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Topics or questions of a philosophical nature.


Johnny Stork

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A Great Metaphysical Trend!

I just love this new trend in shows which attempt (some better than others) to broach a variety of complex or controversial technical topics like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, social media and various metaphysical topics like near death, psi-phenomenon, non-local consciousness and others. Reading reviews of some of these shows it appears that some of these topics provoke dismissive, even judgmental responses from some, particularly those who bow to the God of Logical Positivism (empiricism - strict materialist science where all knowledge is obtain through the sensory systems - if you cant see, touch or hear it, its not "real").

However, those of us comfortable (or intimately familiar) with the idea of there being a transcended first principle, first philosophy, unseen underlying cause(s) or influences to the seen world (or consciousness), these shows are a welcome breath of fresh air (and thinking) in a world filled with mind-hobbling intellectual pablum for the masses. Anything that gets people talking and thinking about these topics is a good thing IMHO!

Keep them coming Netflix!

Refresher on Metaphysics

The word comes from the stack of 14 books given to students of Aristotle AFTER they read a stack of 8 on "physics" which covered the natural world and its properties. Literally the word means after physics but in fact it is BEFORE physics since those 14 books dealt with philosophical first principles dealing with the ultimate nature of reality, being, space, time, causality, things that don't change and are the underlying cause of everything. Aristotle did not use the term "metaphysics". He used the title "first philosophy" to describe this field of philosophy (along with ‘first science’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘theology’). The subject of metaphysics (broadly) deals with topics such as:

(1) The subject-matter of metaphysics is “being as such”
(2) The subject-matter of metaphysics is the first causes of things
(3) The subject-matter of metaphysics is that which does not change

#philosophy #metaphysics #aristotle #theoa #netflix

Movies and TV are toying with the idea of multiple realities—perhaps out of a yearning for religion.
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A "world-wide purge" of what?+stacey stoddard
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Johnny Stork

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What would YOU Do?

"If there’s an unavoidable accident in a self-driving car, who dies? This is the question researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) want you to answer in ‘Moral Machine.’"

#philosophy #psychology #morality

If there’s an unavoidable accident in a self-driving car, who dies? This is the question researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) want you to answer in ‘Moral Machine.’ The simplistic website is sort of like the famed ‘Trolley Problem’ on steroids. If you’re unfamiliar, according to Wikipedia, the Trolley Problem is as follows: There is …
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Technology is helping life but is wasting life.
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Johnny Stork

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A Philosopher's View on the Post-Truth Era

""Post-truth" has come to describe a type of campaigning that has turned the political world upside down."

"Fuelled by emotive arguments rather than fact-checks, it was a phrase that tried to capture the gut-instinct, anti-establishment politics that swept Donald Trump and Brexit supporters to victory."

"This process is "corrosive of our public conversation and our democracy" and he warns of a culture where a few claims on Twitter can have the same credibility as a library full of research."

#philosophy #trump #posttruth #socialmedia

How are philosophers meant to make sense of the post-truth world? AC Grayling says he fears the worst and blames social media.
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The truth is neither after or before. In the words of Ignatius of Antioch, disciple of St John the Apostle:

Consider the times: Look for Him who is above time
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Johnny Stork

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Stoicism - Philosophy for Technology Workers

"Stoicism is having a moment. The ancient Hellenistic philosophy, more than 2,000 years old, has recently been profiled in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Guardian. And, as these articles note, Stoicism has caught on among those pioneers of social trends: Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Ryan Holiday, who’s written several popular books with a life-hacking take on Stoicism, says the philosophy gained attention among startups after Silicon Valley guru Tim Ferriss bought the audiobook rights to his works. He’s given several talks on the subject at Google’s offices and chatted about Stoicism with such eminent figures as Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, venture capitalist Brad Feld, Digg co-founder Kevin Rose, and GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving."

#philosophy #stoicism #technology
There’s something eye-rollingly predictable about Silicon Valley elites latching onto a philosophy that teaches them how to accept the things they cannot change.
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I've divorced the mental health community; they cannot afford ANYONE a proper recovery environment. Complete sellouts I would NEVER recommend to a "third world" country.
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Johnny Stork

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What isTruth?

How would you define "truth"? This is not just a philosophical question. In all of life actually, the question of what is "truth", what is "real" and how we define these terms is very relevant, even necessary through our lives and how we make decisions. "What is truth?" is both an epistemological (knowledge) as well as ontological (reality) question.

So what is "truth"?

Obviously we do it most of the time (decide what is true/real vs not-true/not-real) without thinking about it specifically. So how do you know for sure at each of the far ends of the spectrum (true/not-true)? And how do you make a decision between options in those many "grey areas" which are in the middle somewhere? When it is not so clear if something is "true" or not.

Image: Sarolta Ban

#philosophy #epistemology #ontology #truth
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+Ed Vernon I agree!
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Johnny Stork

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How Do We Know Love?

"Proust tells us that the sort of knowledge of the heart we need in this case cannot be given us by the sciences of psychology, or, indeed, by any sort of scientific use of intellect. Knowledge of the heart must come from the heart — from and in its pains and longings, its emotional responses."

#philosophy #love #marthanussbaum

“The alternations between love and its denial, suffering and denial of suffering … constitute the most essential and ubiquitous structural feature of the human heart.”
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Sheamus broether, i like your way of thinking, end you are nice persoon but it is not question of choise you make. Choise that you mast accept is more important that who you are. Like you sad nothing is constant but change,you are wright.JUST TO KNOW THAT yoy can understand why I sad No one lov is for ever.
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Johnny Stork

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Compassion is Our Essential Nature

"Since the earliest days of philosophy, a question has been pondered and debated, with many of our greatest minds weighing in. What is humanity’s essential nature? Are we intrinsically selfish or by-and-large altruistic? In ancient China, humans were thought to be born pure, and it was the world that corrupted them. We see a similar philosophy taking shape during the Enlightenment among such philosophers as Locke and Rousseau."

"Now, evolutionary science is weighing in, and finds that compassion may have developed as an evolutionary advantage which helped our species survive and thrive. This isn’t a new concept. Darwin himself in The Descent of Man argues that sympathy and compassion are some of humanities strongest traits. Instead, Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” was taken to mean that humans are naturally competitive, and overwhelmingly motivated by self-interest."

#philosophy #psychology #compassion #empathy

We like to think of compassion as purely altruistic. Yet, it may have selfish underpinnings.
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+John Clark the resin why you don't believe there is God is not that you don't know he is but you have concluded not to believe 
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Johnny Stork

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We Need More Philosophy in Education

With near ubiquitous access to global information and knowledge through technology, learning HOW to think has become more important than WHAT to think. This is where philosophy comes in.

"How should educationalists prepare young people for civic and professional life in a digital age? Luddite hand-wringing won’t do. Redoubling investment in science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) subjects won’t solve the problem either: hi-tech training has its imaginative limitations."

"In the near future school-leavers will need other skills. In a world where technical expertise is increasingly narrow, the skills and confidence to traverse disciplines will be at a premium. We will need people who are prepared to ask, and answer, the questions that aren’t Googleable: like what are the ethical ramifications of machine automation? What are the political consequences of mass unemployment? How should we distribute wealth in a digitised society? As a society we need to be more philosophically engaged."

#philosophy #education #technology

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How can anyone be so long winded and say nothing?
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Johnny Stork

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The Philosophy of 2016

"Problem is, there have been, like, 2,500 years of philosophy, or whatever. And in this period there have been a lot of ideas people have come up with that have been misguided, useless or bad. So which philosophies might be best to look at when trying to understand 2016? Here are some suggestions in that most philosophical of all formats, the listicle."

#philosophy #2016

And maybe give us some hope for the future.
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+Ranjan Vora EXACTLY! here in IMMORAL MAJORITY USA embodiment of the Anti-Christ finger pointing Mudslinger's ball, I find it historically IMPOSSIBLE to serve God without worship some human icon. YHWH asked for ONE DAY a week. The SABBATH DAY (God's day of REST .. is almost expired. Awesome insight from you! Blessed be
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Johnny Stork

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Most Idiots I know are Academics - Slavoj Žižek

Never knew he loves Rammstein and the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil! Could I like this guy any more?

"Slavoj Žižek is brimming with thought. Each idea sprays out of the controversial Slovenian philosopher and cultural theorist in a jet of words. He is like a water balloon, perforated in so many areas that its content gushes out in all directions."

"Žižek’s demeanor is rabidly energetic. He delivers his responses with an acerbic wit and a gloriously foul mouth, which has earned him the moniker "the Elvis of cultural theory", though something like "the Richard Pryor of radical philosophy" strikes me as more appropriate."

#philosophy #ideology #slavojzizek

Luke Massey talks to the cultural theorist and ideas machine about Obama, stupidity and his favourite quasi-fascist industrial metal outfit - Rammstein.
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You may be partially right. 
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