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'Turns' video two year anniversary

It's been two years since 'Turns' was released and it's had almost 165,000 views.
So here it is again for anyone that might have missed it or wants to see it again 😎

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Getting Ready to Demonstrate at the New Zealand Woodturning Symposium

It’s always exciting to go to a Woodturning Symposium as a demonstrator, with the buzz that builds up around the trip. I like to take some work with me, something new if I can, so you see me here sanding...
See the posting for a view of my latest student watching me at work!

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Thanks to Google+ Create For the Feature!

A second surprise and honour in a day. Thank you +Google+ Create!

Meet Create Member +Steven Kennard

"Steven's collection Turned Boxes takes the visitor on a whimsical journey through the intricate designs and fantastical forms of his turned wooden box creations. Each is unique and shows the beauty of a piece of art crafted by a master artisan."

Check out our favorite Collections by Steven: Turned Boxes ( and Animals (

Visit to learn about the benefits and see if Create is right for you. We are always accepting applications to join so apply when you are ready!
If you don’t have Collections or want to improve yours, check out: or visit our Collections Community:

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It is an honour to have been chosen by Lee Valley Tools

... to have three of my boxes featured on the front cover of their late summer catalogue. For those outside of North America, Lee Valley is the Go To Place for fine woodworking tools. I also teach box making workshops there from time to time.
Thanks  +Lee Valley Tools Ltd  (photo by Lee Valley Tools)
#tools   #woodturning   #woodworking   #craftsmanship  

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POP Auction Has Started - The Show Must Go On is up For Bids!

The online bidding has begun for the auction of pieces to benefit the Professional Outreach Program of the American Association of Woodturners. I am proud to have a piece in it and it can be seen here along with all the other wonderful pieces of turned art,(full auction here: )

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The Show Must Go On!
(sorry for the repost, but the original image on the site had to be changed and the link was broken)

This box, titled “The Show Must Go On!” was made specially for an invitation I received to submit a piece for the American Association of Woodturner’s annual exhibition and Professional Outreach Program auction. The theme for this year’s auction is “Patterns” and so I decided to pursue a design that has been going around in my head for a few years. I have used the exterior....
Read the rest of the posting and view the full sized slideshow of the other images on the blog link.


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Woodturning New Zealand International Symposium 2016

I’m looking forward to demonstrating at the Woodturning New Zealand International Symposium 29 September to 2 October 2016. There are some amazing turners who will be there, so check out the site linked on the poster. And why not come along?
New Zealand looks like a beautiful location to visit. I will definitely be bringing my camera along on this trip as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.


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Teardrop Boxes

This is a grouping of one of my most popular boxes, which I call Teardrop. It was originally conceived about 35 years ago and I continue to make them to this day. The simple, clean lines and delicate curves of this box, with the tapered point make it surprisingly quite challenging to turn. It is a box that I have frequently demonstrated making, at symposiums and workshops, so if you have been to any of those, this box will be familiar to you. I was surprised to see that it had never been shared on here and I can't believe that I overlooked it.

The box is made from African blackwood and is approximately 2.25″-3″ in diameter by 3.25-4.25″ high.

More information can be seen on my Small Box Store:

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This box is over 10 years old now and shows the very organic texturing along the sides that I was developing at that time. The top and underside was highly polished and it sat in a raised ring with its surface lightly engraved. The round, ball feet are in tulipwood (Dalbergia decipularis). Many people are surprised when they see that name.  It is a tree from a very small area of Brazil and is not to be confused with American Tulipwood.

It's intriguing to think where it is now.

African blackwood, turned, carved and textured, Tulipwood, turned. Approximately 3.3" diameter, 6" high.

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Golfer's Dream Box

This 'Golfer's Dream' box is a progression from the piece 'Teed Off' that I posted last week. It can be interesting to see how ideas can develop. This box can be lifted out of its base, which is a contrast of organically textured and carved sides with a highly polished top. The box itself is crowned with carved petals that hold the textured cap and 'tee' with its vegetable ivory 'golf ball'.

African blackwood, turned, carved and textured, tagua nut, turned. Size approximately 3 1/2" square and approximately 6.5" high. Sold
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