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Which one do you believe?

Bing Ads just tweeted (over on Twitter funnily enough) that Bing now has 25% PC market share in the UK. They tweeted an article by netimperative which uses a Comscore report from July 2017.

Now I am not one to take things as read, so I did some digging and found another report by Statista for July 2017, which clearly shows Bing only has 11.06% market share.

The difference between the two reports is that Statista takes into account mobile and tablet searches as well as desktop. So that may explain the difference somewhat. It still seems like a big difference to me and I really do wonder how accurate either of the two reports really is.

One thing is for sure though, mobile usage is really important and it feels like Bing Ads are conveniently forgetting mobile in an attempt to make Bing sound better than it really is.

So which one do you believe?

Here is the netimperative article ->

Here is the Statista report ->

Finally, here is the link to the tweet ->
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Don't Take Security Advice from SEO Experts or Psychics

I am not the only one taking issue with +Neil Patel

Oh and HTTPS is very important. Don't ignore it.

h/t +Peggy K

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How interstitials can ruin a page

Interstitials are those annoying popups and adverts that get in the way of the content you want to see.

I noticed this article by +Neil Patel, who is really knowledgeable and well known in the SEO industry. Unfortunately it is so chock full of interstitials it makes it hard to read. I left the page after a few seconds without bothering to read it.

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A simple and obvious fix.
Practically dealing with recurring/updated items
"When people search for our event, they find last year's listing; help!" Whether it's an event (FooBarConf 2017), a recurring report (FooBar Earnings Q1 2017), an updated product (FooBarPhone 23) or anything else that has a current version and previous versions, this is a really simple way to help make sure that search is able to easily find the current version.
1. Place the current version on a generic, non-versioned URL (/foobarconf)
2. Copy last year's version onto a versioned URL (/foobarconf/2016)
3. Browse Twitter or Google+
(Technically the last step isn't necessary, but if someone asks, you can say you're just following instructions.)

Doing it this way will help the generic URL to gain value over the years, while still allowing the older versions to be accessible if someone explicitly looks for them. Another advantage of this setup is that it's trivial for folks to find and go to the current version. FWIW we get this wrong at Google, with our own content, from time to time too -- it looks simple and obvious, and like many such things, you only notice it when things don't work as expected.

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How to Choose a Good SEO Consultant or Agency

This is probably one of the more important WBFs, as it covers the things you really need to think about carefully before starting your SEO journey.

In particular, note these two things.

1. A successful SEO company doesn't need to rank no.1 on Google and therefore won't be spending time optimizing their site to rank no.1. Sites that do rank highly probably haven't got many clients and therefore spend more time trying to rank.

2. SEO can be very expensive and there are only so many top slots available. Think about whether you really have the time, resources and budget to commit using SEO.
How to Choose a Good SEO Consultant or Agency

This week's Whiteboard Friday is all new, and all about how to select an SEO vendor:

Plus I've got a giant joystick and a claw :-)

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Comment Marketing

This is a great Whiteboard Friday about comment marketing. The do's and don'ts are generally covered.

One thing I found (and it is a bit funny, because +Rand Fishkin mentions it in the video), is that you really do need to pay attention to using carefully constructed sentences and proof read before posting a comment. You see, I felt compelled to leave a comment on Rand's blog only to see a message about spam and content filters.

What did I do wrong? I misspelled WBF (WhiteBoard Friday).

When I realised what I had done, I mentally said to myself "WTF!"

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Old School on page SEO vs today's on page SEO

You might find a few surprises in this latest Whiteboard Friday.
Should you focus on H1s and H2s, or should schema demand all your on-page attention? In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand expounds upon what still works for on-page SEO and what's out of date.

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Google are gunning for interstitials next

Interstitials, being those annoying pop ups and the like that prevent visitors from consuming the content they want to see.

There are a few exceptions that won't be penalised, like cookie disclaimers and age verification. It's still advisable to tread carefully though, or your site may experience problems when 2017 comes around.
Google to get serious and punish intrusive interstitials with a ranking penalty in 2017

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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

This is an interesting read by +Mark Traphagen and goes into some detail about social media and its relationship to search.

Whether or not social media has an influence on search itself (don't want to spoil the article by giving the game away), it is important for developing your brand.
Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Yes…and no.

Find out why at #seo

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Weird Link Building Myths

This is an important one for a lot of reasons (well, 8 of them), as link building is one of the most fundamental aspects of SEO and just generally marketing your website.
There Are Some Weird Link Building Myths Floating Around

In this week's new Whiteboard Friday, I'm covering 8 of the most pernicious and problematic -- ones you should definitely be aware of, and avoid:
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