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Name: Joshiel
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Rank: Special Ops
Weapon: Silver Sword Joshiel named "Angel's Tear"
Likes: Winchesters, Bobby, Big Brother Castiel, Pizza
Dislikes: Crowley, Demons, Raphael

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Name: Amber Winchester
Age: 15
Appearance: Picture
Likes: sweets,star gazing, family, reading, road trips,
Hates: being alone, small spaces, hunting
Bio: She was stolen from her home around 6 mouths by Naomi and Crowley. Was fed on angel blood for most of our life until Naomi died. Cas found her and gave her the the winchester brothers until he found a safe home for her. By the time Cas came to get her the brothers grew rather fond of her. So they keeped her and had her help with hunts and try to grow up as normal as possible. They her powers came in she was as powerful as Cas
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(Do canon Characters have to apply?)
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