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"Tamil Nadu’s share of renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass and small hydro) in its total energy mix hit 20% in the first five months (April-August) of fiscal 2017, according to a report by research firm Elara Capital.

The share is higher than what the State achieved for the whole of FY16 and FY17. Tamil Nadu’s share of renewable energy in its total energy mix stood at 16.9% in FY17 and 14.2% in FY16, according to the firm’s report which had sourced the data from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

The increased share comes on the back of the busy 2017 wind season in the State, which just concluded."

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A good analysis of how a news piece can be represented by big media and how the way they represent something can form the impression in minds of masses.

Quoting a user (link:

The best part

on TV news, India’s leading English channels decided that The Wire story was not worth any play at all. Times Now’s primetime was dedicated to such issues as #ShakahariGurugram, #LoveJihadTwist and #FatwaRazesEyebrow. The channel, however, did air Goyal’s press conference defending Shah, even as it blacked out Sibal’s attack on the government. Ditto for Republic TV -- The Wire’s story didn’t make news on Arnab Goswami’s ‘independent’ media venture, except for Goyal’s presser. This was also true for state-controlled broadcaster Doordarshan News.

The NDTV is biased part

NDTV ran the story as one of its top 9 o'clock headlines with the disclaimer that it could not independently verify the report. It gave prominence to both Sibal and Goyal’s presser and elaborated on the details of the report and the operations of Shah’s businesses.

India Today not giving any judgements part

Anchor Padmaja Joshi at 7:30 pm on India Today focussed on Shah’s statement against The Wire that called it a defamatory story.

ABP being a normal news channel part

Among the TV channels, ABP News was an exception in that it dwelled on the details of The Wire’s piece and its implication instead of focussing merely on the political battle that ensued after the story broke.


Zee News carried an interview with Sadhguru at 9:55 pm and its 9 pm story was on Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visiting China border.

The part where I just can't... <censored>

The 8:30 pm show focussed on PM Modi’s spiritual powers.

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I am really impressed by this app. SMS is such a mess in India and it organizes them effectively. It also has an option to send SMS via internet for free.
Microsoft has a neat Microsoft Garage project called SMS Organizer, currently locked to India. You can try sideloading the APK if you want.

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Airtel offers 60 GB free data to postpaid users. Ways to claim it are mentioned here.

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Individual privacy is a fundamental right, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday, a watershed verdict that will test the validity of a controversial biometric identification project as well as other draconian restrictions over eating beef and gay sex.

In a unanimous ruling, the nine-judge bench said the right to privacy was inherent in the right to life, liberty and speech, but not without “reasonable restrictions” when it came to national security, fighting crime and distribution of state benefits.

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India installed an impressive 4.8 GW worth of solar in the first half of 2017, according to new figures published by Mercom India Research, which is even more impressive when you consider that the country only installed 4.3 GW in all of 2016.

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Since the Moto G, Motorola’s presence in India has grown tremendously. Today, the company has opened up 6 new stores in the country, all designed to further push its various smartphones.

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All day 🔋 life? I doubt that. But this is the kind of modularity that smartphones need.

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Some of the pics I took on my last trip. Most of them are taken from Nexus 6 and edited in snapseed.
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