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Rubik Speedsolving Association is almost operational

Rubik Speedsolving Association is now being filed for registration in Budapest, Hungary and will hopefully be operational in a matter of weeks. RSA has initiated a strong collaboration with the World Cube Association and is already involved in the organisation of the Rubik's Cube World Championship 2017 in Paris in July.

In order to make the Championship a unique success, RSA has already secured additional sponsorship from Rubik's Brand Ltd., Gan Cubes, and Rubik's French partners. Discussions are underway with major corporations to ensure further financial contributions.

Stay tuned for more and sign up for RSA's newsfeed.

World Cube Association homepage:

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Rubik's Olympics?

My home town, Budapest, is bidding to host the 2024 Olympics.

It would be wonderful if on the 50th Anniversary of the Cube's invention, speedcubing could return to Budapest, where we had the very first world championship — this time in the framework of an actual Olympics!

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Design collaborations

It is my ambition to create the best speedcubes made available to enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. During my recent trip to China, I met the gifted young designer, Gan (creator of the world champion speedcube), and invited him to take part in this effort.

Of course, I keep looking for other puzzle talents and plan to develop collaborative design platforms at RSA.

Image below is +Feliks Zemdegs in action.

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Rubik Speedsolving Association (RSA)

I would like to personally support speedcubing to become a true sport on a global scale. As its first sponsor, I am launching a new non-profit organisation with the mission of promoting speedsolving, support competitions, competitors and organizers as well as the introduction of puzzles in education.

In the next few weeks, we shall be reaching out to global media companies and corporate sponsors to join me and give exceptional momentum to speedsolving.

I have already invited legendary puzzlers to join this initiative - and as always, we are also looking out for the best current innovations in twisty puzzles.

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Rubik's Speedsolving Initiative

Researching for the 40th Anniversary made me realize the vastness of the Cube's cultural and scientific impact. In collaboration with +Google and +Liberty Science Center, I sponsored the +Beyond Rubik's Cube exhibition that payed tribute to the Rubik's Cube cultural impact.

Marking another amazing Cube phenomenon, I now wish to celebrate the speedcubing community. We organised the first World Championship in Budapest in 1982. Since then thousands of young enthusiasts all over the world have made speedcubing a global sensation with hundreds of competitions taking place every year.

Crucially, this phenomenon takes puzzles to schools and helps us realize our most important ambition: promoting education based on curiosity and emotional engagement. Speedcubing also brings together young people of different genders, cultures or backgrounds — sometimes in life-changing ways.

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