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Guess How Many People You Know Have Criminal Records?

It’s probably more than you think. Technically, a #traffic citation is a criminal record but so is a #DUI, a #theft, an #assault, a #failure to appear in court and much more. Many #criminal records are infractions, but some are much more serious. Wouldn’t it be nice to know who in your circle of friends or family or co-workers has a criminal record? Lookup unlimited criminal records on anyone, Free For 5 Days, click on the link below to find out the truth on anyone.
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How Long Do Criminal Records Stay on Your Record?

Typically #criminal records, depending on the severity, will stay on your record for up to 10 years. Of course if your #CriminalRecord is a #felony, there might not be a statute of limitations. What this means is if you’re looking to gain employment or apply to school or become a driver for Uber you will have a background check that could be a limiting factor in getting hired. It’s best practice to check your public record at least yearly to make sure everything is correct. There are also instances where someone can steal your identity and tarnish your good name by saying they are you when getting arrested. Follow the link below to perform a #BackgroundCheck on yourself. The results may just surprise you.
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What Is A Criminal Record?

A criminal record is a documented history of #violations that a person has committed that becomes part of their public record that anyone can lookup ( some exceptions apply )

Criminal records are classified in three main categories: #infractions, #misdemeanors and #felonies.

What many people don't realize is that even simple traffic #citations are considered infractions which are criminal records.

National statistics state that around 1 in 3 adult Americans have or have had a #criminalrecord of some type.

Most all criminal records are public record that anyone can lookup via the FOIA
Criminal records can limit a person's opportunities and tarnish their reputation
It's best practice to verify your public record regularly to see if you have any criminal records or if there are any inaccuracies

Learn more @
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How To Remove A Criminal Record

Criminal records can stand in the way of a lot of opportunities, from getting a #job to traveling abroad. If you have a criminal record you might be able to get it sealed or expunged, depending on the nature of the #crime. Find out what resources you need to obtain this goal and get your #PublicRecord cleaned up. Follow the link below for more detailed information about Removing a #CriminalRecord.
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Summer Time Criminals Are Here

#Summer crime rates increase substantially for #larceny and #burglary. These household #crimes tended to be higher in the summer than during other seasons of the year, in large part because many people travel and take vacations this time of year. There are a few things you can do to minimize your exposure to these summer crimes.

1). Don’t tell everyone that you’re going out of town. This means don’t post anything on your social media that you’re going out of town until you return home.

2). Put your outdoor lights on a timer so it looks like you’re home even when you’re not.

3). Let your neighbors know, if you trust them, that you’re going out of town so that you can have eyes on your home when you’re not around.

4). Have someone pickup your mail and newspapers so that it’s not obvious that you’re not home.

5). Get an alarm system. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something that will notify you and the police if someone has broken into your home. This can cost as little as $20 per month.

6). Put a couple inside lights on a timer so that it looks like someone is home.
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Reasons You Might Have A Warrant

Have you ignored a court appearance or #subpoena?
Have you committed a crime or violated a #probation order?
Have you been in an unreported #accident?
Do you have an outstanding traffic #citation?
Are you overdue on your taxes or owe a financial institution that you are #delinquent on?

These are all reasons you might have a #warrant and not know it. There are millions of outstanding warrant in the United States each year and most of them can easily be avoided.

Perform a #Free Warrant Search on #Yourself
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#Funny Criminal Stories of 2017

A woman, under the influence, was arrested after punching a paramedic in the face. The toxicology report says she was on 6 ounces of vanilla extract and a pint of beer.

Canadian #police asked to search a man’s house for drugs but he was not the suspect. The police were looking for someone else. This changed when the police saw that his name was listed as “Drug Dealer” on his phone.

A man held up a #coffee shop clerk at the register but didn’t realize there were 2 police officers waiting in line to pay their bill. It took only seconds for the police to react and arrest the guy.

An Arizona #burglar attempted to rob a house by entering the bathroom window. He got stuck in the clothes hamper and couldn’t get out. The police arrested him shortly after.

A California woman was stopped at a #DUI checkpoint because she was obviously drunk. She then offered up, “my husband that’s right behind me is even drunker than I am”


Check Anyone’s Criminal Record – Free For 5 Days
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Is Crime In America Getting Worse?

According to the FBI, there has been an increase in Violent Crime but a decrease in Property Crime. Many crimes are committed by people we know. Below are some of the FBI Crime Statistics.

• Property #Crimes - Losses $14 Billion+
#Murders - Over 15,000
#Robberies - Over 300,000. Losses $300 Million+
• Sexual #Assault - Over 90,000

Be In The Know!
Try Our Background Records Search – Free For 5 Days
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Top #Crimes You Should Know

Can you guess the most common crimes in America? The facts might just shock you.

1). #Theft / #Larceny – There are more than 7 million property crimes yearly

2). #Burglary - There are over 2 million burglaries each yearly

3). Vehicle Theft - More than 1 million vehicles stolen yearly

4). #Assault / Aggravated Assault - A charge of attacking someone with the intent of harm. There are more than a million of these yearly

5). #Robbery - Robbery is not a violent crime. It is a charge of holding up a person or place. There are over ½ million robberies yearly

Try our Criminal Records Search, Free For 5 Days
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Most #Dangerous Cities In America

Crimes were on the rise in America’s cities in 2016. Notably, violent #crimes were up from 2015. The following are the top 10 most dangerous cities in America according to violent crime rates.

1. Detroit, #Michigan
2. Memphis, #Tennessee
3. Oakland, #California
4. St. Louis #Missouri
5. Birmingham, #Alabama
6. Milwaukee, #Wisconsin
7. Baltimore, #Maryland
8. Cleveland #Ohio
9. Stockton, #California
10. Indianapolis, #Indiana

Be in the know and find out the truth about people you associate with. Try our Premium Criminal Records Search – FREE For 5 Days ( follow the link below )

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