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Coffee vs Sugar, MMA cage fight
A Healthy Lifestyle - Your Fitness Tribe
Or as i also call it, when stars make love

For many, coffee and sugar represents two superpowers emerged in an unholy alliance. But, just what makes this combo tick, and what is actually what. How does it affect your health and everyday life. Yes, plenty of questions have evaded us for quite some time, and so, to find out the answer, we signed a contract with the previous couple to face off inside the octagon to determine who´s top dog and what they do to our bodies. 

In the blue corner, Sugar 

Pro´s: Sweet and petite, and pretty white. 

Cons: Increases body fat, rots your teeth, makes you age prematurely, increases diabetes and cancer and Alzheimer risk. Does not provide fuel for strength or endurance - and does not provide sufficient brain juice.
Sugar sounds all neat, but it is nature's own crack, and it even makes you crave an endless array of more sugar when you eat it. That explanation comes down to our past cavemen and hunter, gatherer lives - evolutionarily our mesolimbic pathway reinforced that all the sweet things in nature provided a healthy source of carbohydrates (rich on easy to use energy and calories) for our bodies, something nature taught us straight out of the cradle.

All while other taste sensations like sour meant far less desirable things. So, the more you eat, the more your dopamine and other neuro pathway signals need to get triggered. 

Which, ultimately is why it is so easy for people to overeat on junk food and why it feels so hard for so many to cut back and eat less junk food.

Not to mention how hard it makes it for you to keep eating healthy food and say no to cookies, ice cream, soda, candy and sweets for the rest of your life.

Another reason why it initially feels hard to cut down on junk food is that a lot of people tend to get depressed when they start eating less sugar. This is however just temporary, sort of like a crack addict suffering withdrawal problems. 

But no, this is not just an issue for us Homo Sapiens, in a recent study, by Victor Mangabeira and colleagues, published in "Physiology & Behavior" it is reported that rats who had been trained to press a button to drink water, once exposed to sugar in the water pressed the button many more times than the rats that only had access to pure water. 

On the other side, in the red trunks, Coffee 

Pro´s: Wonderful scent,toned, trimmed and athletic. and to boot, all pretty black. 

Coffee also provides wonderful warmth and real energy for mind, body, strength and endurance. 
It protects against cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, diabetes and obesity. Yes, the myth of unhealthy coffee is just that, a myth. Coffee it turns out is a remedy for better health ( unless consumed in too high of an amount and accounted properly for unsustainable production ).

It aids your muscles and mind with real energy, creating a double whammy of good stuff for people that also keep physically active, all good and positive things for creativity, strength, fat burn and endurance. It is also a positive influence for your mood thanks to how it affects the production of some of our natural hormones, such as serotonin and dopamine. 

Coffee have also been shown to protect against Multiple sclerosis (MS) which is a degenerative neurological disease. 

Cons: It might make you sleep poorly if you drink it too late since it takes as much as 8 hours for coffee to lose its positive hold on your body. 

Mutual con

Yes, there is one mutual big disadvantage to both. 
The industry producing both sugar and coffee rarely takes care of the planet that provides their revenue, nor the health of their workers. 
But in both cases, we the consumers can of course demand far better behavior from the producers by the shopping choices we make. 


Skip sugar - always. 
And get down with pure black coffee 4 to 5 times per day :). And, if your sweet tooth crave a sweet sensation, try some organic honey in your coffee.

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When protein face off with protein, what comes out on top? Red meat, plants, nuts, dairy?. And how will it impact health, strength and even the effects of old age.
The short answer: Enough daily protein is what matters, not the actual source

In a recently published study, we got to take a pretty comprehensive look at nearly 3,000 men and women all aged between 19 and 72.
The study participants complete protein intake as well as all the various protein and food sources they consumed was measured.

Including various dairy products, red meat and the healthier fish & chicken and plant-based protein sources. Beyond that, the study also made sure to measure each participants lean muscle mass, their bone density, and individual strength.

The takeaway?.

When looking at the complete study, it was evident ( and to no surprise ) that the less protein you consumed the lower amount of muscle mass and strength. But to the surprise of some, the type of protein each person favored did not have any impact on their strength and musculoskeletal health, and there were no differences based on gender or age group.

So keep active, eat healthy and make sure to include enough protein, and yeah, skip that red meat based protein right away because it provides zero benefit for anyone.

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The older you get, the more important protein becomes.

In other words, this study further reinforces what we already knew.
The older you get, the more important it becomes for you to keep active on a daily basis and to make sure that you get enough protein in your daily food to maintain your health and lean muscle mass.

Naturally sedentary people will lose lean muscle mass not just from the natural aging process but also because of the accumulation of sitting still, and that continuous buildup will never pause, and instead it will ramp up, continuing to take it´s toll the longer you keep up that sedentary daily life.

Two very bad things when put together, and as we age the bad effects of sitting still and eating to little protein get exponentially worse, but by adding protein to your daily food intake beyond the recommended daily levels you actually improve your chances of maintaining a healthy body and strength all through life.

And now we know that the source of the protein seems to matter very little, the amount of it has much more weight when it comes to your own health and fitness.

Something to take note of, both for the healthy and fit individual planing for a fit and fun and long life of health and quality living all until the very end and, of course, the entire health and elderly care field should pay attention to.

Kelsey Mangano, PhD, assistant professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, had this to say about the study.

“As long as a person is exceeding the recommended daily allowance for protein, no matter the ( protein ) source in their diet, they can improve their muscle health,”

Considering the negative health and environmental impact of red meat, this also becomes another good study and reason as for why people should make sure to get much more of their protein intake from plants, fruit, nuts, chicken and ecological sugar-free dairy products. And as always, you can find a link to the study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in my website article.

Enjoy the rest of your healthy and fit day :).


Eat plant and sugar-free, organic dairy products, nuts and fruit, chicken ( and non-polluted fish that isnt overfished.. good luck with that btw :P ) but avoid red meat.

website article, including link to the actual study

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The great exercises: Barbell shoulder press
and a complete shoulder workout video

Hit up the video if you are looking for some neat inspiration for your next shoulder workout. And if you are interested in getting the low down on my complete thoughts on the fabulous shoulder exercise, barbell shoulder press, hit the link and head on over to 'a Norse View' to dive, deep into my complete website article.

If not, enjoy the workout :). And this short summary.

Barbell shoulder press with the barbell in front of your head is my personal shoulder fav. It targets virtually your entire shoulder region, including chest and arms and traps, and as such, it is one of the key compound exercises for a well developed and healthy for life and fit upper body.

Keep the weight to a challenging 8 - 14 rep interval, and work those shoulders hard but strict.

The only reason I do it in front of my head, instead of behind is discomfort, I simply do not like this exercise half as much when I do it behind my neck, but beyond that personal aspect, it is totally the same exercise, well the minuscule and almost non-existent differences are to small to create any real health and strength difference.

So pick what feels more natural for you, but perhaps consider that those super tiny differences do create issues for way more people when doing this barbell exercise behind their head and with zero added benefit.

So generally speaking my vote is, do barbell shoulder press worry free in front of your head.

Targeted muscles

[ "All of shoulders

Primary front.


the outside.

Bonus muscles:


Triceps and traps" ]

website article for my complete thoughts

Music of the day
The//Watcher by Lorna Shore

shoulder workout by Nicole Wilkins.

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Gym Diaries. Day 8 782
After a solid work day and a morning hike outside in the frozen forest the time have come to hit the gym, and what better way to power up a beastly workout throwing around weights than some proper metal. Fuck yeah life is good, and brilliant metal like this and keeping fit & healthy makes it even better :P

Stay healthy, fit, happy and active people and have a good rest of your day. And do not forget to power up your day with this wonderful song :).

Fvneral Moon by Lorna Shore.

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Gym Diaries. Day 8 760
Back, Abs, Cardio.

A wonderful back workout.
7 set of Standing barbell row and last 3 @ 150kg ( 330 lbs ) x 10 - 13 reps + 5 shrugs each set is the small gym crushing highlight of the day :).


3 set x 12 sitting row
3 set x 10 - 15 Pull-ups
3 set x 40 - 50 @ 180kg ( 396 lbs ) barbell shrugs
3 set x 10 hanging leg raises

20 minute outdoors morning run at @ moderate pace.
20 minute evening cardio @ low pace.

music of the day
Windwards by Netherbird


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Fitness equals better short term & lifelong health, but just as poor fitness equals worse health, you can also be to fit for maintaining optimal health
Being to fit only apply to extremely fit and active people so do not take it as an excuse to go lazy this week

In this short article, we will use a super fit and competitive athlete as the example. Because that is how fit and active, and extreme, you need to be to get to fit and extreme for your own good. So let us point out that while it is absolutely possible to become unhealthy fit, way more people have a tendency to claim that perfectly healthy and fit people and habits are unhealthy while they in turn live and promote completely unhealthy lives.

So perhaps, we should remind our collective selves that real health and fitness is about balance in everyday life.
You achieve better health and fitness by enjoying life, keeping active on a daily and weekly basis, eating healthy food not once per week but most of the time in life.

Maintaining and improving your capacity and health by using your body and mind physically speaking.

music of the day
Forever mournful by Netherbird

World class, competitive athletes are rarely healthy so be inspired by them but do not aspire to reach the same levels.

All while normal people in the gym and at work, those that work out in the gym, and eat healthy food can and will achieve wonderful improvements in body, mind, and health.

Usain Bolt never trains sprints to achieve better life-long health, for instance, in fact, the way he trains in his quest to break world records is both unhealthy and impossible for the human body to cope with for more than a few years, and often leaving long lasting issues behind.

And worth noting with this article.
The "off season - all year round" health and fitness values are of course at a perfectly fit and athletic level and much healthier compared to the extreme "cut" version.

So if you take any inspiration with you from this article, be inspired by those perfectly fit and healthy offseason all year round levels. They represent health and fitness for the men out there to achieve as their own all year round fitness and health level.

The athlete´s health and fitness level start to suffer as he goes over the top with cutting down his body fat levels from a perfectly fit and toned, and healthy 15% to an unsustainable and unhealthy 4.5% over the course of 6 months.

Leading to lower amounts of strength, testosterone, insulin and higher levels of cortisol. Even tho the actual changes in his body are really small.

As expected he does not just lose body fat but also a few kg of lean body mass ( ie: not fat ). Something that happens to every man and women that try to do the same small but unhealthy change, caused by going from super fit and toned and healthy to extremely cut, but unhealthy and less fit.

Making it a pretty nice example of fit and healthy vs going stupid and unhealthy.

Balance is the key in achieving lifelong health & fitness.
And of course, this athlete only went this low and unhealthy with his food and body for a limited 6 month period.

So with that said, keep at it, every day, and every year and keep that healthy balance with food and fitness all life long. Do not jump up and down going from one extreme to the other, just keep at it at a steady and enjoyable, healthy pace and level which you enjoy doing. Thrive for your own lifelong health and fitness goals by accepting that health and fitness is nothing but facts and science walking hand in hand with enjoying life.

all year 100 kg ( 220lbs ),
6 month cut 90 kg ( 198 lbs ).

all year 15%
cut 4.5%

Lean body mass:
all year 88 kg ( 194 lbs )
cut 85 ( 187 lbs )

all year 53
cut 27

Blood pressure:
all year 132/69
cut 104/56

all year 9,22
cut 2,27

all year 10,52
cut 21,07

all year 6,08
cut 1,06

all year squat 211 kg ( 465 lbs )
cut squat 182 kg ( 401 lbs )

all year deadlift 259 kg ( 570 lbs )
cut deadlift 241 kg ( 531 lbs )


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Health: Sedentary living and obesity alters your brain in a negative way, just as much as it hurts your general fitness and health.
A strong biceps equals a healthier mind and a weak biceps becomes a less healthy mind

Do you remember my "a strong biceps equals a healthier brain" article from a few months ago? Well, how about the opposite? Will you actually harm the health and cognitive fitness capacity of your mind if you do not take care of your body through healthy food choices and activity?.

The answer is, of course, yes.

A host of studies has clearly shown us that no matter your current age if you over eat on food and live an unhealthy and sedentary life you are hurting the health of your brain as much as the rest of your body.

Point 1.

Sedentary and obese middle age people increase the biological age of their brain with 10+ years compared to what it should be. ( While healthy and active people lower their biological age in body and mind ).

Point 2.

No matter age, people are showing a clear correlation between a decrease in brain gray matter volume when living in an unhealthy and sedentary way.

Which is the direct opposite of what happened to 85-year-olds who lifted challenging weights, their brains became bigger and healthier and younger.

So treat the health and fitness capacity of body & mind equally well by making 2017 a healthier year in food choices and physical activity.

complete article with links to studies

music of the day
mask maker by fit for an autopsy

Paige Hathaway

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The many health benefits of daily sunlight exposure. New study shines a light on increased T cell capacity and daylight.

The TLDR Sunshine
& it´s many health benefits.

We all know that natural sunlight helps our body produce essential Vitamin D. And today we also know that a small, daily dose of natural sunlight is equally beneficial for our mood and mental well-being, it helps us improve and maintain our bone health all through life. Reduces cancer risk and strengthens our immune system, possibly through the increase in the capacity of T Lymphocytes that daily sunlight exposure has proven to give rise to.

In short, get a small 20 to 60 minutes dose of outdoor daylight, every day, all year round all through life.

Kick the lazy bug in the ass and just get some daily exposure outside in the sun. 20 - 60 minutes per day.

It is that essential for lifelong health in body and mind. No matter if you are a sedentary and unhealthy person or a kick ass fit and active super food eating beast :).

To the surprise of some perhaps, make sure that the daily 20 to 60-minute exposure is free of protective sun-blockers.

The longer read

In other words, daily sunlight is not just good for the Vitamin D it will help your body produce, it will also aid your longevity and health by kicking your T cells into a higher gear.

Georgetown University Medical Center scientists have found in a recent study that sunlight, on top of increasing natural vitamin D production and melanin, also stimulate T cell production and capacity. T cells actual name is T Lymphocytes and they play a vital role in our immune system.

The study´s been published in Scientific Reports. And the link can be found down below.

"We all know sunlight provides vitamin D, which is suggested to have an impact on immunity, among other things. But what we found is a completely separate role of sunlight on immunity,"
- Gerard Ahern, PhD, associate professor in the Georgetown's Department of Pharmacology and Physiology. "Some of the roles attributed to vitamin D on immunity may be due to this new mechanism."

Georgetown University

[ "researchers found

that sunlight

increase natural

- T cell production,

published in

- Scientific Reports" ]

The study specifically found that low levels of daily sunlight make T cells move faster in their response to various issues inside our bodies.
"T cells, whether they are helper or killer, need to move to do their work, which is to get to the site of an infection and orchestrate a response,"
"This study shows that sunlight directly activates key immune cells by increasing their movement."
- Gerard Ahern.

Let us point out one obvious thing here tho.
This is not changing the fact that too much exposure to daily sunlight is harmful and can lead to cancer.
But for anyone looking to keep a healthier lifestyle going forward, as I have pointed out on plenty of occasions last few years, make sure to include a low paced walk outdoors, every day for every year. That low paced walk is a source of health benefits, and so is the daylight you will get to enjoy.

Including the fact that daily exposure to sunlight, preferably earlier in the day will help you maintain the healthier and biologically natural day night cycle our entire body/mind system have evolved for.

Directly related to this is another, ongoing study showing us that exposure to low doses of daily sunlight might be able to help your body better fight off various health issues that are often related to people's unhealthy & sedentary lifestyle choices. Right now it is looking as if a vitamin D deficiency makes the negative health impact of obesity even worse, leading in a higher degree to diabetes, and liver and heart diseases. While the opposite seems to hold true that a person that maintain a healthy vitamin D level will withstand the negative health impact slightly better.

In other words, this is one more thing related to Vitamin D and daily sunlight exposure that should be equally interesting for fit and active people as well as sedentary individuals wishing to improve upon their longevity and healthy lifespan. I won't dwell on that tho since that study needs to progress further before we can safely say that vitamin D and daily sunlight really do help with those areas of our health. On the other hand, it fits right in with all the scientific facts regarding our health and wellbeing which we already know so there is no reason to assume that this study will not conclude in a few more years that Vitamin D and daily sunlight exposure help improve these important health aspects too.

website version

music of the day
Forever mournful by Netherbird

Merry Xmas and healthy life to you :)


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The health & fitness wonders of compound exercises
one individual article for every kick ass compound exercise you should be doing

I am not going to use this G+ post to talk about all the benefits of lifting weights and doing compound exercises like a marvelous Viking, I do that often enough :).

Instead, seeing that we are now deep within the Winter solstice season and all the busy, stressed out cookie eating duties that entail for a lot of you, this is an easy to survey 'hub' for the growing bunch of health and fitness articles I am writing with the sole focus of covering each and every one of the compound exercises you should make sure to include in your own fit and healthy routine.

And so, once you have had enough of xmas stress and unhealthy cookies & food and drinks.

Click the link and head on over to 'a Norse View's Compound exercise hub and pick the article and exercise you wish to indulge yourself in.

All articles include both text and video showing you how to do it and why. And as such, it´s the perfect remedy for when you feel the need to get back to being healthy :).

Some of my own fav´s that I´ve already covered is

Standing barbell row
Close grip bench press.
Chins/pull up
Bench press
Shoulder press

But as I write more compund exercise articles this hub will continue to grow.

Compound exercise hub

Anastasia Yankova, MMA fighter.

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Health, obesity, and genes. Why the adults of Middlesbrough is hurting their children's health, and why bad genes matter less than making healthy choices do. A short TLDR health article.
Even with super 'bad' genetics, people will still cut up to 50% risk by going healthy and active

Middlesbrough currently has the highest level of obese children ranging from 4 to 11 year old in the UK. In total England is estimated to have 198,036 overweight or obese children in that age group. But this has nothing to do with good looks and physical ideals, this is not about fat shaming, but it has to do with health, however.

Adults decide what children eat and how sedentary they are in that age group. At home, and at school.

So be an adult and make healthier choices in daily life and society.

Elevated blood pressure and type two diabetes.
Low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.
And various cardiovascular issues, a lack of strength and lean muscle mass, and unhealthy amounts of body fat.

A weak spine, cognitive changes, lower back pain and hip and knee issues are just some of the many negative outcomes of not promoting daily physical activity and healthy food choices.

And no, bad or good genes hardly ever matter when compared to the impact of your own daily choices.

Last few years, science studies on hundreds of thousands of people have clearly shown that people with "bad" genetics still cut their chances of suffering a heart attack or other cardiovascular issues with 50% if they do not smoke, and choose to eat well, exercise and stay healthy toned. And the opposite is also true, great genes health and body benefits do not hold up that well if you eat like shit and go full on sedentary. The world's best genetics can never outrun a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.

Diabetes quadruple worldwide since 1980´s
This post, of course, ties right back to a post I made 30 weeks or so ago, about global diabetes having quadrupled since the 1980s

website article

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