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Al Jarreau dies, aged 76...

There's something in my eye...

Knives are best used when blunt
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The sun is smaller than the earth
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Fiction is true! It's all called fiction because of conspiracies!
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Just sayin'

Apropos for today.

When anyone tells me that "The People have spoken" in regards to anything political, this quote comes to mind:

A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it - Kay, Men In Black

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Sometimes, languages are very funny. Take for example old Norse.

In the naming conventions of the Norse people of old, the element Áss meant God.

Nope, I'm not going to read anything into that whatsoever, except to chuckle at the strange coincidences in language.


British Politicians as Harry Potter Characters

A quick guide to British politics right now.

Nigel Farage (Orchestrator of Brexit) - Lord Voldemort
Farage is Voldemort in that he just won't go away. He influences too many people in the other parties and always seems to find a TV camera. In actual fact, he's pretty weak and would be a nobody without his ability to talk to the most reprehensible side of people's personas.

David Cameron (Former Prime Minister) - Cornelius Fudge
A well meaning, yet bumbling fool who threw everything away because he feared his own ministers would not be able to handle the truth that Farage and his supporters lied way too much in their campaign.

Theresa May (Current Prime Minister) - Dolores Umbridge
Weird little lady thrust into power because nobody else wanted to preside over the growing failure of this country to do anything right. Tries to bully her way through everything with a smile because she actually believes the bill of goods she's been sold.

Jeremy Corbyn (Opposition Leader) - Albus Dumbledore
Hated and reviled by newspapers and the elite, even within his own party, yet supported by the people. May never lead the country, but might just find someone who will.

Sadly, there's no Harry Potter in this motley crew, unless, of course, David Miliband comes back...


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From now on, all of Trump's tweets should be read in Joker voice!

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