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1955 Horex 500cc Imperator Cafe Racer

The 500cc twin cylinder four stroke vertical twin motor with overhead cam was way advanced in design and workmanship over the competing British motorcycles of the day. The motors were reported to not leak, (as all British bikes do) and their semi featherbed frame design made these bikes reliable with excellent handling characteristics and their breaks were reported to be fade proof even while hauling a sidecar while driving in the Alps. The Horex motorcycles were built in Bad Homburg, Germany and in 1955 after being handed over to the Daimler Benz corporation, the Horex company was dismantled and the bikes became history. This rare example with the magnesium side case and large Horex clutch cover is quite unique.

THIS BIKE IS NO LONGER FOR SALE! Please visit for our current line up of bikes for sale.

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