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Removing the last Google+ features from YouTube

While YouTube and Google+ have been largely separated since 2016, there were a few remaining Google+ linked features that will stop working this month.

* If you shared a private video with a Google+ Circle, people in that Circle will no longer be able to view the video

* You will no longer be able to add a channel icon or cover art in the YouTube mobile app

* Google+ profile and page links will be removed from YouTube channel About tab and channel header

* If you are using a pre-September 2016 version of the YouTube mobile app, you will no longer be able to read or post comments

Get all the details and learn about the alternatives:

Announcement in the YouTube help forum:

Additional information in the YouTube Help Center:
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Creator Insider looks at 5 YouTube Studio Beta has that aren't in Classic Studio

YouTube is defaulting more channels to Studio Beta, and it's getting regular updates,so it's worth at least checking it out.
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Register for Special Edition: NextUp #YouTubeBlack London by February 17

If you are a UK YouTuber and your channel meets the eligibility requirements, you can apply:

1) Have a channel with between 10,000 - 100,000 subscribers in the YouTube Partner Program

2) Account must be in good standing (no strikes)

3) Have at least 3 videos uploaded to your channel in the last 90 days

If you are selected, you will be required to attend all 5 days of the YouTube NextUp creator camp. Please only enter if you are sure of your availability.

Be sure to read the full eligibility requirements before entering.

What you would win:

* A week of intensive production classes and filming opportunities at YouTube Space in London

* Educational workshops and skill-sharing sessions designed by production experts, top creators and content specialists

* £1500 voucher towards production gear

* At least 3 months of ongoing support from the YouTube Content Partnerships team

Announcement by YouTube Space London:

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Creator Insider answers common questions about YouTube Studio Beta

Why? Where? How? +Creator Insider answers user questions.

You can access Studio Beta at
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YouTube Memberships are now available to Partner channels with at least 30,000 subscribers

"Channel memberships allow viewers to join your channel through monthly recurring payments and get members-only perks like badges, emoji, and other goods you offer."

That lowers the threshold from 100,000 subscribers.

Learn more about Memberships:
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YouTube CEO +Susan Wojcicki looks back at 2018 and forward to the coming year

+Susan Wojcicki has the priorities for YouTube in 2019

1) Supporting creator and artist success
2) Improving communication and engagement
3) Living up to YouTube's responsibility. 

Read the details:

What did 2018 look like?

* the number of channels with over one million subscribers nearly doubled in the last year

* the number of creators earning five or six figures in the last year grew more than 40%. 

* There are more than 190 channels with more than 1 million subscriptions in France, with the number of E.U. channels reaching that milestone up 70% year over year

* For Partners YouTube increased the accuracy of the monetization icon (showing Advertiser Friendliness) by 40% and are also making it easier for creators to appeal when YouTube makes the wrong call.

* For support on social media: in the last year, YouTube increased the number of responses by 150% and made response times 50% faster.

* In 2018, YouTube held more than 480 events with over 18,000 creators—from Fanfests, to Creator Summits, to workshops

* The most successful Premiere:  At its peak, Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” had 829,000 unique viewers watching and interacting simultaneously.

* "Billions of comments were made"

* Yes YouTube knows that Rewind was "cringey"
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AMA with the YouTube Recommendations team on Friday, February 8th

The YouTube recommendations team is responsible for the recommendations you see on your Home feed, in the Up Next list of suggested videos, and for YouTube Mixes, which provides endless playlists personalized for you. Several Product Managers from the team will be there to answer your questions.

The team will ONLY be answering questions related to recommendations.

Where: The official YouTube Help Community

When: Starting today: you can submit your questions and feedback related to recommendations using the comments on the YouTube Help Community post linked below.
On Friday February 8th at 9:30am PST, the YouTube recommendations team will be answering as many questions as possible – right there on YouTube Help Community thread.
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Reminder: YouTube is turning off automatic sharing to Google+ and Twitter today (January 31)
YouTube is turning off automatic sharing to Google+ and Twitter on January 31st

The reason: We’ve found that sharing these actions with a custom message (instead of through automatically generated posts) provides a better experience for the sharer and their followers on other social networks.

You can still share videos and playlists manually.

You should have received an email notification of this change if you have opted in to get updates from YouTube. Check your notification settings at
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YouTube answers frequently asked questions about copyright claims and companies that may be abusing the Content ID system

* Q: What is YouTube doing to deal with companies abusing the system and making bad claims?

* Q: Companies are claiming just a few seconds of a video, how is that not abuse?

* Q: I’m seeing more manual claims on my videos, how can I deal with them?

* Q: But these companies are getting all of the creator’s revenue for a few seconds of a video, this is unfair!

* Q: I played (or sang, or whistled) the song entirely by myself – I didn’t use a single second of the recording. Why was my video claimed?

* Q: I don't recognize the name of this claimant, but I know they aren’t the real owner. Who is this scammer?

* Q: Content with legitimate fair use keeps getting claimed by content ID, is fair use content not allowed? For example, companies claiming react videos, edu videos, etc

* Q: I keep hearing about Content ID claims where the song isn’t even there - what are you doing about that?

* Q: What are the best practices for creators who have to deal with all of this?

". . . the best way to avoid these issues is to refrain from using unlicensed content unless absolutely necessary for your video."

And if a claim is wrong, dispute it!

Get the answers:

If you find problems, you can reach out to Creator Support, post in the Help Community or keep tweeting @teamyoutube.
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YouTube to reduce recommendations for content that could "misinform in harmful ways"

YouTube is changing their system to reduce recommendations of videos that almost - but don't quite - violate the Community Guidelines or that misinform in harmful ways. Specific examples include "promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11."

This will only affect less than 1% of videos, and will start out in the US only.

Official announcement:

Read my write-up of the change:
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