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Welcome to "Google Plus Connect": Initiatives, Events, Announcements!

This edition started with the global event celebration of the 5th Anniversary of Google Plus.

You can discover an occasional overview of ongoing events on the platform. I'm summing up a handy list referring Community Management and Create Connections on Google Plus.

Weekly Update with +Peggy K is an ongoing must follow edition

Google+News with +Leo Deegan is the announcement edition

Google Top Contributor Summit 2017 Video Overview

Here is a recap of the recent events on Google Plus platform online:

Create Connections: Travel Collections Tips with +Monika Fuchs

Community Experts: Community Management Tips with +Azlin Bloor

Community Experts: Building relationships With Community members with +Sonali Dalal

Community Experts: How To Retain Highly Engaged Moderators in Your Google+Community with +Cliff Wade

A reference library of Google Plus Themes and Associated Tags

Create Connections: Top Tips with +maria nasir

International Day of Happiness

Google Create Program Members of The Month

Food Photography Class with +foodies+

List Your 5 Best Skills with "One e Board" Community

Create Connections with Freya de Castelbajac
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Today is purple! 💜
Tomorrow is another purple nuance!

Color Challenge on Google Plus!

Here's how to join: go to one of your Collections,from the three dots choose edit and select the color.

Have you ever used this color?

Adding +Coach G Moore's


word of the day for #BodyLanguage

#One #ColorChallenge #Daily
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We have Collections in pink today, on Tuesday.
Tomorrow is violet.
See the colors in Collections( click edit and choose the color from there).
A palette reminder is in the comments below.

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One colour a day

Collections are in red colour today!
Tomorrow is the pink color.
From Collection's colour choices, Collections, settings.
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Update: Google+ for consumers will be shutting down by April and the Google+ API will stop working March 7th

The Google+ "sunsetting" process has been sped up, with the shutdown 4 months earlier than originally announced.

Here's what we know:

* Google+ for consumers will be shut down by April 2019

* The Google+ API will be shut down by March 7, 2019 with "intermittent outages" beginning on January 28th

If you have Google+ badges, buttons, or embedded posts on your website or blog, now is the time to start removing those.

Also, create a backup archive of your Google+ data at

Google+ will continue to be available for G Suite customers after the shutdown of the consumer version of Google+.

Learn more about Google+ for Enterprise updates here:

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Happy New Year 2019! Time to say goodbye!

It was my pleasure to curate Google Plus Connect, populate and help have one easy touch point for reference about the initiatives we used to run on Google+. Since the closure of G+ is now accelerated for April I feel it doesn't make sense to add updates to "Google Plus Connect".

Thank you for being awesome! Participating in action was one of the best experiences on G+.

Find me across channels

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Have you been a devoted reader of Sunday Read?

It shall be continued on +David Amerland 's blog here:

As for celebrating, from my experience we were not excused from celebrations under any circumstances in my previous endeavors. Ultimately it helped transition most of the challenges.

#GooglePlusKnowledge #SundayRead

As the day when a particular, jolly man in red ( will break into your house to drink your sherry and eat your cookies (or is it cookies and milk?) - and leave a little something for you under the Christmas tree ( draws near it becomes obvious that we, as people, simply love celebrations.

When so many office parties are being thrown there is some focus on just how much people actually want to celebrate at work ( Yet, a celebration, manifests strong societal effects by allowing people to decompress and bond ( The way the brain works in different social settings is coming under close scrutiny because of a new range of tools ( at our disposal.

Celebrating is something we are, arguably, predisposed to do ( Through it we mark the passage of time, share the joy of our accomplishments and create a shared backdrop that drives our societal instincts ( as we share interests, values and worldview.

But celebrations play a role that even more important than that: they help us become real and they help reality become a shared truth by forcing us to stop and be mindful ( Mindfulness helps us understand what we experience, its importance and relativity to everything else a little better and, as a result, it promotes happiness, mental health and mental resilience (

Psychologists believe that celebrations mark transitions ( They help bring people together who might otherwise not have come together at all and one of the most touching and poignant examples of this lies in that moment in time, forever frozen in our minds, of Christmas Eve 1914 – muddied, psychologically brutalized men coming out of their trenches and experiencing, for a brief moment what it was like to be human again:

Those who stand to gain the most by keeping us divided and focused on our differences ( frequently forget that celebrations, despite what they may think, are about bringing people together: Celebrating is, of course, a choice. We choose to participate in a communal expression of something that is commonly understood and in the activity we reinforce our willingness to be part of the world at large:

This is important as a decision because it also underscore the fact that we cannot be part of the world without developing trust ( or choosing to take risks which, in turn, requires we manage our sense of fear - (

As we reach this Christmas celebration we may appear to live in a world that is more uncertain than ever before, with more risks, greater challenges and a lot more division and problems than in the past. That is the classic “glass half-empty approach” The glass is half full. There will always be challenges, problems and divisions in our world. They can only be solved by the pooling of knowledge, experience and resources. No one country or person can solve them alone and those who think they can are deluding themselves for reasons of personal gain or, even worse, are actively working to delude others for the exact same reasons of personal gain.

Historically the world got smaller and better only when divisions and isolation were overcome. None of this happens naturally or is a default state. Just like the brain finds it easier to entertain negative thoughts than positive ones ( so do our societal structures and even our communication channels ( which means that the responsibility to understand why ( lies squarely with us.
We are the architects ( of who we are. Building the better version of ourselves requires sustained effort and focus ( We only undertake such an effort if we truly believe the result is worth it.

Now, I know that for Christmas you have extra-strong coffee and some super-special Christmas treats. Our time in G+ is slowly heading towards its end game now barely four months away. The tradition of the Sunday Read which started some five years ago will be continued on my blog ( For now, as you indulge in cookies and donuts, croissants and chocolate cake I can only say have an awesome Sunday, wherever you are.
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Have you been following +Azlin Bloor? Here are Azlin's other profiles across networks.

- list your profiles on other social media and pin the post.
- include the hashtags you are using

When you leave G+, find me, and stay in touch on:

My Blog, LinsFood:
My YouTube Channel:
Foodies+ on Facebook:

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Save Your Internet Campaign

Regulations on the web such as Art 13 that is at its final stage of voting in Europe attempt to fight abuse yet stumble in becoming abusive to Creators online.

YouTube Creators are raising awareness by asking all Creators online to join the conversation by creating a video about Article 13 and sharing on social using the hashtag #SaveyourInternet

Read what Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube said:

The Internet Society's position "Sharing Platforms are Not Content Police":

European Greens, Julia Reda's position

#ForTheWeb campaign by Tim_Berners Lee
New Contract on The Internet
"a contract to make the web one which serves humanity, science, knowledge and democracy"

#Trend2019 #Regulations #SaveYourInternet #ForTheWeb
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New:Create Connections with +Peggy K

Mark your Calendars! #CreateConnections November 6, 2018.

Google+ Create member +Peggy K will talk about using the tools provided by YouTube to make it easy for your Followers on Google+ (or any other platform) to subscribe to your channel.

Peggy is a Google Product Expert for Google+, YouTube, Blogger, Hangouts and AdSense. She has been helping her fellow users with questions big and small for nearly a decade.

To join the discussion, look for a #CreateConnections post November 6th!
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