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Official rules for my Personal Painting Challenge. Or PPC for short.

So this is a self imposed set of rules I've come up with to help motivate myself to paint more often. Also to get more involved with the community as a whole, and to just have a little fun along the way.

This is the set up.
I ask you guys what I should paint. Then I try to speed paint said item(s) in a limited amount of time. If I complete the task then Yay I got something done! If I fail, somebody gets a special prize!
Easy right?
Let me explain a little more.

When I decide to have a PPC, will post a voting poll. Because I can never decide what to paint, I like to ask the masses of other hobbiests what I should work on. So I put up a poll and let people vote on a select number of projects.
Projects will vary in amount of models and details.
The polls will run for an alotted amount of time before a victor is chosen. Once the highest voted project has come up I will then have a set amount of time to paint the winning project.

The time limit I give myself to paint said models will also vary alot. Because I have work and other hobbies I like to restrict my painting time for these challenges to just a week. Sometimes the time limit will increase or decrease based on the difficulty of the project. But remember this is a friendly speed painting challenge, so I'm not intentionally trying to make things hard. The time limit will always reflect a pace that I'm capable of following.

So now that I have a goal, and a time limit, I will then proceed to try and complete the selected models before my time is up.
As an example, my first PPC was painting 5 CSM troops in one week.

That's the basic idea of a PPC. Community selected items being painted durring a self imposed time limit.

Sounds simple right?
Here is the fun part though!

Remember that early part about somebody getting a special prize?
Well this is a concept I like to call, the Failwinner!
I fail, you win, get it :P

A challenge is only as strong as the consequences of your failure to achieve victory.
And a deadline is only gonna stick if there's something on the line if I fail.

That's where the Failwinner prize comes in.
If I complete my project, then hooray for me and I got something painted, but if I loose, then what?

As penance for my failure to paint my project on time I will build, paint, and mail out a special model to a lucky person.
Who you ask?
Well none other then one lucky voter!

That's the incentive for voting :)
Every time you cast your vote on a PPC, you are entering your name to be eligible for a Failwinner prize.
And if I fail during that PPC, I will randomly pick one of the voters to receive a custom model made and painted by yours truly. I will work together with the Failwinner client to build a custom model of their choosing, and paint it to their specifications. Then mail the model to them anywhere in the world free of charge! I'll even throw in a specially made plaque to mount your new model on as a bonus!

This is just a way to say thank you to everyone who votes for my Personal Painting Challenges. You get to decide what I paint, watch me work and possibly get a free model if I fail. It's so easy!

So there's the full set up to my PPC. I put up a poll, you vote, I try to speed paint, then you cheer for my success while wishing for my defeat.

Some official "rules" for the PPC.

1. All models selections and time limits are set by me and me only. I will decide both depending on different factors but my final decision will always be set when the poll is announced.

2. Any models chosen for the PPC MUST be painted to at least table top standard (3 colors and a base). BUT! The degree of how detailed or intricate the models are painted to is always decided by me. Sometimes I will do highlights, sometimes just shades.

3. Baring any real world problems (injury, family emergency etc) I must complete the project on time during the allotted limit. I will always be truthful in telling you if I completed or failed a challenge. If something does come up I call a pause and continue at a later time.

4. Failwinner projects are to be limited to One model only! And only small models. Maybe a Terminator sized model, but that's it. I'm not making anybody a titan or entire army.

5. Failwinner projects will be limited to one voter per PPC (unless otherwise stated). And there is no time limit to complete the Failwinner project, I'll get to it as fast as possible.

So there you have it folks. The official rundown of my Personal Painting Challenge. Below you will find a link to all the selected choices, WIP pics and finished projects.
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Holiday PPC #19!
Xmas PPC Inquisitors, xenos and Heretics!!! AWWWW YEAH!!!!

The holiday season has come early and I'm opening my very special holiday PPC ahead of schedule.

For those of you that are new, check out the official rules here:

Now the reason for the early poll. Quite simply it's just that I'm not a fast painter these days. With so many games demanding my attention (The Fractured Butt Hole almost killed my last challenge) I'm finding it harder to devote time to painting. And with the holiday rush coming at work I'm foreseeing that I'll have way less time for this challenge.

But I'm committed to not only my challenge, but to getting my sea of grey painted up. So, with that in mind I'm posting the poll early and giving myself 6 weeks to complete this year's box.

The poll will run till the 18th, and the PPC will officially begin on the 19th of November. I will then have till the end of December to fully paint the selected box set.

Now which box set should I paint?
The popular new 8th Edition Dark Imperium set is very nice new starter. Nice new Primarines and Plague dudes.
Now because I have already painted a few units from DI already (the Gravis captain and the jump guys) I will be swapping in two new units to fill the void. Along with the standard DI SM units, I will be painting a set of Primaris Aggressors and Roboute Guilliman! Oh yeah that's right, big daddy G will be on the painting table for this one! So if you wanna see me paint up the first plastic Imperial Primarch, you know where to vote.
But the Chaos side of the box will seem alittle underpowered next to the big G. So I will also be adding a very special custom Daemon Prince of Nurgle model to the army. Stay tuned to see who the mystery model is 😉

The other box set up for your consideration is the very cool Death Masque set released alongside the launch of the Deathwatch.
Now this one has a relatively low model count, but the models themselves are just fantastic. I even have a great idea for how to paint those space clowns. Think playing cards lol.

And the last one is a pretty large set as well, but an incredibly fun board game, it's Deathwatch Overkill! This set has been on the poll a number of times, but it is a really fun game to play.
I've even added 5 new Deathwatch Vets for the aditional rule set (Reaper makes his appearance). Another choice with alot of models, but the GSC guys would make for a great ally to my growing nid army.

So those are your choices for this year. Dark Imperium, Death Masque or Overkill.

Vote now, and Cheer for my success while wishing for my defeat!
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Death Masque
Dark Imperium
Death Masque
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PPC #18 Complete!
My Spookytober PPC is complete!

One Hive Fleet Gojira Trygon Kumunga! And my FW rusty Plague Marines!

Happy Halloween my spooky peeps!
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PPC #17.
Calling my Dealers Choice PPC as complete!

Yep, 8 Gorechosen champions painted as the traditional traitor legions and two Ebirah Lictors.

It's been a long 2 weeks working on these and I need to sleep.

Cheers everyone, and don't forget to vote on my new PPC for Spookytober!
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PPC #18.
Old and Rusted vs New and Slimy.
Tis the season for a Spookytober themed Personal Painting Challenge!

Yep, even though my Dealers Choice PPC isn't done yet, I still have to get the voting going for the next one.

Here's the obligatory rules post:

Alright let's see what's on the Spooky table this year.

With the drop of 8th, and all the Nurgley hype, I've decided to paint my Plague Marines. But I have two sets, my older FW ones and the newer DI set. So it's up to you guys to pick which one I should paint!

Should I paint my Old and Rusted FW models, or my New and Slimy ones?

The PPC will start Oct 2nd and run till the end of October. So I'll have the whole month to paint 10 Plague Marines of your choosing.

But I also have to continue painting up my Hive Fleet Gojira, so on top of painting the marines, I'll also be painting my Kumunga Tervigon.

So cast your vote now.
And cheer for my success, while wishing for my defeat!
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Old and Rusted.
Poll option image
New and Slimy.
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PPC #17


Yeah that's right it's time for another Personal Painting Challenge!
All new comers to the PPC check out official rules here:

August was a nice recovery month for me. Especially after the brutal PPC from July, what with those 3 giant nid flyers.

But now that September is on its way I gotta get painting again. My painting hand's getting twitchy. And seeing that it's my birthday in September (turning 31) I figured that rather then the normal PPC, that it would be fun for me to pick what to paint this time.
Like a dealers choice type of thing.
And since I couldn't come up with a selection of choices, I landed on just one project.
And that project is my GORECHOSEN!

Yes it's about time that one of my favorite board game sets gets paint on it.

And I even got a wicked idea for them too.

I got me 8 fighters for the Ring of blood (Khornes favored number).
And out of the 9 traitor legions, 8 of them have warriors pledged to the Blood God (obviously the Thousand Sons don't subscribe to Khornes way of thinking).

So I figured it'd be fun to paint each fighter after one of the traitor legions!
Just ignore the continuity error that the traitor legions weren't around during the time of Sigmar. Because it'll look cool!

That's the idea. 8 warriors representing the 8 traitor legions.

Also since I'm still working on my Hive Fleet Gojira, I'll be working on two Lictor models as well.

This challenge will begin September 1st and run till October 1st. I'll have one month to paint 10 models. It may seem like an abundance of time for so dew models, but it is my birthday this month so I'll want some free time to hang with the family and what not. Plus the Gorechosen models are pretty detailed.

The voting poll is just for fun. Just so I can track who votes and for deciding a Failwinner.

That's the deal folks.
Vote now, And watch me paint some Age of Sigmar warriors for the BLOOD GOD!
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Cheer for my success!
Wish for my defeat!
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PPC #16 Complete.
And with just under 12 hours left in July I'm calling my Death From the Sky's PPC complete!

Dam for the amount of models I painted this month this was a rough challenge for me.

Real crazy mods and paint styles.

Might have to do an easier PPC next just to take the edge off.

Either way. I hope G+ actually uploads all my pics properly this time.
I'll be posting full pics and wip stuff in my actual True Nidzilla collection soon if you're interested.

Cheers everyone!
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PPC #16

Death from the Sky's.
Death from the Sky's Personal Painting Challenge coming at ya suckas!!!

Yeah I got a fresh new PPC going right now and this one's full of Monstrous creatures.

I don't normally do these so close to each other but there's alot of overlapping online challenges going this month, so something this big seems appropriate.

Just to recap, here's all you need to know about PPCs:

Alright so who's on the painting block this time?

Well as the title suggests, we got some very large winged beasts on deck. A three way death match full of the most iconic flying creatures in the monster verse. Continuing on my Hive Fleet Godzilla, we got a Mothra Hive Crone, King Ghidorah Flyrant and Harpy Rodan!

That's right, the big moth protector of the world, the three headed dragon destroyer and the red bird are up for painting in July! That's a whole ton of flying terror for sure.

But a PPC wouldn't be the same without some other candidates for voting. And continuing on the roll of Dark Imperium, which set of 3 models should be painted alongside these 3 flying behemoths:
The command structure, the Primaris Ancient and Primaris Lieutenants.
Or the Primaris Inceptors.

You decide!

I'm alittle under the gun for time on this one, so voting will only go until the end of July 4th. And the challenge will officially begin on July 5th. I will then have until the end of July (yeah a whole month, I'm gonna need it) to completely paint the 3 winged Tyranids and the 3 chosen Primaris.

It may not sound like much of a task, but for the level of detail I'm gonna put into these guys, I'll need all the time I can get.

So go ahead and vote now!
Then cheer for my success while wishing for my defeat!
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Primaris Command.
Primaris Inceptors.
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PPC #15.
My June PPC "Buy the new, Remember the Old" is complete!

And I have finished my task of painting 9 Tyranids and the Gravis Captain!

The Anguirus Genestealers look wonderful. Really happy with the spiked Broodlord look.

Originally I was just gonna do a real basic paint job on the Gravis marine, but I had time so I decided to do some highlights. The bigger models make doing highlights so much easier. It's a shame that I didn't have a proper shade of blue for highlights, so I just used the same base layer. It's just real subtle. Everything else looks great on him. The nice gold with silver edges, the decals (yeah I know they're really shinny now, with a varnish spray he'll look amazing) and everything really make him pop.

Stay tuned for another PPC poll going up very soon!
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PPC #15.
Get the New, remember the Old.
Time for another Personal Painting Challenge ladies and gents!

This one's theme is "Get the New, remember the Old".

For everyone new to what exactly this is, please check out this post:

Now let's get this thing rolling!

The new edition landed last Saturday, lovely new 8th with the brand new Dark Imperium box set. And man it has some just gorgeous models in it. GW has really come along way.

Now some people are coming into the hobby just now, so they'll remember their first set as the DI. But this hobby is much much older with numerous other starter sets. Do any of you guys remember your first set? First kit?

Mine was this old set, Assault on Black Reach. I don't even remember when I got it (best estimates put it at like 6-8 years ago and possibly older) but it was awhile ago.
Me and my roommate went half and half on it, I took the marines and he got the orks.
Such a long time ago now.

Building the new set made me reflect on my hobby upbringings, and wonder where those old minis are.

This is a homage to my first set, this PPC is all about the first two factions I worked with, Orks and SM.

So for this PPC, the options on the plate will be, one Ork model and one Space Marine model. Just one. I got plans for July so this challenge will run starting Saturday 24th and run till the end of June 30th.

So one model from each faction. I got an idea for an ork Nob or the Gravis captain from the new set. But painting one model isn't enough of a challenge for one week so, I will also be painting alongside the chosen faction 8 Tyranid Genestealers and one Broodlord!

Oh yeah! The True Nidzillas back for more. In a continuing effort to build up my Tyranid army I will be working on the genestealers.

So to sum up!
In this challenge you will choose which model I will paint: one Ork Nob or a Space Marine in Gravis Armour. All in honor of my first set that sent me down this path.

Then being painted alongside your choice, will be a total of 9 Tyranids in the True Nidzilla colors.

10 models in 7 days. Pretty rough huh.

Think I can do it?
Then cast your vote now! And Cheer for my success while wishing for my defeat!
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Space Marines
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