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The Wonder Cafe: New York City

I took one camera (Fujifilm X-T2) and one lens (23mm f/1.4) to New York this past weekend for +FujiLove LIVE and it was so much fun to feel lighter yet limited at the same time!

Lighter for obvious reasons (instead of my usual landscape-based bag 'o gear)... but fun to have a "limitation" that creates a creativity parameter. I always make up little exercises like that for myself, whether I'm out in nature or in a city. It keeps me on my toes and in the present moment. :D

(And lordy, what a gorrrrgeous lens that is! Wow.)

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September 24-29, 2017

The June retreat is filled to the brim... and a whole crew of enthusiastic peeps are over there making plans for their adventure in the French Riviera like there's no tomorrow in our private FB Group. It's gonna be AMAZING! I'm already getting excited. :D

There was so much interest in the June retreat that we couldn't accommodate everyone... so I added NEW dates in my other favorite time of year in Cannes... September.

Join us from Sept. 24-29 for amazing photography, food and a delightful journey into creating from what your artist's voice REALLY wants to share with the world.

This photo was taken in Grasse, France on one torrential rain evening, where everything glittered and shone like it knew the spotlight was on it!

We'll visit Grasse, Cannes and other beautiful spots in the South of France... you'll see! #Amazeballs

Photo specs:
Fujfilm X-Pro 2 and 16-55mm lens (both weather-sealed for evenings just like this and Really Right Stuff TQC-14 tripod/BH-40 tripod, which goes with me everywhere.

Settings: ISO 320, f/11, 1.8 sec

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The Invitation: New York City
I my prayers, I always ask for signs to appear so clearly that even I can't miss them! Here's a scene from the movie where one of the characters walked right by one.
Then again, maybe it wasn't his to see... .

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Spanking' new blog post!

When I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago, I spent a day with Omar Z. Robles and Alexandra Jacob, creating dance as art in the streets of NY. It was amazing - and balm for my soul.

THANK YOU, Omar for letting me tag along!

Huge gratitude to you both for sharing your art and your hearts with me. You'll never know how much it meant.
-- xx K

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My recent trip to New York was quite a journey. Both inside - and out. I wrote a bit about that - but more, shared more photos than I think I ever have in a single blog post! They contain the story that I can't quite find the words for yet.

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Discovery Photo Tours
Some of you know that I'm going to be leading tours in Italy next year with them. You didn't? Well I am! :D

Today, I get to share this: I contributed to a free eBook that the DPT team has just put together. Check it out here:

It's full of tips from the awesome DPT team of pro photographers about how to approach travel photography, including gear, photography mindset and other cool stuff. Plus a bunch of purty pictures.

It's a quick, easy read... and the tips are all tried and true! I know, cause I got a sneak peak. ;)

Anyhoo, thought you might enjoy it - so I'm sharing it.

Hope your holidays are shining brightly!

xx - k
This image was taken in Rome (which is where the tour that I'm leading begins). The specs:

Fujifilm X-Pro2, 16-55mm lens
Really Right Stuff travel tripod, BH40 ballhead
ISO 800, f/9, 1/1000 sec


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House On a Hill: NYC
There's cool stuff to see everywhere you look. The trick is in the way you see it. Kinda like life.

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Transitions: New York City.
One of my favorite places... Lincoln Center.
Once, I had so many dreams of coming here.
Now, I watch so many dreamers passing by...

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Spent the morning with the delightful Omar Z Robles Photography and gorgeous professional dancer Alexandra Jacob here in New York. Watching two artists at work, creating breathtaking results made my heart sing in dulcet tones. Thanks for letting me tag along, you two...I'm still smiling!

Taken with my Fujifilm X-T2 & 10-24mm lens, this is a jpg done with the in-camera "Chrome" film simulation. I cropped a wee bit, otherwise this was SOOC. 😘

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Courtesy Counts: NYC Subway
Here's proof. And some muscle to back it up. Yo.
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