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Using the cloud?

Here's my column for the November edition of +Sussex Local Magazine

Do you trust the cloud, or do you shun it?

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Staying up to date

I realised I hadn't shared my most recent columns for +Sussex Local Magazine, so it's about time I fixed that.

Here is my column from the October edition.

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Microsoft Paint Alternatives

Here is my second column in the Sussex Local magazine. This time it's all about graphics software.

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Keeping your PC cool

I have a new column, this time in the local free magazine that gets pushed through everyone's door once a month.

It's only a small space, so nothing in-depth. Also I spotted a couple of typos in this first column and have already given myself a mental kick to pay more attention next time.

Anyway, the link should take you straight to the page with the article.

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Google has entered the mobile arena

In my last column for the local paper, I talk about some of the interesting things that Google announced recently.

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Mobile is the future, if you have a signal

Network signal strength is a problem for many of us. OpenSignal have just released a new report on the state of the situation in the UK, with information crowdsourced via their app. Ofcam have also just released an app themselves.

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Allo. Allo. Allo. What's all this then?

My thoughts on the new Allo app.

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Which social network is best?

Now this is a subject that can get people fired up. My own person belief is that G+ is the best, but am I right?

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Hit the road Jack

Here's my take on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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Tech news is not just about gadgets

With dodgy tax deals, companies being sued and changes in law, there is enough to write about without any actual advances in technology. Here's a summary of what has been going on lately.
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