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Hi all - thank's for stopping by my DMsGuild collection. I fully believe that the DMsGuild has a lot to offer the 5e Dungeons and Dragons community, and there is quite a bit of well written and impressive content available on the DMsGuild - but there's little doubt that finding that quality content can be a challenge.

The best sort tool the community has are the reviews on the DMsGuild but those can be few and far between. With this collection I intend to shine a spotlight on some of the best the DMsGuild has to offer so that you can purchase with confidence. Just think of this page as an aid action to your Perception check on the Guild.

If you've got any favorites I should look at tell me in a reply to this post and I'll check them out - and if you've purchased any of the products I post about in this collection please let me know your thoughts here as well. Finally, whenever possible on any of your DMsGuild purchases go back to the Guild and offer your feedback as a review there as well. Those reviews will only make our community stronger.

Ok enough of my intro rambling - Enjoy, and happy adventuring!

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Amazing Adventures is a compilation of my previously released Dungeons and Dragons adventures and supplements. I had tons of fun writing and running these adventures, and have been thrilled to watch each of these books earn best seller status. I thought I'd wrap them all up into one neat package for those who might be interested but hadn't picked them up yet, and of course, buying them together saves 50% off the original cover prices.

When you purchase Amazing Adventures! You get four best selling, critically acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventures, plus two Dragon supplements for your D&D game. For half off the original cover prices you get all of the following:

"Killer Kobolds!" - THE action packed adventure for 8th-12th level characters.

"Hunted!" Who's hunting who? Find out in this exciting adventure for 5th-7th level characters.

"Journey Through the Center of the Underdark" - A thrilling compilation of encounters bringin the Underdark to life.

"Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 - The Darklake Strikes Back" - More exciting encounters for your Underdark campaign.

"Dragons! Volume 1 - Chromatic Dragons" - 30 new chromatic dragons for any 5th Edition campaign.

"Dragons! Volume 2 - Metallic Dragons" - 30 new metallic dragons for any 5th Edition campaign.

So there it is. Thanks for checking them out, and if you pick them up I sure hope you enjoy running them as much as I did!

- Tony Petrecca

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P.B. Publishing has been a consistent producer of many of the best adventures published on the DMsGuild. The creepy and suspenseful "The Haunt," the thrilling romp "Struggle in Three Horn Valley," the brilliantly imaginative "Minotaur's Bargain" are all some of my favorite adventures.

Well now, just in time for the holidays, P.B. Publishing has wrapped up their entire catalog of nine adventures into one inexpensive package. Picking up the "Adventure Anthology" is a no brainer for any 5e DM. Every adventure in the collection is a well written, beautifully laid out work that's sure to provide hours of entertainment for your table. Check it out!

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Let's get the obvious about Loot The Room's new 5th Edition D&D adventure, "Breaker of Chains", out of the way first. Coolest.Cover.Ever. Seriously, I love EVERYTHING about that stylish, 80's retro VHS cover. As for the adventure? Oh, it's every bit as good as its cover suggests.

"Breaker of Chains" is one of those adventure's that lends itself to easy spoilers in a review so I'm going to dodge the details. Suffice to say we have a beautifully laid out one shot adventure that is NOT for the faint of heart. Oh, it's a tough one alright, but the challenges within are sure to provide long term gaming memories.

Designer Chris Bisette's writing is clean and clear, his maps stylish and effective, his set up brilliant, and his climactic payoff the stuff of twisted nightmares. Wring your hands wickedly, fellow DMs, and join me in a jovial "Muh ha ha!" "Breaker of Chains" is an outstanding D&D challenge for character's level 6-8. Check it out!

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The people of Northwood’s Rest need help. Winter is coming, and something’s been slaughtering the livestock. Surely it must be the orcs of the Northwood! Heroes are needed to hunt them down. Will you answer the call?

Welcome to Hunted! The latest Dungeons & Dragons​ adventure from critically acclaimed platinum best-selling author Tony Petrecca. Hey, that’s me!

Featuring ample exploration, investigation, role-playing plot twists, a bevy of new creatures and gorgeous cartography by Ennie award winner Elven Tower Cartography, Hunted! should provide 6-10 hours of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

Designed for 4-6 characters of levels 5-7, Hunted! is now available at DMsGuild locations world wide. Check it out!

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Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing and Chris Bissette of Loot the Room have combined their impressive talents to bring us Mini-Dungeons #1, Caves.

Mini-Dungeons #1, Caves, gives us three fully fleshed out one shot adventures for our $4.95. The first is the Lizard Folk Tunnels, and involves a daring rescue mission. Next up, The Cavern of One Eye brings us a face to face with some tactically minded orcs. Finally there's The Lair of Frostingbite, featuring a thrilling white dragon and its many killer kobold minions. Yes, I love me some killer kobolds!

A beautiful layout, outstanding cartography and excellent writing combine to bring three superb little adventures to your table top, each amply suitable for a single night's session. Check it out!

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Jeff C. Stevens has released this fantastic new compilation of urban encounters, featuring a plethora of outstanding authors... and me!

Check it out!

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Ever find yourself in a bind, in need of a night's worth of fun and stumped for both inspiration and prep time? Of course you have, it happens to every DM (right, its not just me, right?!?).

Well, prolific author, superb illustrator and excellent cartographer Patrick E. Pullen is here to rescue you. Patrick has just launched the first two issues of his ongoing "Quick Dungeons" series, and they're a brilliant idea. For just $1.00 you get a fully fleshed out dungeon crawl ideal for a solid long session's worth of fun. He provides the dungeon, you provide the hook for your campaign.

His first, "The Hidden Tomb", is designed for low level characters, presenting a trap, skeleton, zombie and shadow filled tomb ready for your player's to raid. Its worth every bit of its whopping $1.00 cost... your prep time will be as quick as this review if you pick up Patrick's first Quick Dungeon. Check it out!

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P.B. Publishing has given us another winner with Minotaur's Bargain, and turns the bestial Minotaur into an honorable society in the process.

The setup is simple enough - a growing orc horde threatens the town and the mayor is concerned that the local militia will be outmatched. Thus, a desperate plan is devised - send a group of emissaries to the nearby Minotaur settlement, hoping to forge an alliance against the mutual threat. Enter your heroic PC emissaries.

Though short tempered and prone to violence, the Minotaur presented within aren't mindless brutes. They are an organized society that respects honor and bravery above all else. To earn their respect and trust the heroes must navigate the Minotaur's labyrinth arena using their wits as well as their brawn. But skill alone won't win the day - displays of honor and bravery are the true key to success.

I loved this setup, and it leads to a brilliant trap, puzzle and combat filled dungeon crawl. Player's will indeed be forced to make numerous interesting choices, and observant, skilled players will be rewarded for thinking on their feet.

Reading Minotaur's Bargain is a pleasure, as its the kind of module that gets your DM gears turning, imagining how your players would react to the unique and challenging situations that are so well presented within. Authors JVC Parry and Phil Beckwith provide clear and clean writing to make running the adventure a snap, and cartographer Chris Bissette ( brings the labyrinth to life with his illustrative maps.

Are you prepared to take the Minotaur's Bargain? You should be. Check it out!

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I don't know about you, but for me one huge key to a great bestiary is its art. Stat blocks and descriptions are all well and good, but proper inspiration can turn any stat block, even a (killer) kobold's stat block, into an outstanding encounter, just as a lack of inspiration can turn the grandest encounter with a dragon into a dull series of dice throws. Flipping through the pages of a beautiful bestiary and gazing at the art therein provides me with a great deal of inspiration, spurring me on to turn the creatures contained within into epic encounters for my players.

Well, simply put, Marc Altfuldisch's Monsters of The Orient is one such beautiful and properly inspiring bestiary. The layout is gorgeous, the art phenomenal and yes, the 250 creature descriptions contained within are well written and ready for play. The monsters are of course ideally suited for an Oriental themed campaign, and with Mark's previously published book of player's options, Heroes of the Orient, you've got all the tools you need to run just such a campaign. But, these monsters could all be pulled from their native lands and inserted with ease into any campaign you might run.

You've got the 5e Monster Manual, Volo's Guide to Monsters and the Tome of Beasts already. Whether you intend to run an oriental themed campaign or not, Mark's Monsters of the Orient should be next on your bestiary list. There's no doubt its one of the best products on the DMsGuild and I can't recommend it enough. Check it out!
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