I would like to know something.

Is it considerd child abuse if I got punched on the head and on my shoulder?

I am assuming so, but I don't want to tell, cause if I do, how do I know that if I am put in a diffrent home, then how do I know if the people will be homophobes, or if it would be worse. How would I know if they would be paitent with me since I have ADHD and ODD? And, how do I know if I will ever be able to talk to my girlfriend again?(we are talking on hangouts since we live in diffrent states) I Don't know what to do.

Also I have heard that slapping a child is considered abuse. Is that true?

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This little girl is being physically, sexually and verbally abused by Joaquin King who is the child's father, and being neglected by her mother, Andrea J, Fraysure. Andrea refuses to acknowledge much less stop the abuse being done to her oldest daughter. Instead, she makes excuses for the child's father and denies any and all sexual allegations being made. Her mother, Erika Torres, was also made aware that her daughter's bf is abusing the child and that Andrea herself also needs help, but so far nothing has been done by the mother or other relatives to assist. Please help bring awareness to this issue before another child falls through the cracks and becomes lost to the cycle of abuse!

Alexis Taylor.

Andrea Fraysure
South Gate, California

Joaquin King
South Gate, California

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Child abuse can affect victims in a variety of ways, depending on their age, the support they have from family and friends and how long ago the abuse occurred.

Young children who have been abused may suffer from bed-wetting, nightmares, a fear of being with strangers, regressive behaviour and hitting other children. Those who are older may become withdrawn, sexually promiscuous, abuse drugs and alcohol and struggle in school. As adults, victims of abuse may struggle to hold down a job and/or relationships, suffer from depression and/or anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Shockingly, 9 in 10 children who suffer abuse will go on to suffer from mental illness if they do not receive appropriate support and treatment. However, if help is obtained early enough, there is every chance that a child can go on to have a happy, positive life.


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On 2nd September, Malcolm Underhill is going to swim Lake Coniston (5.25 miles) to raise funds for Hillingdon Mind and child abuse survivors.
Please support this cause. Click the link below for details.


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At the beginning of April, journalist Alex Renton wrote a detailed article in the Sunday Times about the abuse he suffered at Ashdown House, the Sussex boarding school where he was placed by his parents at the age of eight.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 9% of adults aged 16 to 59 have experienced psychological abuse, 7% physical abuse, 7% sexual assault over their lifetime, with women more likely to have experienced sexual assault in childhood than men.


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Child Abuse in Gymnastics

The sport of gymnastics is no stranger to sexual abuse. In 2012, 66-year-old Bob Bellew was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, for sexually abusing seven girls over a four-year period.

And in July 2016 horrified parents heard how the coach at a community gymnastics club had groomed and sexually abused eight victims, one as young as four, over a period of two years.

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