e akesi ala!

The Lizard sleeps on the warm stone
It creeps in the darkness and startles you
But the lizard is just hunting the nasty bugs
The fear is your enemy
Please don't fight the lizard

In the daytime our thought and fears can be far from us, only to return at night and keep us awake. It's common to try to push way or avoid those fears, but they are not the real enemy. They are just thoughts about events, thoughts that could be useful to us. When they are useful, they stop haunting us and become our allies.

Please correct or adapt any part of this
'akesi' glyph by Jonathan Gabel


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Meditation on 'a' :

mi lukin e kon sina
nimi sina li suli mute mi
a, pilin ale li pona

I acknowledge the spirit in you
I value the words that you say
Yes, every thought is valid

Please correct or adapt either version.
If this is not the proper subcommunity please let me know
'a' glyph by Jonathan Gable

Please don't take these "meditations" as sanctimonious or pretentious. They are actually more of a toy for me. A way to enjoy the "Zen" feeling of the language. I model them after basic Taoist/Zen/New Age/psychobabble and use them mostly as memory aides and language practice. By the time I have written one of these, the subject term is absolutely memorized.

Feel free to comment, improve, ridicule or enjoy them as you wish.

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I don't think I have seen any content in this community yet, so I hope no one minds if I repost this and maybe create some original content for it. I just want to see Google Plus have more of a toki pona presence.
Speaking toki pona is like making music on a theremin.

1) Those who do it receive immense satisfaction from doing so
2) You want all your friends to hear it, even though you know they're just being polite
3) Only other theremin players really understand the skill with which you did that last little bit
4) In the end, it's just a weird noise and a lot of handwaving.
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