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14 Countries, 78 Cities, 97 Flights, and 215,158 Miles! What an amazing year!

First, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the continued support with the kind comments, likes, plusses, tweets, and shares. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to share my photos and experiences with all of you and please know that you’ve all helped make 2016 a truly wonderful year.

Wow! 2016 has been a wild, perpetual and non-stop rollercoaster ride of huge projects and a ridiculous amount of flying. Looking back at the year, having taken almost 100 flights and logging over 215 thousand miles, I can’t believe we were able to take on so many projects while surviving all the airline food. ;)

In retrospect, it’s incredible to see how much our lives have evolved, our businesses has developed, and how the experiences of 2016 have caused me to step so far outside of my comfort zone with constant challenges, that I’ve grown in countless profound and positive ways.

It has been a wild (and jet lag filled) ride, and along the way, 2016 has continued to confirm for me that without a doubt, passion, hard work, and dedication will never go unrewarded.

This post is a collection of our favorite moments, favorite photos, and favorite memories from 2016. Thanks for being a part of it!

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The Moments Between || Don’t Look Down

Actually, you should definitely look down. That’s the whole point! ;)

Seriously, Dubai is a cityscape photographers dream, where each building’s vantage point lends a unique perspective to the incredible skyline. More often than not though, the camera setups can be a bit tricky, as some of these rooftops were never really intended for casual city viewing, let alone a photographers tripod.

As you can see for this shot, I had to get a creative in order to shoot a pano with my Really Right Stuff Multi-Clamp, PG-01 Panoramic Gimbal, and Fujifilm X-Pro2.

#dubai #photography #cityscape #rooftop #fujifilm #themomentsbetween +Really Right Stuff

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I was recently able to thoroughly go through the new book Above The World by DJI, and I’m blown away by the wealth of beautiful images from around the globe. The book itself is also laid out perfectly - a huge congrats to Andy Knight for putting all of this together.

This is the first published book of drone photography in existence and I’m honored to have 7 of my photos included. In a matter of only a few short years, DJI has empowered us to see and capture the world from an entirely new perspective.

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Even though the year is almost over, I still have more than 16,000 miles to fly.

Next stop: Dubai!

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Nine Dragons || Shanghai

Over the past series of years, most of the building and high point access I’ve gained access to all over the world has been a result of research, seeking the appropriate permissions, getting some help from local friends, and even bribing a few security guards along the way.

Sometimes though, even after doing the necessary research and taking all the appropriate steps, I still need to do things the old fashioned way to get the shot. And what’s the old fashioned way? Well, it’s sneaking in of course.

Now first of all, I never recommend this to anyone because there’s always a chance you can land yourself in some serious trouble. But, if you’re willing to accept the potential consequences of your actions, sometimes the reward can be totally worth the risk.

Shhhhh… Don’t tell China. ;)

#china #shanghai #travelphotography #cityscape

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I just got my hands on the inaugural issue of the +Really Right Stuff, Light and Shadow Magazine, and I'm delighted to see my 8 page article as the lead story!

The article is about how investing time in photography will never go unrewarded and how creative vision, passion, patience, determination, and a whole lot of coffee all come into play when producing quality work that you can be proud of.

And speaking of being proud, hats off to RRS for creating such a beautiful magazine. There’s a wealth of knowledge and information from many talented photographers and artists. You guys rock!

#photography #published #magazine #reallyrightstuff

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The Moments Between || Dead Sea Sky

Saying that we had an epic sky at the Dead Sea this morning would be a massive understatement. For a few brief minutes, the sky burned with intense color and light. And then, just as the spectacle began to fade, it started pouring rain. What an incredible way to spend my last morning here!

Thanks once again to Adam Frimer for capturing the behind the scenes moment.

I've had such a great time here, but now, it's time to get ready for my flight.

#travelphotography #sunrise #deadsea

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Having the honor of speaking in front of 2,300 people at the Israeli Photography Convention was without a doubt one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had so far this year. It was also a very unique way to spend Thanksgiving Day!

A huge thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome here, and a special shout out to the Galitz Team. I know how hard you all worked to put on an amazing event!

Big thanks as well to Adam Frimmer for the awesome behind the scenes photos. :)

#photography #conference #travel 

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The Moments Between || Shooting in Israel

Though I’m only a few days into my visit to Israel, I’ve already been able to explore and photograph many beautiful locations. There’s truly a wealth of history here a traveler to discover.

On the top, we found a great overlook of the old city of Jerusalem, and on the bottom, the perfect vantage point to capture the modern downtown skyline of Tel Aviv. What an incredible mix of both old and new!

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The Moments Between || Fully Armed Photographers

Multiple Fujifilm Cameras, DJI Drones, and Really Right Stuff Tripods? Let's just say that we were more than prepared to capture the areas around White Sands this morning!

Russell Brown from Adobe has been shooting 100% with his iPhone and Mavic, while I've armed myself with the Phantom 4 as well as my X-T2 and X-Pro2. (We didn't fly here in the State Park of course)

We only had a short amount of time to spend here but I must say, it's an extraordinary place. I can definitely see myself coming back here again in the future.

*And just as a bit of fun, the title "Fully Armed Photographers" seemed appropriate since we are right next to an active Air Force base. ;)

Shot on iPhone 6s+ and edited with Adobe Lightroom Mobile. 
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