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Yes.. I know... the tweet function isn't currently working properly.

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I've had a bit of a nuts month...
I've been on a work Skiing trip, (Not as flashy as it sounds... Looking after 35 school kids comes with its long days and short nights!) , I've had a HUGE car bill, (which i am still yet to pay!), a Real Holiday to Mexico, of which I successfully managed to not get as sunburned as I had imagined. Oh, and I've had a Birthday thrown in too! A lovely kind person bought me a ticket to the Birmingham Ballet! .. I've never been to the ballet before.. and I am really really excited about going. I am blown away by the ballet clips on , I can only just imagine that in real life these fascinating artists are even more so fabulous!

So anyway the sum of all this activity is that the development of the site hasn't been as productive as I would have liked... and now I need to concentrate on bringing it up to standard!

On top of this, my grand ambition to sell Dance wear online is no closer to completion... I have received quite a few samples from several suppliers, but in all honesty, none of them have quite lived up to my expectation! The thing is, this first product needs to sell well, otherwise the whole operation could fail at the first hurdle! ... So I am still hunting on that front too.

You will agree, there is much work for me to do! and with that, I will see you all later folks!


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Hmmmm, Curiously I seem to be seeing a lot of Ice Skating stars in free practice at the moment! .... What seems to be going on??

Ohhhhhh, its the World Figure Skating Championships 2017 you say!
Now, I don't profess to know a lot about figure skating... When I'm watching clips on the gram, I have trouble determining whether a jump is a double salchow, a flip, or a toe loop??!! ... again, this is where Dancepedia ought to come in! (Eventually)

For me, I prefer to watch the ladies figure skating. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking.... he's just a typical bloke who likes to watch slender women in tight outfits... Well, this is where you would be wrong... I liken my theory to this to my passion for watching women's tennis... You see in the mens tennis, the game is all about being the dominant force... Hey! I can server harder than you... or I'm going to slice the F*** outta that ball so much so that you can't do anything about it!! ... but the women's tennis, is sooo much more watchable. Unless you are Serena Williams, you can't rely on a hefty serve to bamboozle your opponent, so you have to use tactics, and speed, and well, technique!! You get far more rallies, and they also wear more skimpier outfits than the men! :-P

Now lets apply that to the Figure Skating...
Yes Men can do Quads, and they probably get more air time... but the ladies, wow, what poise, what elegance, what beauty!! ... when I watch a lady skater setup for a jump, I am on the edge of my seat... not because its the protective man in me not wanting them to hurt themselves, but because the outcome will be a sight of mesmerising beauty!! ...
But let me tell you this, when you see the pairs, oh my word.... when a 6ft 2inch man is flinging a 5ft 7stone young lady 8 feet into the air.... then I really am concerned for their wellbeing!!
So I urge you, if you do have coverage from your local network... please watch the Worlds. You won't be disapointed!
Uk viewers, can catch it on the BBC red button!

As for Dance.Farm... very slow progress right now. What with all of the fricking hacking of the site. I'd like to say that I have it under control... but I don't want to tempt fate!

But at least I finally was able to get my hands on some dancewear samples...

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I posted on here!! wow, how time fly's...
Well, I have had a weeks holiday in between, so you can forgive me for that.

As far as progress goes, I'm afraid to report that for the time being it is slow.
Finding time to dance and work on the website is in short supply... For many reasons I suppose.... people leaving at work, friends wanting to catch up, pancake day!! Far too many social gatherings for my liking :-O ... and my poor old grandma was taken into hospital! But she's a tough cookie, and as soon as she was in, she was out!

anywho, I setup dancepedia, and have yet to really add any significant amount of content. Very tempted to just say sod it, open it up and add articles when I can.

The legging samples should be on their way, so I'm kind of waiting on that too.
So, rather than waste your time reading the very little progress that I have made, I will say au revoir. a bientôt! (aussi j'attempte de parlez un petit francais)(Je suis un peu lent avec les memoire) #AwfulGrammarImSure

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I get a week off from work, This means two things...
One I get to malaise around in bed for long periods of time..
and two, I get some much needed time to work on Dance.Farm.
There are a few things which I am not too happy about.
The navigation menu could do with some work, and the image quality of thumbnails seem a bit shabby. Also I have to look at the share buttons.. For some reason the google plus icon is outta whack, but tbh, these buttons are taking up too much screen real estate on mobile devices anyway.

As for the clothing line, I'm about to order the samples for further perusement (If that is even a word). I'll tell ya, if you are thinking of importing items from another part of the world, especially if you live in the UK, You don't half get slapped with an enormous tax bill. Like, when you go onto alibaba or whatever, and see these leggings selling for 12$ a pop, you think, oh ok, that isnt too bad, when converted to Sterling that would then be like £9.50, and you think, well, If i sell them for £15, wow you are making 50% profit per item.. Cowabunga baby!!
No, its not that simple.
So, for a legit business, which is what I intend to be, Obs!! I intend to be a good boy, and pay my taxes. so first off I thought... Ok, I need to pay some kind of VAT. I'm not sure whether other countries have to pay this.. but here in the UK we do. Anyway.. its stands at a hefty sum of 20%. The upside to this is that if you are VAT registered, you can claim this back and you charge VAT onto the customers, Ie the general public, who incidentally can't claim this back. But, what a bummer, because I'm not a registered business, I cant claim this back. Shoulders slump. may I also add ,that even if you are registered, because you are then adding this charge to your customer, It actually makes your product less Price competitive, because for one thing the customer will inevitably absorb the VAT, which is more than what I would be paying, and two there are alot of cowboys in the market place, who aren't playing by the rules, and don't pay any taxes. In the event that they do start to make money, and want to start as a business, they will get stung by these costs that they have never encountered before. So in other words, start as you mean to go on!!
Anyway, back to the Import conundrum,
There is also an import duty, which stands at around 12%, and obviously delivery and Hidden fees like insurances and processing etc...
BUT... what i find incredibly filthy of the whole import process is the order in which these taxes are applied.
So, first I need to buy the items, which are invoiced to me, Then I pay for the shipping and fees.... then the Import Duty is taken on the whole sum of this at 12%!! and then, and this is the big kicker, you have to pay 20% of the whole sum of this!!!!
So those 12$ leggings, are now at my doorstep at the cost of £12 per pop!! Then You have to pay me, to get then to you! So that takes the cost upto like £15 without even adding a profit margin on top!
But to add even more injury to insult, IF I perhaps want to sell these leggings on Ebay, Their paypal fees are like a staggering 20% on the revenue you incur through sales per month, and followed by a handsome 10% per item for the privilege of listing on ebay in the first place!!
So yeah, importing is not the fairy tale that it is made out to be.
Realistically, I would be happy to make £1 on each garment right now. But if you don't have a go, you never know right?
Anyway, this has been quite an intense Blog post, So i am going to leave you with a photo of me pretending to be like Elena Cruz with a glittery bag. Lol - I await the endorsements to come flooding in!
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On another note,
My quest to find Dance.Farms first item of clothing continues...
I have already gathered a few samples from suppliers mainly based in asia.. and one design in particular I feel will be popular not only for dance but for other activities.. ie running, Yoga etc...
But, when I was in the shower the other day... (where most of my practical ideas happen) I realised that a lighter garment may sell better for the forthcoming summertime... maybe a capri'esque style of leggings??
Anyway, I will try and share some ideas on this blog when I get a moment.
The other idea I had, was rather to blog about all this, was to vlog about it instead. This would be more useful at promoting the non-used youtube channel which I setup ages ago, and it may be quicker too? I'm not sure about that last point, but it I do need to start embedding this blog into the website anyway. So i will focus on that first.
Over and Out

Omg, had a great idea....

Because I am a one man band right now and finding it difficult to prioritise my time regarding Dance.Farm, I realised that at the weekend I can't spend as much time (mainly due to RL commitments) collating all of the dance clips that I usually would in the middle of the week. Now, that got me thinking, I am going to have to be more selective to what dance clips are promoted to the site, but like I said, only at the weekend.

Soooooo, because I do 'harvest' alot of clips from specialist accounts, ie, those who showcase specific dance forms.. maybe at the weekend I should concentrate on the original source dance videos... ie the individuals who post videos of themselves dancing.
This not only free's more time for myself, but almost makes the videos that are featured at the weekend 'Exclusive' clips!
Anyway.... I'm going to try it this weekend, to see what the 'Yield' is... X-D

Hey Interwebbers,
Im going to try and use this Google Plus mallarky as a Blog of some kind to record the progress of the site, as well as general musings...
Im not going to write much tonight, because for one very good reason, I am absolutely spanked... and I need to get some sleep.
But alas, there is probably nobody out there listening right now anyway.... So im going to .... Zzzzzz
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