‪I would much rather be adaptable than accountable. #ChaoticGood

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This is one of my favorite pieces of Mass Effect fan art that I've seen to date. Their daughter is so cute!

As a Magic player, I want you all to know that it's very confusing to me how many fantasy football fans are talking about "drafts" and "drafting" right now.

The first time Undertale remembered what happened before I reloaded I was hooked.

Rather disappointed that I can't rename my ship in No Man's Sky. I wanted my little naturalist to be flying around in the HMS Dawkins.

In watching streams of No Man's Sky, I see that there are two types of people in the world: (1) People who shoot the first animal they see with a mining laser, and (2) People who become enthralled by it and coo at it.

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"Spike, as a whole, wants games to be skill-intensive to a point. The cynical answer is that people generally want games to be skill-intensive enough that they will beat all players weaker than them, but have enough variance that they can beat players stronger than them. I think a more accurate level for making people happy is that they will win more games than they lose against weaker players, but lose more than they win against stronger players."

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Pokémon Go is basically The Game from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You're even hurling little projectiles at something to get an endorphin rush.

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My sister-in-law made me these +Magic: The Gathering magnets for my birthday. What a thoughtful gift.
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