Late start today. Spent too much time updating some promo materials instead of writing. I usually like to save that for the afternoon, but I had a few things I wanted to take care of before I set the business stuff aside for the rest of the week. Time to focus on writing now.

Since it's already 10:30 am, I'm going to shoot for 5,000 words. I might have to work in the evening to hit that, but I've got to make up for this morning's deviation somehow, right?

Post two in this Writing in Public collection, and already I'm switching gears.

This week is all about editing. I've decided to tackle revisions on Black Market (Black Records #2) now that it's had a few weeks to rest. I spent most of the weekend fine-tuning my 2017 production schedule, and as much as I'm enjoying writing new words on Black Ice, it's time to get Black Market moving down the chain of readers and editors so I can eventually hit that publish button.

Rather than post daily threads, I'm just going to use this thread for the week.

Trying something new today. I've been working towards a 30,000 word goal this week, but it's Friday and I'm feeling like a terrible slacker who wants to play on the internet all day instead of writing. To knock out the last 5,500 words before the end of the day, I'm going to use this space to drop progress reports throughout the day.

Weekly Progress: 24,588 of 30,000 words
Today's Goal: 5,412 words

If you're working towards a word count today, feel free to share your goal and progress in the comments below!
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