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NAME: kitten
SEXUALITY: straight
GENDER: female
WHAT POKEMON YOU ARE: esboo (info: a pokemon said to be the wandering spirit of an espurr. ability: hide away. the pokemon hides away inside its pumpkin body. it basically acts like a substitute which activates when the pokemon is at low health)
PERSONALITY: mischievous
LIKES: cuddles, darkness, nighttime, killing the inocent..... ignore that last part
DISLIKES: light, daytime, bad people and pokemon
BIO: not much is known about kitten except that she usually sleeps in a forest, and when she does sleep she'll be curled up into a ball with her entire body including her head inside of her little pumpkin

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walking around the forest you see a small little pumpkin

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Name: Blire
Likes: Being with other pokemon
Dislikes: Battling
Personality: Really Shy,Patient,Scared of Humans
About: Really Unknown, This pokemon mostly roams everywhere but turns invisible when People come, but Is fine with pokemon. Also Scared of tall pokemon.

... Holy shit, must've joined real late... last post was quite a long time ago.

I finally got my invitation. =w=

Probably about a few months ago, but whoever did, denk yew.

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is prancing about in hoenn forest then you and me both make eye contact being curious I slowly approach you nyan?

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【 Name: 】 Gold Hibuki

【 Age: 】 17

【 Gender: 】 Male.

【 Species: 】 Human.

【 Sexuality: 】 Homosexual

【 Height: 】 5'9 ft.

【 Weight: 】 142 lbs.

【 Blood Type: 】 AB-

【 Family: 】 Nova

【 Relationship Status: 】 Single

【 Likes: 】Fire type Pokemon, Pizza and Raising/Taking card of pokemon

【 Dislikes: 】 Agressive Trainers that order there week pokemon to fight in battle

【 Bio: 】 After beating Team Rocket .Gold set out on another journey across the other regions to become a better trainer. That was until he found a region that he liked and wanted to stay in. A few years later the village he lived in set on fire due to some "Accident" In someones house. This angered Gold but at that point in time it scared Gold and so he ran away like a coward, ever since the day he ran away he regretted it.*
Then he came along this place

【 Goals: 】 To find my purpose in life

【 Appearance: 】 Gold is a fit and athletic boy but somehow lacks in strength.

【 Eye Color: 】 Gold.

【 Hair Color: 】Raven Black.

【 Occupancy: 】 Pokémon Trainer

I dunno if I want to be a trainer or a pokemon

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Name: Hanzo Hiruzen Akidawa (Hiru)
Age: 16
Rank: Lord/Guardian/Master of lightning and dark
Level: unknown
Moveset: Thunder (Level Full) Crunch (Level Full) Thunder Punch (Full Level) Aerobatics (Full Level)
Ability: ROAR OF RAIKOU (charged a big thunder beam in about size as 30 feet)
Weaknesses: When the weather is storming I will be overcharged and maybe paralyzed people
Likes: Ramen reviver seed blast seed and guardians sword
Dislikes: Weird stuff being attracted or kissed
Items: Thunder Lord's Robe Item pouch and a rope dart
Aura: Dark Blue (serious)
Bio: My name is Hiru from team daybreak im master of lightning and guardian of thunder crystal 5000 years each guardian have special ability. But when in guardians war about 500 years ago a revolution has came at Versailles I was the one who lead the revolution and also I like my friends they are sneaky and always taken a rogue my enemy is a Templar which who doesn't gave money to the poor starve pokemons now the war has been ended thanks to me and my team
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Name: Sammy

Gender: female

Personality: childish, playful, shy

Pokemon: skitty

Status: wild

Lives: hoenn forest

Likes: chasing her tail, getting into things, nice trainers, cookies, anything she can get her paws on

Dislikes: mean pokemons, not having food, being held by the tail, large dog types

Mostly says: Nyaaaaan!~
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