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Hello I am Serge fullstack dev. and teacher from Paris-France and I want to promote the project here :)

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Ahoi hoi ... thanks for starting this community. Look forward to the meet up on Sunday.

I'm about to begin this, looking for a study group.

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News!  We have a new slack team set up for Odin members (there's an email going out tomorrow about it).  Kevin M was an inspiration and put together the initial invitation flow for it.  A link to sign up for (and join) the channel can be found at  Join us and hang out!

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Fantastic Javascript Resource: For those needing a better grasp of the Javascript fundamentals, this book is great. It provides a website including tutorials for every chapter of the book. Great way to solidify concepts.

Hello everyone, just reaching out to see how active the community is. I am eager to participate and contribute to the project any way I can.

Hello! Anyone else working on the Ruby on Rails project in web dev 101? Haven't worked with anyone else before, but it'd be nice to be able to throw around ideas with other people :-)

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Hi Everyone,
Sunday JS studygroup starts at 6pm US Pacific time every week, same time, same place (link below) until further notice. So I won't be posting weekly reminders. I'm gonna ask OG Odin core member Afshin to host couple sessions end of April when I'll be away. So look for that.
Please bring your javascript / web development questions and we'll see if we can figure it out together. Everyone welcome, esp. beginners.
Here's the link:
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