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[Inflorenza RPG Actual Play] #2 : North, under the silent stars.

A tribal drama in the coldest and darkest place in the world.

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Hello Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary people,

I am not sure if it is relevant to post such a topic in the One Shot Podcast's Community, so please let me know if i should avoid it.

I'd like to make you discover a forest drama/horror game called Inflorenza. We make a series of actual play and this is the first episode.

We're looking forward for any comment or participation's proposition and we also looking for proof-readers for the first draft of the english version of the game (which is originally french).

I would like to mention, for any purpose, that this game is in the public domain. Anybody can make an Inflorenza's actual play without asking the authors.

Thank for your attention and kindness. Enjoy your listening !

From the 88th episode of One Shot, there was an acknowledgement of a Discord channel. I looked on the website and am unable to find a link to request an invite to the channel. Love your work and would love to join the Discord! Invite please?

Great job on the Noir World episodes, everyone.

Also, I'm really impressed with your public-service announcements at the end of every episode. Factual, well researched, not hysterical, and with concrete advice about useful steps that everyone can take to effect positive change. Leadership in trying times. Well done!

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Ran InSpecters at the shop (also did NPC card game). List of games I'm going to be running is basically your podcast schedule lol

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I didn't see it in your archives, so I'm surprised you guys haven't yet done Ryuutama. It's been described as "Hayao Miyazaki's Oregon Trail," all about Travelers taking Journeys while being observed and subtly aided by a GM dragon character called a Ryuujin. Given that I'm about to start running a game for a friend, I would love to hear your take on it!

I'm thinking about running games in more public settings and for more than just people that I know. I bring this question to you and the Network because I like your (implied and expressed) politics and believe in your mission of welcoming all types of people to gaming. I want to feed my head on some articles, manifestos, books, or just plain lists of ideas...on how to facilitate public play that is respectful and safe.

Where can I go to really immerse my self in both theory and examples of praxis for this kind of thing? I'm assuming it's out there somewhere but my searching hasn't really yielded me anything that I would consider satisfactory. Aside from reading 'Teaching to Transgress' again, what should I be reading and considering?

Thanks for your time, and thank you for all the great podcasts. I just caught up on First Watch and it is ... just the best.

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In case Campaign ever wants to have an incredible Jedi Combat episode!
Jedi Wushu (Free)
Jedi Wushu (Free)

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I loved the many zealot Kobold NPCs in One Shot, and Noisy Person Cards... So much so I leaned on "May the Great Dragon Tyrant crush you all" as a way of life. ... Well, at least for my kobold character in a Dungeon World campaign.

My proselytizing has not yielded many coverts among the other PCs or NPCs, and a friend made me realize the missing piece....

I'm bringing literature to pass out at tonight's session

Ahoy One-Shot Fans!

I've created the first public release version of my PbtA one-shot competitive RP game named With Friends Like These...

The drive contains the PDF with game rules and character sheets as a well as a public document to leave comments.

The PCs are trapped on a damaged ship on a collision course to imminent death. While they try to survive, they wrangle with their twisted social dynamics and the players fight to have the most XP.

WFLT is inspired by games like Fiasco and Everyone is John. I got the idea for this after listening to the One-Shot podcasts of Everyone is John and Everyone is Joker:

It's been playtested, tweaked, but is by no means final. If anyone plays it, I'd love to read your comments and suggestions. Anything's up for change.

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