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Melt in the mouth Chocolate chip biscuits #veganrecipe #glutenfree #dessert
Gluten-free, vegan, melt-in-the-mouth vanilla biscuits.
New recipe with love x

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Bruschetta au Teff germé et légumes du Soleil #veganrecipe
Je vous propose aujourd'hui une recette toute simple et tellement gourmande.
Idéale à partager à l'apéritif ou à grignoter à table, j'ai nommé la Bruschetta.
Ici, version teff germé, original non ?

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FR Comment préparer la Crème pâtissière végétalienne

EN How to make vegan pastry cream

ITA Come preparare la Crema pasticcera vegana

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Fromage à pâte ferme #veganrecipe #Agaragar

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Tarte Citron et Meringue #veganrecipe #dessert

INGREDIENTS FOR A 23cm (9 inch) PIE:

For the crust:
190g all-purpose/plain flour
40g icing sugar
100g dairy-free butter
30g soy milk
3g white vinegar

For the filling:
190g caster sugar (or other granulated sugar)
5g agar agar powder
20g cornstarch
190g dairy-free cream
320g almond milk
15g lemon zest, chopped
yellow food colouring
150g lemon juice

For the meringue topping:
110g aquafaba, cold (reduced from 160g)
2 tsp lemon juice, strained (10g)
130g caster sugar

- For the crust, blend the flour, the sugar and the butter to obtain a sort of breadcrumbs, combine the mixture with the vinegar and the soy milk, and knead briefly to obtain a dough.
- Wrap the dough in cling film, place it in the fridge and chill it for at least 3 hours, or overnight.
- Once the dough is ready, preheat the oven to 150°C (no fan).
- Roll down the dough into a 30cm (12 inches) disk of roughly 5mm (¼ inch) thickness, and use the disk to line a 23cm (9 inch) non-stick pie tin.
- Scrunch a piece of greaseproof paper under water and squeeze it to remove any excess moisture.
- Line the pie tin with the wet paper, add plenty of rock salt to it and use it as a weight for the blind baking process. This will prevent the dough from rising and moving.
- Bake the base in the preheated oven for 45 minutes, rotating it every 15 minutes to allow for even browning. Let it cool down completely, and remove salt.
- For the filling, mix a third of the sugar with the agar agar, and set aside.
- Mix the remaining sugar with the starch and the cream, and set aside.
- Place the milk in a saucepan over a medium heat, pour in sugar/agar mix and whisk to properly combine the ingredients.
- Add the zest, bring to a boil, and simmer gently for 3 min to hydrate the agar.
- Add food colouring to taste and stir again; we added the colouring in 6 times using the tip of a toothpick.
- Now, lower the heat to the minimum and pour in the cream/starch mixture. Bring the filling back to a boil stirring constantly, and as soon as it starts boiling again, turn off heat. Add in lemon juice and stir once more to complete the filling.
- Pour the filling in the precooked shell through a fine sieve to remove the zest, and let the pie set at room temperature for 30 minutes before placing it in the fridge for 3 hours to fully set.
- Whip the aquafaba and the lemon juice using a stand mixer at full power for 8 minutes, and then, gradually incorporate the sugar 1 tbsp at the time, making sure to wait 40 seconds between each addition.
- Once the sugar is finished, whip for another 4 minutes at full power before placing the meringue topping in a pastry bag and piping it onto the pie or onto the slices before serving.
- Torch the topping if desired, making sure to be careful and gentle because aquafaba does not coagulate, so it won’t react as egg whites would. A gentle torching and a little colour goes a long way to add a nice colour, and subtle caramel flavour to the pie.

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Faire son Pain sans machine, sans pétrir en MOINS DE 10 MIN #veganrecipe

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10 gâteaux sans cuisson #veganrecipe #dessert
10 amazingly tasty raw vegan cakes that require no cooking. Click on every image and you get the recipe. I wish i had the time to make these to help convert people to raw veganism or veganism. :) These are the healthiest cakes on planet Earth, as they don't destroy vitamins, biophotons, enzymes, phytonutrients by cooking. Some people don't realize that all food you eat in a day can be made into raw vegan cakes. It will taste 100 times better than what people eat. For 243 more recipes see For my raw vegan journey started in August 2016 see It explains how to calculate how much of each essential aminoacid you eat based on how much and what fruits and veggies you eat. You'll see how easily you can get the 40-60 grams of daily protein needed, depending on body weight.

It's going to be so great if we get 100 raw vegan startups that become as popular as Burger King etc... who make raw vegan cakes - freshly made, minutes or hours before (order ahead, via text and drive by, take it, and ensure super-freshness and maximum biophotons, freshly picked from pesticide free vertical farm near the "raw vegan cuisine"). These cakes made with veggies and fruits would be way healthier than McDonald's, Wendy's, in n out, KFC, pizza, french fries, etc . I just made an amazing banana purple cabbage (has 2800 times more anthocyanin flavonoids than green cabbage) smoothie that could be used as a layer for a raw vegan cake topped with strawberries and berries and grapes and make every omnivore wanna go raw vegan :), much healthier and much tastier helping you live to 120, and then to 900 when we discover more advanced stuff. Purple cabbage has more vitamin C than oranges and anthocyanins are good inhibitors of AGEs, advanced glycation end products that can form inside the body as we age even if we eat the healthiest raw vegan stuff without many AGEs. With a smoothie paste made of banana one can write "World Peace, 500 year lifespans and Joy are Imminent, Eternal Infinite Kindness is Here" on every purple cake layer. This changes the consciousness of the people, as the happiness goes up when people eat more fruits and veggies as explained at ►


Raw Vegan foods hydrate the body really well, water that can carry poisons out of the body, besides providing biophotons, enzymes and many phytonutrients - all destroyed by cooking, freezing and even pressure high temp steaming. :) Freezing is not as bad as cooking, but quite bad.


Type 1 DIABETES was cured with only a Gluten-Free diet - insulin was never needed. - BMJ Case Rep. 2012 Jun 21;2012. (Dr Vikki Petersen explains more about this study in this 3 min clip

Type 2 DIABETES gone in 2 weeks after raw veganism

San Francisco people reversing DIABETES with raw foods

Colon cancer, DIABETES, 230 pound loss with raw vegan diet

80 year old man reverses DIABETES with raw vegan foods

Cured DIABETES with Raw Vegan diet in 30 days, A1c dropped from 9.2 to 7, LDL from 146 to 99, lost 27 pounds, stopped taking meds

Type 1 DIABETES cured by cell transplant

Type 1 DIABETIC off insulin via mostly raw, but some cooked, vegan foods

Type 1 DIABETES reversed via gamma-aminobutryic acid (see also this post about turning off diabetes and the Gabriel Cousens MD book on curing diabetes with raw foods -


Prostate Cancer healed by raw veganism

Brain cancer cured with raw foods

Colon cancer cured with raw vegan diet

Blood cancer (leukemia) cured with a mostly raw vegetarian diet


Autism cured by mostly raw vegan diet

Rheumatoid Arthritis cured by raw vegan diet

Epileptic seizures, extremely low energy, depression healed by 6 months of raw veganism

Eczema disappeared via raw veganism and and

Fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, extra weight all gone via raw veganism

Multiple Sclerosis and losing 135 pounds via raw veganism

Clinically diagnosed depression cured with raw foods

Lupus cured with raw vegan foods, after 90 days her blood looked like that of a 16 year old and she was so changed, that she started a raw vegan restaurant

Hypothyroidism cured with a vegan diet

Asthma cured with a vegan diet

Vegan Lady loses 125 pounds by going raw vegan (Philip lost 215 lb by going raw vegan from meat eating

Crohn's disease cured via raw veganism

74 year old raw vegan looks decades younger

79 year old raw vegan looks decades younger


For 100+ reasons I didn't eat meat for 21 years and dairy for 13 years (12% of millennials have already given up meat in America) see Going vegan is like planting 62 trees in your backyard, as far as CO2 emissions reduction.💜😊💜

🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍😊💜🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓😊💜🥝🥑🍆🌶🥕🍄🥒😊💜🎶🎶🎶😊😊🎵🎵 🎼😊💚💜☀️🎵🎶🎶🎶😊😊💚💜☀️🎼 🎵🎵💚🎇😊🌠🌠🎇🎇😊😊😊🌠🎇☀️ 💛💙😊😊😊😊💚💜💜😊😉🌈🌈
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