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[Natural Beauty]
The words was strange at first, leaving me wondering and pondering. But then they started to swirl and twist and form into something recognizable. As something flying out of the sun, the light surrounded the meaning, gave them purpose. Almost as powerful as the words "I love you". But yet equally true.
Raw, pure and undiluted, defined as objectively as could be, if there ever was such a thing.
"Your chromosomes have combined beautifully."
And so these words I submit to those closest to me, those who hold my heart, My wife and two children. My life.

#imagineatale #lego


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[Light of History]
At first glance I saw only the darkened void of nothing, but then slowly the glittering light of distant history fell on my eyes. The night, the immense, impenetrable night, stretched far beyond the comprehensible distance of the invisible horizon. I remained afloat in the light of those already forgotten, so long ago. The midnight bell rang out and the clear sky painted with the beauty of the stars. It is astonishing how perceived light, moving light, so far away, and yet so close I can feel it, so small, can affect me so immensely.

#imagineatale #lego


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[Fire Reign]
As I snap my fingers,
the flaming circle roars,
around me words written in blue,
caressing and eating my skin.

I scream in pain,
but tear only evaporate,
I hold onto the fire within my hand,
watching the flames engulf me,
my eyes mirror the element I grasp,
anger, control, destruction.

This is not who I am.
This is not who I want to be.

But I cannot stop,
to burn,
to suffocate,
when the warmth spins my mind,
and the flames cover my body.

Only heat and fire to be found,
from the rupture behind me, surrounding me
I cannot point it out
where the fire begin or I end
in my mind, I swim through the blue flames.

This is not who I am.
This is not who I want to be.

This light is not warmth
This light inside of me
is a stinging heat,
uncontrollable and unforgiving.

#imagineatale #lego


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[Light unfold]
Stars in the dark
Life twisted in grey
Shards of fractured light
Piercing the thin vale

Only fragments of myself
Reflected into a spectrum of light
Of both seen and unseen
So the dark begin to flower

Shaping the corners of my eye
A mere shadow of life
An oblivious shard of hope
Piercing the night

Uncovering a shining new world
Saturated with intense light
A silhouette coming into gaze
I fear this hope will take flight

#imagineatale #lego


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[a path a home]
a path we do take
roads left in our wake
crossroads of choice
a burden of mine

wanderers trekking
throughout our life
we share memories
of good and strife

road sign to guide
which way to take
whatever choice
this path is at stake

alone we walk
along a path
but merge at times
on roads that cross

or share at most
to find comfort
of arms embraced
my mind at ease

take my hand
and welcome me home
where we share a road
or place in time

is where I call home

#imagineatale #lego #isolation #alone #track #choice #trek #journey #path #crossroad 

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[Distant dreams]
By the fence, wrapped in shadow,
I submit these words, like a linguistic vomit of absurdities I cannot cope with
This melancholy I cannot begin to reveal the deep rooted burning pain that slowly drives me insane
I meditate all away, left is the abstract pain the one thing I truly see
A mind longing for the distant dream as I fantasize
Of the day
When all this pain will be swept away

#imagineatale #lego #pain #myalgia #abstract #words #poem #poetry #dream #dreams #burning


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Everywhere I turn, it's always present
A shadow, of a broken mirror
In front, or right behind me
I run and hide
From the silhouette inside
A jagged reflection of me
Fear, anger and sadness is its brew
I can't outrun, I fear I won't be enough
So when it finally envelops my being
All I hope to do is to never ever back down
No matter what - never give up

#imagineatale #lego #reflection #reflections #broken #mirror #shadow #fear #anger #sadness #future


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I saw myself in the mirror, a lie reflected back at me; so I broke it, and now it tells the truth.

#imagineatale #lego #mirror #broken #lie #truth #reflection #reflections 

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Concrete walls. Razor wire fences. Barriers everywhere. But barriers won’t change anything, haven’t we learned that isolation solves nothing. As George Bernard Shaw said: “We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience.”
It seems we’re traveling down a path that rhymes well with history still in living memory of humanity.

#imagineatale #lego #wall #fence #isolation #Experience #humanity #memory #amnestyinternational #refugees #refugee #razorwire
+UNICEF +Amnesty International 

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[Tale to be played]
A piano, or a pipe organ as it was, is very much like a dance floor for our thoughts. Every step a new idea, a new note, a new chord, a new smile, to complete our own tale waiting to be played.

#imagineatale #lego #pipeorgan #music #flare #lensflare #Chord #smile #tale #dance #piano

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