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Visual Content Tips
Visual Brand Style

When building your own unique visual brand style always remember that LESS IS MORE.

Choose just -

πŸ”Έ Two brand colours, and
πŸ”Έ Two brand fonts for text overlays,

to keep visual content clear and fresh.

Too much information will be confusing to your audience.

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Visual Content Tips
Less is More

When it comes to designing and creating graphics for your brand for use on a blog, website or sharing over social media, resist the temptation to add too much information.

Remember, "Less is more".

➣ Use plenty of 'white space' for a clean, fresh looking graphic.
➣ Limit the amount of text overlay you include to keep your audience's attention focused.

Infographics are the exception to this rule because they are designed specifically for communicating sometimes boring data in a visually pleasing and memorable format.

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Visual Content Tips

Visual content facilitates learning.

✻ Ensure you use visual content if you're a teacher/tutor.

✻ Infographics will dress boring data up to make it memorable and visually attractive.

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Visual Content is Key to Conveying Brand Information

Humans are hard-wired to communicate visually: think of ancient cave drawings and Egyptian hieroglyphics.


Because -

β†’ 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
β†’ we remember 80% of what we see and do
β†’ the brain can process visual information 30X faster than blinking

Therefore, use visual content to convey brand messages quickly and in an attractive format.

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Visual Brand Style: Font

It's so important to have a strong and distinctive visual brand style online.

Find out why and begin creating your own brand style in 2018, starting with font.

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How to Add Text to Photos

➣ Did you know that by combining text with an image you increase a reader's understanding by 25%?

➣ What makes Infographics shared 3X MORE than other visual content?

➣ And what makes visual content so persuasive as to entice prospective customers to take your desired course of action?

Find out in this week's tutorial!

+ DOWNLOAD my free guide, "4 Ways to Attract, Entice and Persuade your Followers with Visual Content".

#VisualContent #smallbusiness #DigitalMarketing
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How to Create a Branded GIF & Upload to Instagram!

There are currently 700 MILLION sets of eyeballs on Instagram.

So how do you go about attracting new viewers & enticing them to click over to your business site?

I've created a new step-by-step tutorial which will show you exactly how to:

1. Create a GIF file with your unique business branding
2. Convert the file
3. Upload your GIF onto Instagram
4. Entice your viewers to click over to your website, landing page, etc.

It's super-easy to do and I'll share with you the FREE desktop tools I use so your GIF will cost you nothing to create.

Get started here -->

#Instagram #Tutorial #GIF

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Grab Eyeballs & Start Generating New Leads on Instagram!

Last week Instagram announced that they now have 700m accounts worldwide! Surely it's time to start fishing for leads?

Tomorrow I'll be showing you exactly how to:- - Attract your target audience

- Showcase your business

- Entice new leads.

I'll share some of the free desktop apps I use and I'll walk you through each step.

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and you'll be the first to get teh details β†’

#Instagram #LeadGeneration #business
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How to Use Colour to Attract, Entice & Persuade your Target Audience

C O L O U R 🌈

➣ Did you know that 85% of shoppers choose products based on colour alone?

➣ Colour is so powerful it sends psychological messages to your target audience.

➣ Colour attracts, entices & persuades prospective customers.

However, if you send out the wrong signals with your brand colours you will literally lose sales!

Learn how to harness the power of colour for your business in just 5 minutes with my FREE tutorial β†’

#VisualContentMarketing #marketing #Branding
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