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How to Cook Perfect Thai Basil Chicken
20 minute Recipe

You see this recipe everywhere in Thailand. Street vendors sell them for breakfast or lunch and of course, Thai restaurants, rustic or posh, have them on their menus.

This is yet another one of my lazy, can't-be-bothered-to-think recipes.

You'll find it at:

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An Amuse-Bouche of Tom Yum Goong and Shichimi Onigiri
Fine Dining at Your Fingertips

Here is a look at a very popular amuse-bouche that I serve new clients. It’s a Thai-Japanese fusion dish.

We have a shot glass of Thai Tom Yum Soup, a large prawn (shrimp) and a ball of rice called Onigiri in Japanese, coated in a spice mix. Sometimes, I serve just the Tom Yum Soup as you see it, without the rice.

Fine Dining to amuse your senses!

I did a post on the Japanese spice mix we're using, Shichimi Togarashi, here not too long ago. You can read more about it on my blog or here on G+ in The World of Ingredients Collection.

For the full recipe and instructions:

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A Thai Meal

One of my clients snapped this shot and shared it with me just before it all got eaten up! Red Thai curry with Thai omelette, the latter topped with crispy Thai basil. Not for those on a diet!

You'll find Thai recipes on my LinsFood:

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Fresh Vegetable Salad with Salted Crab Dip
Toh-Plue Restaurant, Bangkok

A very typical Thai salad, this dip is just full of all the flavour notes that epitomise Thai cuisine: hot, salty, sour and sweet. I could eat Thai salads everyday!

Generally speaking, Thai salads can be loosely classed into 4 categories, depending on how they’re prepared. There are always overlaps and these classifications and descriptions are not set in stone but to give you an idea:

Yam – where all the ingredients are mixed together, as in here

Tam – the flavouring ingredients are pounded, the most famous is of course, som tam, green papaya salad

Lap – more commonly known as larb, with its distinguishing feature being the toasted ground rice it’s finished with

Phla – quite similar to yam in flavour but does contain quite a bit of protein. It also tends to be heavier on thinly sliced herbs like mint and lemongrass.

For more Thai cuisine, head on over to LinsFood:

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Homemade Thai Sausages - no machine required
Fancy a yummy project this weekend?

I just love making sausages at home, and if I'm making no more than 2 dozen or so, don't bother getting the machine out. We use a disposable piping bag instead.

Here's a favourite, full of flavour type of sausage that you can serve up just as you would regular sausages. Or use them to add a different dimension to stews and curries.

Holiday season is the best excuse (if you need one), to play around in the kitchen, so start lining up your culinary experiments!

Recipe and instructions:

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Easy Pickled Thai Demon Chillies

You may or may not know that we grow a whole lot of chillies in the summer. By the end, we always have far too many than we know what to do with! So, we freeze, dry and as in this case, pickle.

These Thai Demon chillies are so tiny that they make for very easy pickling; no need to cut or prick. Here, I just cooked them for a minute with a little sugar and salt and a whole lot of rice wine vinegar. Then the whole lot got transferred into a sterile jar and when cool, placed in the fridge. This is a super quick method for stuff you don't expect to still be eating 6 months down the road.

How do I eat these chillies? They are perfect as a side to rice and noodles. In Thailand, no street stall meal is complete without chillies on the side, whatever the dish. But as you can just see in the picture, I also love to spike an ordinary salad with the chillies and some of the pickling juice, especially when I don't fancy added fat to my lunch in the form of salad dressing.

More Thai inspiration:

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Thai Green Rice

Not a recipe you'll find on a menu, this rice is flavoured with Thai green curry paste and coconut milk. I drew inspiration for this one from 2 favourite rice dishes: the Malay Nasi Lemak, and the Mexican Arroz Verde.

It's a creamy and spicy rice dish meant to be eaten with a variety of dishes, although just a side of salad will do.

You'll also find the full recipe on:

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Son-in-Law Eggs (Kai Look Keuy)

Curious name or not, son-in-law eggs are a favourite amongst Thai children, with their soft on the inside and crispy, chewy on the outside texture.

Duck (or chicken) eggs are boiled then fried before being topped with a sweet and sour sauce, crispy fried shallots, crispy garlic, and if you’re an adult, chillies! Total yum!

In Thailand, I've even had the eggs done sunny side up at both road side stalls and swanky restaurants, and it makes for a great buffet brunch.

You'll find the recipe here:

#linsfood #thaifood #eggrecipes

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Green Thai Curry

A few of years ago, I catered to a small wedding for 100 (when you come from Asia, 100 is small!). The couple wanted Thai food, and they wanted Stylish Thai Food.

This was the main (recreated): I had to get 100+ new black slates to serve the food on. They certainly have come in handy for other jobs!
Who says curry can't be classy?

You'll find the recipe and other Thai goodies on my blog:

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Thai Lemongrass Prawn Skewers
Takrite Goong

Simple but decidedly delicious canapés that’ll have you wishing you’d made more!

Lemongrass is the key player here, not only is it used in the prawn “balls” but individual stalks of lemongrass also take the part of regular skewers. As the Takrite Goong is cooked (grilled, barbecued or even cooked on a griddle on the stove), the lemongrass skewers impart a delightful citrus and smoky flavour to the “meat”.

It's October and party season is just around the corner, these will be perfect!

Fancy the recipe? Here you go:

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