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Biological Age
[ is at the end of the day about the accumulation of your everyday lifestyle choices ]

One short scientific fact from my article.

How about the simple fact that if you eat more protein as you grow older, even those that are more or less sedentary hold on to a substantially higher percentage of their lean muscle mass compared to those elderly or young people that eat less protein on a daily basis. Combine that higher protein intake with cardio and weights on a daily basis and you have a very simple recipe for holding on to a much more physically healthy and athletic body and mind even in your 80´s.

Gym Diaries. Day 8 850
Biceps and triceps, together with a morning run, and low impact evening cardio.

music of the day
safe house by all that remains

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muscle ups.
The life-long quest of health and fitness includes a wide array of solid and fun activities which stimulates your health and fitness to continually progress and maintain, and as long as you keep om grinding and avoid messy illnesses that is exactly what you will continue to do.

Progress and maintain. All life long.

But in order to fortify and strengthen your health & fitness you do have to listen to reason and the science that is hopefully powering your food and fitness plan.

Otherwise injuries is a sure thing waiting to happen. And just as how people can kill their body by working it all the way to injuries and pain, most people do not work it hard enough to actually improve their health and fitness.

One of the best all year round staples are compound exercises. And no one should ever avoid doing them for fear of getting injured.

They simply do too much good for both brain and health, body and all.

You see, your body does not ever do its movements by perfectly isolating a specific muscle or joint. It's always a chain of muscles and limbs working together.

Not to mention that the bigger the exercise the better the positive impact on both health and fitness. This, of course, do mean that you have to listen to your body, are you too weak in one area of your chain to safely do a specific compound exercise, if so, supplement what you can do with more isolated or less draining exercises until you can safely do the compound exercise.

And likewise, over the year, only doing compound exercises at 100% of your peak level will at times strain even the fittest amongst us. So at times you do have to switch out some of the tough as fuck choices for lesser challenges, or scale down weights and intensity just a tad little. Or acknowledge that some complex movements might be great as far as muscle activation and progressive challenge goes but bad for you as far as wear and tear is concerned.

Muscle up is one of those rare compound exercises that I rarely do, it's a great and challenging exercise for sure. But I prefer doing pull ups and dips by their own due to the pretty impactful wear and tear of doing muscle ups.

That wear and tear of doing a proper muscle up does not make it less of an exercise, it just means that you should be aware of the strain that muscle up undoubtedly will put on you.

a wiser approach

So a wiser approach might be to just do it in short periods a few times per year, and allow dips and pull-ups and lat pull downs and other rows and Triceps, shoulder exercises build the strength, and stability that is needed to safely do a muscle up.

It is however a excellent exercise which will undoubtedly build your fitness level. Just keep in mind that this particular puppy do wear most bodies out if you do it all year round.

So if you absolutely must do it, acknowledge that you can do it injury free for a shorter period before you go back to your regular compound exercises like pull ups and dips prior to any nasty injuries ever happening. Allowing yourself perpetual and injury free progress.

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Squat vs Deadlift.

I have previously written articles about both deadlift and squat, detailing what´s so wonderful about both and why they should be two essential staples of any healthy fit living human beings fitness plan. Deadlift and squat also manage to share the glorious feat of activating more muscles in a properly challenging way on your body than any other exercise. Making them both the real king and queen of the mutually shared game of thrones :).

But, John, who´s the guy talking in this short video, is also perfectly correct, a ton of people do both exercises more or less in exactly the same way. And that´s the wrong way to go about it, they are similar for sure. But they are also crucially different when it comes down to your movement pattern, similar yes, but uniquely different.

Check the video and take to heart that small but important difference.

In short think about your primary movement like this:

Squat: Knees
Deadlift: Hip.

music of the day
cold by psycroptic

Gym diaries, day 9353
chest plus deadlift, biceps curl, shoulder press, abs.
20 minute jog
40 minute mma
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meat free food improves your own health, and the health of the entire world.

September 2018 is the starting point for the vegan beyond burger at every Scandic hotel in Sweden.

And while that is a small thing in the larger grand of life, it's still a small step in the right direction towards a world that is less dependant on unhealthy food choices and unsustainable food production. And oftentimes in life small steps are all that's needed and possible to move us ever forward.

#vegetarian #merklimat #connect2earth

Gym diaries, day 9337

Morning walk
+ back, abs, cable chest press.
+ 10 min jog.
+ 12 min boxing, heavy bag.

low impact evening cardio

New PB
Sitting row 136kg x 21 reps. total of 2856 kg ( 6296 lbs ) per set
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Another neat look at calories and why the quality of your nutrition matters much more than just the average numbers.

Which doesn't change that a pure black cup of coffee is super healthy, but skip all the added fancy coffee stuff. Or count it as food, because it is.

But back to the quality thing.
Be it candy or soda, alcohol or other low-quality food choices. The total amount of real nutrition you get will change and shape your body and health in huge ways over time.

200 kcal a day above or below your calorie balance turns out as 200g of lost or added body fat per week. And like we talked about recently, ( in this post: ) red meat instead of chicken does not just increase cancer risk and lower your life expectancy, it also increase the co2 footprint of that plate with 95%.

Make your daily food choices important to you, because they matter incredibly much.
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Calories, like body weight, is, on one hand, the same thing no matter your choices. A kilo of body weight is a kilo of body weight no matter how it´s actual makeup looks like.
But, calories and body weight isn't just a deadbeat number. While a calorie will always be exactly that, its nutritional makeup can be extremely varied and that will ad nauseam have a huge perpetual impact on your health, muscle mass and body weight.

And your body weight will likewise differ incredibly much in its actual body mass constitution depending on your choices in daily physical activity and your daily choices in sleep, recovery and food.

Case in point, this simplified but perfectly apt IG post.

It is showing off the same amount of calories, but if we look beyond the crude worldview that calories in vs calories out is all you have to cater too, there is a huge boost in health and fitness and lean muscle mass to be had if you go for denser and more nutritious food like the bowl of berries in this case.

Just as how up to date science makes it perfectly clear that people that opt for a higher percentage of daily plant-based food vs a plate that is made up of meat and low carb diet plans will live longer and healthier and more fit lives.


Health & fitness is just science baby. Plain ol science, up to date and ever-evolving, but still nothing but scientific facts and a joyful active life.

Gym diaries, day 9328

Morning walk
+ leg,glutes, abs.
+ 10 min jog.
+ 5 min boxing, heavy bag.

Evening cardio, low impact.

music of the day
final resolve by sinsaenum
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face pull
This is the 'why should I do it, and how do I do it. And when do I do it' article.

Now let us start by getting this out of the way, face pull will not build massive or super strong shoulders. So that is not why you should include it.

But it will allow you to work your back and chest and shoulders in a hard and progressive way with other exercises. Allowing your body to stay as pain free and injury free as possible.

That is your why.

It is, in short, a wonderful complementary exercise which will keep your posterior shoulder, scapula chain healthy ( which includes all of your rotator cuff muscles) and able to deal with all the hard and progressive but also demanding training you do for the much bigger muscles in this area. .

Training chest and back and Anterior and lateral shoulders hard is a wonderful choice, but it will put a lot of stress and wear on your smaller muscles in this area. And face pull will allow you to work those smaller but crucial muscles in a kinder way to balance out the bigger impact of all the other exercises.

In other words, face pull does not replace any other exercise, it complements your normal routine. Nor does face pull ever change the fact that you, or your PT, should design a workout plan that includes more posterior chain muscles ( ie: working your back and rear shoulders more in volume than your muscles on the front of your body ) work, so include a lot of rows for your back and rear shoulder muscles, more so than shoulder and chest presses and flyes.

When should you do it?

In a recent article, I talked about face pull being a healthy part of my shoulder day and chest day together with trapezius. And that is how you do this little puppy.

Several days per week, either in a superset with its opposite, ie. Bench press or shoulder press.

Or do it at the end of the workout when you are done with your real exercises.

A short video by John showing you how it looks.

And my IG version of this post.
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Gym diaries, day 9321
Monday as always, showed up to play with a brand new week and brand new energy :). So after a glorious morning walk in a calm and gorgeous sun filled morning it was time to start my day at the gym ( my second home ).

And today, like all other Mondays, it was leg and glutes. Which is a workout I just love doing. It gets the best out of this norse Viking, and going to war with the leg workout always kick starts my battle-born nordic warrior soul :)

After 5 sets of deadlift it was time to switch over to Squat and 2 set of deep squats at 140kg before I raised the weight to 160 and did 2 more set.

180kg followed that, and things felt so good that I ended up doing today's 180kg sets a little bit deeper than usual. And yes, switching up your range of motion, as well as the pace with which you do each rep is a wonderful, albeit small adjustment to your own or your client's workouts.

We recently talked about dead stop, touch and go and range of motion and how those things changes the impact of your workout and the development on both your lean muscle mass and strength as well as your cardiovascular system.

So in case you missed those short articles, take a look at my norse view website, or scroll through my healthier living collection here on g+ as well as my "views from earth" collection.

And once done with 180kg, I raised the weight to 200kg ( 441 lbs ), which is a weight I havent repped on for a month or so. But my body have without a doubt made some solid progress since the last time I trained on this weight and things felt way easier.

Following my squats, it was time for 3 rounds of easy box lunges before I did 10 minutes of sprint runs with a weighted sled.
+ 5 minutes of sprint intervals and 5 minutes of boxing.

Morning walk
+ leg, abs, glutes.
+ 10 min weight sled sprint
+ 5 min boxing,

music of the day
when push comes to shove, and we all bleed red by Carnal Decay

amazing music which powered my kick ass leg workout today, Viking style =)
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fitness is wonderful for your health as well as getting a more sculpted and capable body.

But that will never change that even fit people (quite a lot of them) are doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Case in point the fit and good looking girl you can see in the video obviously train hard and regular while being in great shape, and she do know a few things about the body.

But she is also misinformed about a few things, wrongful information and knowledge is shaping her choices and the choices of other people that gulps up everything we fit people claim to be true.

You see, there is nothing wrong with the exercises. But there is no such thing as an upper or lower butt muscle when it comes down to the fitness shape of our ass.

The Maximus gluteus is the big ass muscle which gave that girl her firm looking ass, and there is no way to just work it's upper or lower part.

You either activate it or you don't.

Now, the degree with which you will manage to activate it can obviously differ depending on both the weight you use, the muscle contact and the range of motion and choice of exercise, but it's still the same gluteus muscle being worked. All you can do if you are truly into nerd geek muscle territory is change in a minor way which area of the muscles length which will get activated a bit more, while the rest of the muscle will get activated slightly less, like we discussed in our quadriceps article recently over at 'norse view' in our range of motion article ( ).

the anatomy and function of your gluteus.

Outside of the gluteus maximus we also have the gluteus medius and minimus,and all combined these three muscles form our beloved ass.

Gluteus medius and minimus are both activated (mostly) when you do one legged exercises or move the force of your movement in various degrees inside or outside lateral and circular speaking.

So, by all means, find workout inspiration in this fit girl, just do it knowing full well that gluteus maximus is one complete muscle and that there is no such thing as an upper or lower gluteus maximus, with the minor caveat that you can alter the muscle activation ever so slightly by targeting different range of motions, but that has drawbacks too and its still the same muscle.

music of the day
Fields of the unknown by the spirit

the more in-depth website version of this article
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Let us talk a little bit more about shoulders and the back. Traditional wisdom is all in on hitting your muscle groups hard once a week, or doing a full/half body split 2 or 3 times per week.

And whatever way you do it. Simple reality is that you will achieve wondrous results over time if you stick to it and challenge yourself in the gym.

Even better if you also make sure to eat healthy and nutritious food.

But there are many other ways to train, and to transport yourself beyond your traditional plateous and perceived limits.

As you can see in the link text below, John is talking about training your upper back daily, and while I won't recommend that for everyone, facts are that like John, I too work my upper back pretty hard 3 or even 4 days per week depending on how you do your math. But this isn't the same thing as you repeating a full upper back workout 3 orb4 days per week. That would without a doubt end up being far too much for your body to deal with it.

Our system and muscles can only recover fully from so much. So, to piggy back on John's short post, this is how I do it.

First of all my base is a traditional 5 day split. Which means I train each main muscle group on a day of its own. Such as arms on Thursday. Shoulders on Tuesday and leg and glutes on Monday.

But I always complement my main 5 day split by adding extra exercises for other muscle groups to each workout. All based on a scientifically sound approach to health and fitness.

And here is how I do my complete back week.

My main back day.

This is the full on back killer. I train it hard and massive, with big weights, proper form and a massive total volume.


Because like leg and glutes your back was made to handle it. And working it hard does not just give you muscles and strength, it ups your health and fitness level for your entire body. Strengthening your back also does wonders for the health of your shoulders.

Right now this looks like this.

Standing barbell row
Minimum 5 set, max 8. 8 to 15 reps per set. .

Sitting row
3 set, 8 to 15 reps per set.

3 set

Dumbbell row
3 set 15 to 30 reps per set (the gym doesn't have bigger dumbbells) 😊🏋️‍♂️👍

And my complementary exercises during my back day are.

Standing Cable presses which works my chest and shoulders.

Hanging leg raises, which works both abs, back and arms.

Farmers walk which works the entire body and system.

All combined this is a massive and pretty demanding workout for sure. And you truly do not want your poor back to suffer this workout 2 or 3 days per week.

Now, here is how I work my back during the rest of the week.

Monday is my legday

Deadlifts also target your entire back outside of being an incredible leg and glutes exercise.

Making leg day another day that also challenge and builds your back.

Tuesday is my shoulder day

And I supplement my shoulders with face pull and shrugs. Two exercises which combined activate and work your trapezius, rear deltoideus, rhomboideus and the tiny but important rotator cuffs scattered along our upper back and shoulder joint.

Making my shoulder day an even better back day on top of training my posterior (rear) shoulders hard.

Friday is my chest day

But just like on Tuesdays I also do face pull, and shrugs. And once again my chest workout is thus another day that activates my upper back in a sound way without taxing it to death.

I also do farmers walk on Thursdays during my arm day, but I am not going to count that.

And before we sign off for today.
If you are thinking, how the fuck, my back would implode.

No it will not. My own back has never ever been stronger or healthier or more pain free since I started doing this workout plan.

Which makes daily life better, and also carries through in better leg and glutes, and shoulder performance. A strong and pain free back is simply put a daily life enhancer no matter if we are talking about serious fitness performance or quality of life.

Gym diaries, day 9315

Morning walk
+ shoulders, abs, face pull, shrugs, farmers walk.
+ 10 min sprint interval
+ mma 20 minutes

low impact evening cardio
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