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Favorite Philosophers of White Supremacists

"A new book explores how philosophers like Nietzsche and Heidegger have inspired a new generation of fascists. As Donald Trump basked in his presidential election victory in 2016, white supremacist Richard Spencer unleashed a round of Nazi-inspired praise for Trump’s victory — sentiments echoed by Alexander Dugin, a Russian neo-fascist whose writings reached a broader English-speaking audience thanks to Spencer and his wife, Nina Kouprianova."

"These three, writes University of Toronto political science professor Ronald Beiner, all trace their fascistic views back to a pair of German philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger, both of whom played outsized roles in either inspiring or participating in Hitler’s Nazi party."

#philosopher #gop #republicanparty #nietzsche #heidegger
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Help Needed Please

I know this has nothing to do with philosophy, but this is my largest Collection and I could use a bit of help and it will take about 15 minutes or so. You might even learn something new about a technology (blockchain) which many feel is going to be as disruptive as the PC and Internet!

I would be grateful if a few people would be interested in watching these 5 short videos below on blockchain (about 16 minutes total). Which of the videos in your opinion, BEST explains what a blockchain is? The technology behind the blockchain is not easy to explain in only a few words or few minutes so I am only expected you to understand the basics.

Thanks kindly to anyone who can help and just mention which video explained blockchain technology the best for you, in the comments.






#technology #blockchain #opensource
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Compassionately Assisting Death Without Permission

What would you do in this situation and why? When my mother was dying a few years back, I was very close to/with her through the entire process until she died in my arms. As she got closer to the passing, the frequency of injections from the nurse (in the Hospice) increased and the "way" my mother passed was exactly what one would expect from an opioid overdose - suppressed consciousness, suppressed/slowed breathing etc. I was 100% certain she was given something to hasten her passing. I wanted to ask about the injections at the time, and even though I was certain she was being "assisted", I felt personally/morally that it was the right course. My mother's body was racked with cancer spreading rapidly through her body and organs, and she was in constant pain. However, if this is a regular practice as has been reported in some hospitals/hospices, as much as I agree morally, I believe it is unethical (as well as illegal) to "assist" without the patients/families awareness or permission. It really is just murder at that point.

Very tough issue to deal with morally, ethically and legally. There is definitely a valid and morally sound reason to assist the dying when they are clearly terminal. But it certainly needs to be transparent with everyone involved.

What would you do if someone you love and is racked with pain, disease and suffering, and you notice they are being "assisted" to die by a nurse or doctor. Do you just ignore it since you wish to help end the suffering of your loved one? Or do you speak up then and there, potentially prolonging the suffering of your loved one?

#philosophy #mortality #assistedsuicide #morality #ethics

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Is Philosophy Dead?

"The philosophical establishment denounced people like Rorty and Geuss as relativists, bent on destroying the sacred distinction between truth and falsehood. But they defended themselves by pointing out that even if there is such a thing as an almighty final truth, it looks different from diverse points of view, and gets expressed in different words in diverse times and places. They regarded themselves as “perspectivists” or “historicists” rather than relativists, and believed that – to borrow a phrase from Thomas Kuhn – philosophy needed to find a “role for history”."

"Geuss concludes by suggesting that philosophy is dead: vital signs gave out some forty years ago, he says, and the excitement, creativity and inventiveness of the past have been replaced by dutiful recitations and historical re-enactments. But in this bracing and approachable book he gives himself the lie, demonstrating that there is life in philosophy yet."

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Personal Destiny

Do we each have one?
Does life have a purpose?
Where should we derive meaning in life?

"One of life’s most enduring mysteries is that of human destiny. Many a philosopher have debated whether it’s an invention of human thought or if our long-standing curiosity is a mechanism of evolution (creation in process) designed to propel humanity forward. Regardless of what you believe, what seems to be universal is the calling by your soul to fulfill your personal destiny once you awaken enough to hear it."

#philosophy #destiny #meaning #purpose
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Can Animals Face Existential Crisis?

"The philosopher Owen Flanagan has pointed out that when Hamlet poses the question that has become the single most powerful query of all English literature, “he is, of course, contemplating suicide.” For reasons too complex to enumerate, when modern-day researchers think of a suicidal agent, they imagine a Hamletian character who struggles with the question of whether it is best to be or not to be; and when they are called upon to define ‘suicide’ they often define it, perhaps inspired by Hamlet, in terms of a series of mental states—an inner mental monologue, really—that somehow express or represent the subject’s conscious intent to die. According to this contemporary understanding, people who commit suicide are all those who, like Hamlet, contemplate the meaning of the good life, consider their future prospects, realize that their current life is not worth living, and then consciously choose not to be—Hamlet’s unchosen path."

"Aside from the fact that it makes us ignore the fact that not all suicides involve a conscious intent to die, another problem with viewing suicide through a Hamletian framework is that the latter quickly—indeed too quickly—leads to the conclusion that only humans are capable of suicide. The idea of a dog, cat, or horse sitting on a chair, having an existential crisis about whether to be or not to be is, for many, absurd—the stuff of comedy, parody, or science fiction. But not all suicides are the same and not all suicidal beings need to look like some version of Hamlet. The idea that nonhuman animals may be capable of suicidal ideation, as I argue in an article recently published in Animal Sentience, is not as absurd as most people might think."

#philosophy #existentialcrisis #suicide #mortality
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The New Atheism - Another Fundamentalism

NO system of belief or knowledge (religion, science, astrology whatever) is complete. ALL systems of belief or knowledge are incomplete with regards to their ability to explain ALL phenomenon - whether physical or metaphysical. Some phenomenon are also ineffable - so profound and unusual that their essence escapes description in human language or constructs.

Therefore, holding one or another belief system above all others, while dismissing, judging or vilifying the rest, is not only irrational but can transform into fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is when EVERYTHING is believed to be explained or defined under one or another particular system. One is a fundamentalist when they hold an unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs.

We can never "know" in a direct or immediate sense, all phenomenon. We cannot ever know the limits to our own knowledge or understanding. We can't know the extent to which we do not know. Therefore, an open-mind, critical thinking and avoiding fundamentalism are crucial for the ongoing expansion of knowledge.

"While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." (2 Cor. iv. 18)

This is a very good and reasonably balanced (much was left out IMO) article which includes interviews with three of the Four Horsemen of the New Atheism (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennette, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchen (not interviewed).

"On the one hand, it is obvious that the political prospects of the New Atheism are slight. People see a contradiction in its tone of certainty. Contemptuous of the faith of others, its proponents never doubt their own belief. They are fundamentalists."

"The New Atheists have castigated fundamentalism and branded even the mildest religious liberals as enablers of a vengeful mob. Everybody who does not join them is an ally of the Taliban. But, so far, their provocation has failed to take hold. Given all the religious trauma in the world, I take this as good news. Even those of us who sympathize intellectually have good reasons to wish that the New Atheists continue to seem absurd. If we reject their polemics, if we continue to have respectful conversations even about things we find ridiculous, this doesn`t necessarily mean we`ve lost our convictions or our sanity. It simply reflects our deepest, democratic values. Or, you might say, our bedrock faith: the faith that no matter how confident we are in our beliefs, there`s always a chance we could turn out to be wrong."

#psychology #epistemology #religion #atheism #fourhorsemen
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The Inhumane & Third Reich Cruel Immorality of Trump

During the horrors of the Holocaust where millions of Jews were murdered by the Nazi Regime, a common ruse was to tell the incarcerated Jews they were "being sent to shower before processing". What actually awaited them was death in a gas chamber. There are now reports coming out of the US that Border Control Guards are telling mothers "we will bathe your child" but they are actually TAKING THE CHILDREN AWAY to place them in the new American Immigrant Child Concentration Camps. Some infants are allegedly being forcefully removed from BREAST FEEDING MOTHERS!!

This is INHUMANE and IMMORAL CRUELTY by the Trump Administration using tactics first seen by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. How is it possible this inhumane creature can be the President of the United States?

"The Trump administration’s practice of separating children from migrant families entering the United States violates their rights and international law, the United Nations human rights office said on Tuesday, urging an immediate halt to the practice."

#philosophy #donaldtrump #adolfhitler #trumpocalypse #cruelty #morality #humanity
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The Critical Role of Philosophy in AI

"For years, science fiction writers have spelled out the technological marvels and doomsday scenarios that might result from artificial intelligence. Now that it’s a part of our lives, argues Catherine Stinson, those working in AI need to take their work’s social and ethical implications much more seriously."

#philosophy #technology #artificialintelligence #ai #ethics
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Morality is a Cooperative Phenomenon

Many feel that human's need a Universal Morality in order for us to evolve past our narrow nationalistic interests and form lasting bonds with all human's towards common global goals. The fact that many cultures share so many core moral principles suggests a Universal Morality is at least possible.

"For 50 million years humans and their ancestors have lived in social groups. During this time natural selection equipped them with a range of adaptations for realizing the enormous benefits of cooperation that social life affords. More recently, humans have built on these benevolent biological foundations with cultural innovations – norms, rules, institutions – that further bolster cooperation. Together, these biological and cultural mechanisms provide the motivation for social, cooperative and altruistic behavior; and they provide the criteria by which we evaluate the behavior of others. And, according to the theory of ‘morality as cooperation’, it is precisely this collection of cooperative traits that constitute human morality."

1: Love your family
2: Help your group
3: Return favors
4: Be brave
5: Defer to authority
6: Be fair
7: Respect other's property

"And so there is a common core of universal moral principles. Morality is always and everywhere a cooperative phenomenon. And everyone agrees that cooperating, promoting the common good, is the right thing to do. Appreciating this fundamental fact about human nature could help promote mutual understanding between people of different cultures, and so help to make the world a better place."

#philosophy #morality #cooperation #universalmorality
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