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This weekend, the most heavily involved and successful nationwide grassroots event to-date took place: BERN(ing) MAN(hattan)! With 500+ Bernie Sanders supporters participating, a record number of people signed up to volunteer and registered others vote! Please share and +1 this story with your followers and communities!

Throughout NYC, these citizens took to the streets, subway stations, and public landmarks passing out an unprecedented number of flyers and inciting conversation about political revolution. We at are so proud of all who worked to create this historic moment. Most of the people we talked to are first-timers in any political movement – which just makes all the more inspiring. A huge congratulations is owed to everyone involved.

How have you coordinated within your city to spread the message? Comment on this post to let us know – let's try to learn from each other! We are making waves; now is the time for each of you replicate this in your own municipalities. Click on the following link to read about how this was idea executed so well (

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With September 8th fast approaching, so is Bernie's Birthday Moneybomb! Please use your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account (or all three) to join our worldwide Thunderclap. Then, at 10am EDT next Thursday, donate $8.00 or $80 to the official campaign! Make sure to donate using the special r/SandersForPresident donation portal, so we can keep track of how much money we have collected.

[Not sure what Thunderclap is? Read more about it here:]

Right now, we have a reach of over two million. This means we have the potential to raise a minimum of $16 million for Bernie in one fell swoop. And the best part is that it will all be from individual contributions – not a single cent of it will be from a SuperPAC! For more information, check out the Facebook link in our events collection on Google+.

This is a people's movement and that's what going to lead us down the path of positive change for America.

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What else can you do right now to help Bernie Sanders out today? Try visiting another one of our sister websites,!

By now you have visited to learn more about Bernie Sanders and what he stands for. You've probably shared it with all of your friends, family members, and coworkers so that they can get information on him, too. Maybe you have also visited to register for your state's primary elections. Now you're wondering – what can I do moving forward to become am active part of this grassroots campaign?

Find a Bernie Sanders event close to you! Designed and implemented by our very own +Rapi Castillo, this website – "Bernie Events 2016" – lets you know when and where Bernie Sanders events are happening all over the country! Each event is categorized into one of three categories: official campaign rally, grassroots-volunteer event, or planning meeting. You can even create your own event on the official campaign website ( and it will automatically appear on the map below!

Now is the time to gather your loved ones and take action! Take the next step and commit to attending or hosting a Bernie Sanders event in your community. As Bernie Sanders often says himself, "this campaign is not about [him] – it's about you." Slowly but surely we are going to regain our democratic voices and give the power back to the people.

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People across the globe are donating $8 to Bernie Sanders' campaign on his Birthday – September 8th!
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