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Look Who's Back! ;)

Don't miss it. :) 

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Ghost In The Shell

Long before The Matrix ( Ghost In The Shell provided the idea that became a trilogy of films. Now we are going back and re-examining the source. Fingers crossed for this one. 

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Zashchitniki Are Coming!

Fans of super-hero films may want to start anticipating an offering from Russia called Guardians. The special effects look insane and the concept is ... well, Russia. Plus, there's a bear. Need I say more? Really? 

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The Man from Nowhere is Derivative But Still Watchable

Man-with-a-past stories always follow the same pattern: An event that becomes the fulcrum around which the staged universe tilts, the reluctant hero’s resistance to the tilt and then some catalytic event that unleashes him upon the hapless villains that were just too dumb to see it coming because they do not watch the same films we do.

John Wick ( followed that exact formula to spectacular effect giving us both a character we can root for and some pretty amazing fight choreography which is, ultimately, why we watch these films at the end of the day.

The Man From Nowhere doesn’t do anything unexpected. It uses the same man-of-mystery about to be unraveled storyline, substitutes girl-with-dysfunctional family ala Leon ( connection to the man/dog relationship that John Wick used, sprinkles a liberal dose of the inevitable dead wife, man-at-loose end atmosphere (which even James Bond films suffer from). It then stirs things up, lets them brew for one hour and 59 minutes (yep, it is two hours long!) and serves up the resulting concoction.

The question is do we knock it back and ask for more or spit it out, crying “Fake! This is not a real Coke!” The fact that I am writing so much should alert you to the answer and yes, this is the kind of film that you can easily knock back and ask for more. Ultimately while the ingredients are clichéd what makes these films work is the execution and The Man from Maybe is very well executed indeed. The fight choreography is exceptional (think more Matrix but with John Wick believability and you got it), the lead character’s performance by Won Bin ( is intense enough to overcome our every resistance to suspending our disbelief and the fact that a The Man From Nowhere 2 is on the table should let you know that it did pretty well at the Box Office.

It is a South Korean film (I watched it with subtitles) and the cultural differences (like the way the cops behave) are intriguing in themselves. If you haven’t yet seen it and are twiddling your thumbs waiting for John Wick 2 to be released then you should definitely stream it.

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However Are We Going To Get Any Work Done?

2017 looks like a really travel-heavy year for me, yet the Hollywood studios have heartlessly chosen to pump it full of AV-feasts. It's Boxing Day, so you should not officially be working which means I have zero compunction stealing 18 minutes of your time with all the upcoming movies and yes, Lego movies are a thing! They really are! Enjoy. Thank me later. 

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John Wick 2 Trailer

The first one rocked big time! This one ought to be a blast! 

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Assassin's Creed

There was an intellectual elegance in the original Assassin's Creed video game that captivated the mind and enamored the soul. The movie is going to be based on the evolution of the original so we are a few centuries later (presumably because the Renaissance makes for a more colorful epoch) - this one has a stellar cast so I am keeping my fingers crossed. 

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Lock Up Your Daughters! Yes, and Your Sons Too!

And then sit back, grab a vodka (any alcoholic drink will do but I strongly advise vodka) and settle in to watch Sausage Party. Why the vodka? You may well ask. Well because with a little alcohol diluting your bloodstream all higher critical functions work in a much less razor-sharp efficiency mode which means that you can take this offering at face value, get not too offended and totally enjoy it.

What if you are a teetotaler? Well, there are still options available to you and they range from a moderately sharp hammer blow to the front part of the head housing the higher-functioning frontal lobes to total abstention from watching Sausage Party in which case I advise a long walk in the park.

No. It is not that bad. Actually it’s not bad at all. As a matter of fact it is extremely entertaining (and I should know, I watched the whole thing sober), but it does raise so pretty uncomfortable questions regarding the fundamental truth behind personal belief systems, widely accepted societal constructs, traditions, relationships, racism, prejudice, blind belief, prejudice, sexism, prejudice, open-mindedness, optimism and prejudice.

If you don’t much care to examine all these through a cartoon that features entertaining action and an outlandish premise liberally sprinkled with some pretty ripe language then this is the film for you!

Seriously now. Watch it. Be an adult. Do so sober. You will thank me for it later.

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"Choose Life!"

Ewan McGregor mesmerizingly urged us to make the right choice back in 1993 ( It's been 20 year since and in that time the very concept of "Life" and "Living" has changed to include a much more public space. The juxtaposition here will be incredible to see. 

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Is It Christmas Yet?

It just has to be! 
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