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From Zero to Hero
Here's what on-page semantic optimisation with SEO Powerwords can do for online visibility.

One of our new clients AMT Mechanical just went from zero to hero during the weekend. Their ranking went from less than 100 in many cases straight to first page results.

The site was just released on Friday and according to the sample ranking from a day ago the massive increases all happened within a single trawl.

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Articles hit the Million Mark
Make sure you follow +David Amerland. There's 1,000,000 reasons why

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Meet Meet
Hangouts lives but in a vastly improved format

H/t +Zara Altair 

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There's more to alliteration than meets the eye
The beauty of poetry is unbounded and it's expression affects the psyche more than most imagine.
In 1932 T.S. Eliot famously argued, "Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood."
In a recent article published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, Professor Guillaume Thierry and colleagues at Bangor University have demonstrated that we do indeed appear to have an unconscious appreciation of poetic construction.

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Great article from +Bruce Clay, Inc. 

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Love the work that +Jarno van Driel has been doing with +WordLift

WordLift facilitates 5-star linked data with

Sometimes wonderful things happen real fast - In this particular case within a month after I spoke with +Teodora Petkova​​​​​ about the structured data of her site. Structured data which at that moment still could be improved a lot yet which was outside of her control as it's generated through the Wordpress plugin +WordLift​​​​​.

And so she pulled WordLift's +Andrea Volpini​​​​​ and +David Riccitelli​​​​​ into the conversation in hopes of getting a discussion going that would lead to improving WordLift's structured data output. A discussion that indeed took place, and WOW - did they act fast.

WordLift's latest update makes it move away from turning web pages into barrels of entities in favor of generating beautiful 5-star - powered - linked data graphs. And in case this update is representative of the speed they are able to act than their competition better be cautious because there's a lot more coming.

Curious to see what I'm making all this fuss about, have a look at this: - it 'mentions' an impressive amount of entities that have been extracted though NLP.

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A great article by the maestro +David Amerland 
Achieve Greater Consumer Based Engagement by Understanding How it Works

Brand managers emphasise the importance of the relationship among consumers and between them and their social context as key drivers affecting Consumer Based Engagement (CBE).

This is evident in the current formulation of the communication mix on the part of brand managers, leveraging on the capability of brand messages and media context to elicit emotional responses, co-create multi-sensory consumption experiences, and encourage consumer–brand-related behaviours (e.g. positive word-of-mouth and brand endorsement among peers carried out in both face-to-face and internet-mediated contexts).

"SEO Help" shows you how to join up all the dots:

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CISE Infostructures
In depth walkthrough on the specific terminology used in the initial promotion of CISE infostructures and how it links with semantic knowledge in general. (13 mins)

This infostructure was created off the notes and discussions made in regard to the product over the past 3 years.

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Interesting update of the refinement of queries on Google search.

H/t +Bill Slawski 
Google has updated a patent that was orginally filed in 2003, and granted in 2005, which looks at the creation of query refinements for queries.
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